Recording database

Bird recording database

Recording using an Excel spreadsheet

The SOC Bird Recording Database has been developed using Microsoft Excel to enable observers of birds anywhere in the country to easily compile their bird records into a single computer file. This gives you easy access to your observations and allows you to sort and analyse them as you wish. Most importantly, however, it allows easy and quick transfer of those valuable records to the Local Bird Recorder at regular intervals. Some Scottish Bird Recorders now use this system as the basis for their regions records, and all others can copy data submitted in this format into their individual formats. The data can then be exported into Microsoft Access databases, or into databases held by local wildlife information centres.


The following Microsoft Word documents can be downloaded:

general guidelines on the use of the database

guidelines for the Clyde recording area


The following Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are available:

SOC Bird Recording Database – master file

Lothian sites list

Lothian species list

Borders sites list

Borders species list

Clyde Bird Recording Database

To download a spreadsheet:

Right click on the name and select Save Target As… (or equivalent – this will depend on your browser).

Please contact Mark Holling if you wish to have other files made available here.

This database has been developed by Mark Holling and Ray Murray for the Scottish Ornithologists’ Club. Questions and constructive comments should be sent to Mark Holling.

It is a condition of the use of this software to store data or compile information for local bird reports that acknowledgement is given to the SOC Bird Recording Database.


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