Renewing your membership to the SOC

The Club is going from strength to strength thanks to your continued support



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There are a several of ways to renew your SOC membership:

• By telephoning Waterston House on 01875 871 330 and speaking to a member of staff – or drop in next time your passing this way

• Online, by selecting one of the payment options below

If you have any queries about renewing, your bank details have changed recently, or you’re not sure when your membership is due for renewal, then please contact the office on 01875 871 330 before completing this form.

Switch to paying your membership by Direct Debit

We will welcome your membership renewal by whichever means you choose to pay, however as a small charity, it would greatly assist us if you could pay your membership subscription by Direct Debit. This means less paperwork for you and reduces staff time and resources spent on administration. If you normally pay by cheque, Credit or Debit card but would like to set up a Direct Debit to the Club, then please click on the ‘Switch to paying by Direct Debit’ link below.

Pay by debit or credit card

If you prefer to pay this year’s subscription using a debit or credit card, please click on the button below.

Pay by cheque

If you prefer to send this year’s membership payment by post, please send a cheque payable to ‘SOC’ to Waterston House. Please include your membership number (if known) or post code on the reverse of the cheque.

Gift Aid your membership renewal

The tax we can claim on Gift Aid is an invaluable source of additional income for the Club. If you’re in any doubt whether your Gift Aid declaration is up-to-date, or you’re not sure whether you have previously signed a statement, then please contact the office and we’ll happily check our records. If you are renewing your membership online, then you will be presented with the option to gift aid it.