Caithness recording area

Caithness recording area

Caithness -skyline-Julian Smith

Caithness skyline © Julian Smith

Area covered:

The former Caithness district of Highland


Local recorder for the area:

Sinclair Manson



write7 Duncan Street
Caithness, KW14 7HZ


call01847 892379


Caithness Bird Report

After a gap of 15 years, the local branch felt we should once again produce an annual report while we collate records for the missing years in an attempt to play catch up (which in due course will be available on the Caithness recording page). The report shows that Caithness does get its share of good birds but is sorely under recorded and I would urge birders to come and explore this wonderful county. Sinclair Manson, Dec 2013.

Latest report:

The 2012 Caithness Bird Report is now available to download free by clicking here. The report is available in digital form only. Please note that an error has been spotted in the introduction of the 2012 report; the statement regarding the breeding colony of Sandwich Terns at St John’s Pool should read “inland colony”, not “mainland colony”.

Available from:

Julian Smith, St John, Broch, Dunnet, Caithness


Birds of CaithnessBirds of Caithness including the Breeding & Wintering Atlas 2007 – 2012

The ‘Birds of Caithness’ DVD was published in December 2015 by Caithness SOC.  It is the distillation of over 200 years of observations documenting the fascinating birdlife of the county.  The 458 page document is formatted to allow for viewing either as double-page spreads on the web or as high-resolution pdfs. To find out more about the publication, click here.

Birds of Caithness costs £15 + P&P. To order your copy (available on a first come, first served basis), please contact


Caithness SOC are delighted to announce the publication of a revised edition of The ‘Birds of Caithness’, in book form! This hard-backed book is a 458pp and A4 in size, with dust jacket.

The atlas’ new format includes amended maps and revised texts and will be available by the end of January 2017. The provisional price of the book is £55 plus p&p. Payment is required by early January 2017.

Please order your copy before 23 December 2016, by emailing


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