Hen Harrier Day – 9 August 2015

28 July 2015

The SOC is a long-standing supporter of the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Scheme, and many of our members have made significant contributions to the long term recording of birds of prey in Scotland. Over many years, our journal Scottish Birds has regularly featured articles that have illustrated the extent of raptor persecution in our country, and our members’ fieldwork for local and national atlases has further demonstrated the extent of the problems our birds of prey face.

Raptors remain very scarce in areas of seemingly ideal habitat in upland areas in the east and south of Scotland, with the Hen Harrier a rare species in these parts. In fact, the last national survey showed a 20% decline in the population of this species in Scotland.

The SOC is therefore proud to be a supporter of Hen Harrier Day on 9th August, and urges our members, supporters, friends and followers to take part as well.

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