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Joint exhibition by Kittie Jones and Wynona Legg

27 APR - 5 JUNE 2022

Kittie Jones and Wynona Legg, both members of the Society of Wildlife Artists, share an expressive approach to their work. Drawing primarily from life in the field, they aim to capture the movements of animals and the constant changes that characterise the natural world. Their joint exhibition also highlights their respective responses to the constraints of the past two years: while Kittie found wilderness in the city, Wynona used online webcams to observe animals across the globe.

Kittie Jones is a fine artist based in Edinburgh, focusing primarily on drawing and printmaking. Most of her work is completed while drawing from life outdoors, often along the East coast of Scotland, with other sketches providing the starting point for printmaking. Kittie explains: 'My work is concerned with the experience of time spent looking and interpreting the natural world. I am drawn to places with an abundance of wildlife - seabirds colonies, fertile coastlines, remote islands. The energy in the work comes from the constantly changing environment - birds moving in and out of vision or the shifting light and weather. Capturing these changes is what drives me'. She presents work resulting from a trip to St Kilda in 2019, the exploration of her local parks during the various lockdowns, and a return to the East Lothian coast more recently.

Wynona Legg is both an artist and conservationist. Drawing is at the centre of her practice, using materials such as ink and graphite that offer the immediacy she needs to draw from life. Her work in wildlife conservation feeds into her drawing practice, driving the inspiration for new projects and giving her an intimate knowledge of her subject. The core of Wynona's work in this exhibition was created in lockdown using webcams: 'I discovered online wildlife webcams where, from rigged-up reserve cams, nest cams and moving trail cameras, I could watch and draw wild animals from around the world as they moved across my laptop! As lockdown lifted, I ventured out to stretch my legs and reacquaint myself with the coastal paths, getting lost in the small things, drawing orb weaver spiders repairing their wind-torn webs.'

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