Waterston House, SOC Headquarters

Date: 27 May 2017 - 26 July 2017
Time: 10am - 4pm
Price: Free entry

The Donald Watson Gallery is delighted to welcome back Lucy Newton and her new Exhibition of Work.

Lucy was born and raised on a farm just outside West Calder and was always fascinated by the flora and fauna of the surrounding countryside and farmland; she would spend hours exploring and observing everything from frog spawn to frost patterns and developed a deep interest in nature. This love of wildlife has always stayed with her and now forms the basis of all her work.

Her first formal art education was at Manchester Metropolitan University where she did a foundation course in Art and Design. She then went on to specialize in illustration and completed a degree at Edinburgh College of Art. Initially, after graduating, she did some freelance illustration work, including work for the Sunday Herald after winning their Political Portraits competition with a portrait of the then first minister Alex Salmond. She has also worked with Wynstones Press on a number of projects including producing a series of 40 greetings cards and was Wildlife Artist in Residence for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland 2015-2016.

While she continues to do illustration work, what she really loves is the freedom that comes with doing her own freelance artwork: “To be able to combine my love of wildlife and my love of art makes me really happy. I like to show variety in my work in terms of subject, style and medium. I collect reference material and inspiration from a wide range of sources including farms, fish markets, wildlife parks, aquariums and many other places, as well as of course directly from the wild. The majority of my artwork depicts native British wildlife and I travel widely across Scotland in pursuit of my subjects”.

I enjoy working throughout the changing seasons, observing and recording the incredible range of species that we are blessed with here, spending hours working directly from life and also photographing subjects to work on later in greater detail at home. I spend increasing amounts of time outdoors, experiencing wildlife in its natural state and learning more and more of the complex natural world”.

Variation in style is something that comes naturally in Lucy’s work. In some cases, this is a deliberate attempt to capture some of the qualities of her subject by varying the brush and pencil marks to suit the subject’s physical appearance or behaviour. Other times, it seems to happen almost by accident, perhaps influenced by her own mood or the weather or just a reaction to the medium she is using that day. She likes to experiment with different techniques and media, often combining and layering watercolour with other materials such as crayon, pen and ink, pencil and charcoal. She enjoys playing with these various media to try and capture just a fraction of the beauty of her subjects. Unlike many artists whose specialist subject is wildlife, Lucy doesn’t attempt to document the birds and animals in exact realism but more to express some of the qualities and energy of the amazing natural world around us.

Lucy’s work is showing at Waterston House from Saturday 27th May until Wednesday 26th July 2017. Open daily 10am-4pm.

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