A sneak peek at the 2007-2011 Bird Atlas

29 March 2013

BTO have treated us to a sneak peek of the 2007-2011 Bird Atlas publication, billed as the most important British and Irish bird book for decades.

  • Over 1300 maps describe patterns of distribution, abundance and change for nearly 300 species in one hardback volume
  • Compiled from data collected by over 40,000 volunteer surveyors through timed visits, roving records and other sources, over four summers and winters

Click on the cover to take a look inside…

Discover the changing fortunes of the birds of Britain and Ireland through the expert analysis and interpretation of scientists and authors Dawn Balmer, Simon Gillings, Brian Caffrey, Bob Swann, Iain Downie and Rob Fuller. Have the latest scientific findings about distribution and change at your fingertips, including chapters telling the atlas story and highlighting the factors influencing our changing bird fauna…all to be revealed when the book is published in autumn 2013.

BTO are offering a special pre-publication deal of £45 (plus p&p) if you pre-order your copy by the 31st July 2013 for a massive saving of 35% off the RRP (£70). Visit the BTO website to pre-order your copy today.

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