Records of species and subspecies recorded in Scotland on up to 20 occasions

Records of species and subspecies recorded in Scotland on up to 20 occasions


In 1993 SOC Council delegated responsibility for maintaining The Scottish List (a list of all species and subspecies of wild birds recorded in Scotland) to The Scottish Birds Records Committee (SBRC). SBRC in turn appointed a subcommittee to carry out this function.

In 1996, Peter Gordon and David Clugston, on behalf of SBRC, produced a list of Records of species recorded in Scotland on 5 or fewer occasions (Gordon & Clugston 1996, Scottish Birds 18:132-143). Subsequently, SBRC decided to expand this list to include all acceptable records of species recorded on up to 20 occasions, and to incorporate subspecies with a similar number of records. This was compiled by Ian Andrews and Keith Naylor and published in 2002 (Andrews & Naylor 2002, Scottish Birds 23:61-116). Since 2002, amendments and updates to the list for records during the period up to and including 2011 appeared regularly as part of SBRC’s Scottish List Subcommittee’s reports in Scottish Birds. However, the last occasion that all records were tabulated for species with 20 or fewer records was in The Birds of Scotland (Forrester et al. 2007), which included all records up until 2004. In 2014 it was announced (Forrester 2014) that in preference to continuing periodic updates in Scottish Birds, in future this list should be maintained on the SOC’s website, a significant advantage being that the entire list of all records for such species can be viewed together. SBRC’s Scottish List Subcommittee is responsible for maintaining this list, and it is intended that it should be updated at least annually.

The list

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