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We do not publish images of Schedule 1 birds (click here to view which species are covered), or other Scottish rare breeding birds* at, or in the nearby vicinity of the nest, during the breeding season (which is generally considered to run from 1st April until the end of July, although extends to encompass a number of species which breed outwith this timeframe), unless:

  • a valid SNH Schedule 1 ‘Photographic’ licence for photographing that particular species, at that location, is produced. Please email/scan a copy of the licence to and use ‘undisclosed’ for location.
  • photographed away from breeding areas
  • photographed at a recognised public viewing site (e.g. Nature reserve)

Please click here for more information relating to Photographing Schedule one birds and the law.

* Other Scottish rare breeding birds will be as determined by the SOC taking guidance from the Rare Breeding Birds Panel. Examples would be Crane and Little Egret.

We will not publish nest photographs of any species, or images known to have been obtained by over-zealous pursuit, or where we believe unwarranted stress has been imposed upon the subject.

At all times photographers must respect the welfare of the birds (please refer to the Birdwatchers’ Code).

The SOC reserves the right not to publish photographs at our discretion.

All photographs are subject to approval before going live and will not immediately appear on the site.
If you would like any guidance on uploading your images, please get in touch with us.

Please resize all images so that the maximum length of the longest side does not exceed 1100 pixels.
Image file size should be an absolute maximum of 2MB, ideally less.

Please be selective in the images you submit to the gallery and choose only your best images for upload
(up to a maximum of three of the same species but these images should all be markedly different or show
different aspects of the bird’s identification).

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  • Please select undisclosed if site/species sensitive to disturbance. Select unknown if you are unsure of the location.
  • Please do not repeat information you have already entered/selected for, this area is for anything new you would like to add about the image e.g. light, weather conditions when photographing or about the equipment you used to get the shot.
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