The Fife Bird Atlas

New Fife Bird Atlas

* July 2016 update: please click here for more info on the new Breeding and Wintering Birds of Fife Atlas *

The updating of the Fife Bird Atlas, which was published in 2003 using data gathered in the 1990s (and for which a CD is still available if anyone should want one), is nearing completion. Using data from Bird Atlas 2007-11 and additional data up to 2013, the maps are ready and the text almost complete. Although this new work was originally only planned as a winter atlas, maps for this season only being shown on a small scale in the previous atlas, sufficient data have been gathered to allow both seasons to be mapped on a tetrad grid. The new breeding status maps will allow comparison with those in the first atlas, thereby indicating changes that have occurred in the intervening 10-15 years. In addition, two other maps will be shown for most species where appropriate. These are maps of abundance and distribution in both winter and breeding season, using the timed counts that were part of the data gathering. These data were not available for the first atlas and throw new light on where birds are most abundant across the region. The book will not be a complete avifauna, but rather an atlas of wintering and breeding birds in Fife. At present, a publication date is not yet known but a pre-publication offer will be available. Any enquiries should be directed to Norman Elkins.

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