The Fife Bird Atlas Fund

The Fife Bird Atlas Fundfife


Since the publication of the Fife Bird Atlas, the Fife Ornithological Atlas Group (FOAG) has accrued funds that it is willing to disburse for non-professional projects involving surveying, monitoring, study, education and/or conservation relating to ornithology. Applications for small grants of £50-100 (maximum £500 in exceptional circumstances) or loans (for larger sums) are invited, giving project aims and dates, as well as the precise use to which any funds will be put. Consideration in the first instance will be given to projects relevant to birds in Fife, particularly studies arising from, or identified in, the species accounts in the Fife Bird Atlas. There will be no guarantees that grants, either partially or wholly, will be offered and an upper limit on the funding will be set.


Application criteria

The criteria for applications for grants or loans from the Fife Bird Atlas Fund are as follows:

1. Projects should be focussed on birds relevant to Fife, preferably concerning a subject directly alluded to in the Fife Bird Atlas.

2. Projects outwith Fife (especially local distribution atlases) will be considered on their merits.

3. Requests for a grant or loan for other reasons (eg equipment) will also be considered.

4. All applications for a grant or loan must be on the correct application form and all questions relevant to the project must be answered.

5. Organisers will be encouraged to publish their results in an appropriate journal, magazine or newsletter, and provide interim reports to FOAG if requested. Grants or loans should be acknowledged in any report.

6. Projects must be shown to follow best environmental practice, including risk assessment where necessary, and must be carried out with sensitivity to both species and habitat. All appropriate permissions must be obtained.

7. If for any reason the project does not materialise, then FOAG must be notified and any funding disbursed must be returned (cheques made payable to FOAG).

How to apply

Applications can be submitted at any time and will be processed as rapidly as possible. For an application form, please contact either of the following:
Allan W Brown

61 Watt’s Gardens,
KY15 4UG
Tel 01334 656804
Norman Elkins

18 Scotstarvit View,
KY15 5DX
Tel 01334 654348