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Wild Moments

30 SEP - 7 NOV 2021

The artists in this exhibition, Lorna Hamilton, Melanie Mascarenhas and Adele Pound, won a bursary on the Sea Bird Drawing Course. This bursary, awarded by the Society of Wildlife Artists annually, offers wildlife artists an opportunity to further develop their work. The Sea Bird Drawing Course was created by John Busby and takes place in various locations around East Lothian each summer. Adele, Lorna and Melanie share the ambition to capture a whole world in their work. They are quite experimental and use unusual ways of portraying wildlife such as graphic stories.

Adele Pound is an artist and illustrator. She studied at Winchester School of Art and is now based in Northern Ireland. Adele produces many different kinds of art from paintings to graphic stories and paper art, but the driving force behind all her work is her love for nature. Her work is based on the direct observation of animals in their habitat. In this exhibition, she presents a number of graphic stories. The main one, “Shearwater”, was inspired by a residency at the Copeland Bird Observatory, where she witnessed the return of Manx Shearwaters to their breeding burrows at night. We are lucky to also have a small range of Adele’s paper sculptures in the shop.

Lorna Hamilton is an Irish artist living in Nottingham. She graduated in 1995 with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art and has since been working as a full-time artist. She has exhibited with the Society of Animal Artists, Birds in Art and Artists for Conservation. She was a finalist in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition in 2021 and recently received the award for interpretative abstract from Artists for Conservation. She uses oils and cold wax to create colourful and dynamic paintings. Lorna explains: “Walking and drawing are an important part of my process. I use my outdoor sketches to ignite my imagination and memory.  I never have a finished picture in mind, it is a journey of discovery, much like when I walk through the landscape.”

Melanie Mascarenhas came to art from a scientific rather than formal art background. She studied Biological Sciences at Cambridge University. She has been a finalist in the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year & the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year competitions. She lives and works in south London. Direct, considered, observational fieldwork and an intimate connection with the subject in its environment forms the basis of her work. Melanie explains: “Using the interplay of colour, movement and sound drawing, I hope to convey the rhythm and energy of a place as well as how organisms, large or small, interact within their unique landscapes”. Most of her work in the exhibition was completed in the field, from south London to the north of Scotland.

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