The Birds of Clackmannanshire

17 January 2014

New landmark book on County’s birdlife published

For the first time ever, the birdlife of Clackmannanshire has been systematically recorded to produce an ornithological atlas for the County. The Birds of Clackmannanshire, published by the Central Scotland Branch of the SOC, is the culmination of several years of dedicated fieldwork by numerous volunteers mapping the breeding and wintering distribution of the ‘Wee County’s’ diverse birdlife.

The 236-page landmark book should prove an essential reference tool for council planners and environment bodies; with species mapped at the relatively fine scale of a kilometre square, the results will allow for the precise targeting of conservation action and will act as a baseline for monitoring future changes in bird populations locally.

Edited by Neil Bielby, Keith Broomfield and John Grainger, the authors hope the book will inspire and encourage readers to take a greater interest in the county’s birds, most usefully by becoming involved in recording and conservation efforts locally.

“Clackmannanshire has a fantastic array of birds and other wildlife, thanks to an incredibly varied landscape over a very small area. It is hoped that this book will play an important role in helping conserve vital habitats in Clackmannanshire and also enhance our overall understanding and enjoyment of the county’s birds and other wildlife” said co-editor, Neil Bielby

Readers should also enjoy viewing the high-class imagery and art work that embellishes the text throughout. Eleven of the finest bird illustrators working in Scotland today were involved in the project, alongside several photographers.

The Birds of Clackmannanshire retails at £15, with any profits from sales of the publication going to support the Central branch of  the SOC. Copies of the book can be purchased by contacting Neil Bielby at

The Birds of Clackmannanshire received financial support from The Birds of Scotland Fund, a grants scheme administered by the Club to provide financial support to ornithological publications and special projects in Scotland.

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