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Joint branch & Angus and Dundee Bird Club outing, August 2012

Joint branch & Angus and Dundee Bird Club outing, August 2012

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Methodist Church Halls, 20 Marketgait, Dundee, DD1 1QR (click here for a map of the venue and surrounding area)


On the following Thursdays at 7.30pm:     

03 Nov 2016        
Impact of offshore renewables on Scotland’s seabirds‘ – Dr Liz Humphreys, followed by ‘Does temperature affect the nest a bird builds?‘ – Sophie Edwards

Impact of offshore renewables on Scotland’s seabirds with Dr Liz Humphreys

Liz Humphreys has been working with the BTO since 2005 following her post doc at Leeds University on gannets. She has contributed to a wide range of issues including urban ecology, raptors, policy relating to goose management, and hedgehog predation issues on the machair. More recently she has been heavily involved in trying to understand the impacts of offshore wind farms upon her most favourite group of birds: seabirds. Her talk will explain the contribution of the BTO in this area and highlight the need for impartial evidence when assessing how birds may be impacted by this industry. It’s pitched at a very general audience so please come along!

Does temperature affect the nest a bird builds? With Sophie Edwards

Nests are predominately built to protect eggs and nestlings from predators and the prevailing weather conditions. As a result there is considerable variation in nest design and nest site selection. This variation can occur even within a species, with different populations, in different environments, building nests from different materials or of a different structure. It is not known, however, if this variation occurs because birds are responding to the local weather conditions or because they are following a predetermined, genetic, template.
In the first part of Sophie’s talk, she’ll describe data on the nest site and design variations between populations. In the second part, she’ll be outlining how she is investigating if, and to what extent, these variations are the result of individuals responding to local weather conditions.
Sophie has just finished the first year of her four year, funded PhD. She studied at University of Sheffield for her undergraduate degree, and at the University of Exeter for her Masters degree. Her Masters project looked at what visual information pigeons use when they identify dogs and cats. Sophie is also a trainee bird ringer.

01 Dec 2016       
To be announced

05 Jan 2017        
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02 Feb 2017        
To be announced

02 Mar 2017       
Mark Newell – Seabird studies on the Isle of May: Spreading our wings after 40 years

06 Apr 2017        
AGM & speaker to be announced


Brian Brocklehurst
01382 778348


Branch outings

Please contact the leader if transport is required.  All meets are joint with Angus & Dundee Bird Club; members are urged to carshare wherever possible.

Further dates will be announced in due course.


Brian Brocklehurst 01382 778348 or leader (particularly if transport is required).


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Brian Brocklehurst

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Birdwatching in Tayside

Click here for our guide to Birding the Angus coast and here for a list of recommended sites to visit in Perth & Kinross

Bird recording in this area

Visit the Angus and Dundee and Perth and Kinross recording area pages for details of the latest bird reports, back issues, species considered locally and for Local Recorder contact information.

Kinross Bird Atlas

During the fieldwork for BirdAtlas 2007-11, data for the old county of Kinross has been gathered from all of its 71 tetrads. The fieldwork is almost finished but mopping up in the current 2012 breeding season will take place. Any observer birding in the region is invited to submit as many breeding season records as possible to the BirdTrack or BirdAtlas websites, ideally adding breeding status codes for every record, which can be found on the websites. All records should be at tetrad level. If anyone is unsure where the northern boundary of the old county lies (not marked on current maps), the most northerly tetrads covered are NO00D, NO00I, NO00N, NO00U, NO00Z, NO10E, NO10J & NO10P. The remainder of the boundary is the current Perth & Kinross boundary. Records from the 10km square NO00 will be particularly valuable. Any queries should be directed to Norman Elkins.

BTO Winter Thrush survey

Tayside branch members are also much involved with the Winter Thrush 2 year survey being run by the BTO – running from September 2012 to April 2013  and repeated again from September 2013 to April 2014. Visit the BTO website for more information http://www.bto.org/volunteer-surveys/winter-thrushes

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