Scottish Birds online

Back issues of the Club’s journal can now be downloaded for free and in searchable PDF format here or from the Biodiversity Heritage Library



For volumes 1-20, you can use the index pages below to find the subject you’re interested in. The index will give you a volume and a page number for each reference, allowing you to locate the correct issue. (You can jump straight from the index to the volume concerned.)


For volumes 1-22, you can also download the originally published index or contents in PDF format. See the sections for each volume below.

From volume 29, Scottish Birds incorporates Scottish Bird News and Birding Scotland.

We also have an index for Scottish Birds‘ predecessor Scottish Naturalist, but the issues are not available online:


Note that the file size for an average issue of Scottish Birds is around 4MB, with some recent issues over 10MB. This might not be suitable for dial-up access.