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To receive Club e-news, we need your consent


Guidance notes on completing the form

Who is the consent for?
We need a separate consent form completed for each person in a membership if more than one email address in the household is to receive our e-news. Members under the age of 16 must have the form completed on their behalf by someone who has parental responsibility. This is a legal requirement.

Membership number – it’s not essential
If you happen to know your membership number, that’s great, but don’t worry if not (most people don’t!). We will use your name and postcode to identify you. However, just so you know, your membership number is the short number preceded by a one- or two-letter regional reference (e.g. L-1936) that appears in the top left of your Scottish Birds mailing envelope.

Email address
If we hold a different email address to the one you provide in the consent form, we will update your record accordingly (with the new address plus any additional email addresses provided via forms completed by other members within the household). 

General Club news & events
We may wish to notify you of important changes or developments within the Club or alert you to new SOC resources (e.g. publications, mobile apps etc). Events would be SOC conferences or other major birding events that the Club is involved in.

Waterston House news & events
You may only wish to opt in to receive these notices if you live within reasonable reach of the Club’s HQ in East Lothian. Regular events that we may wish to notify you of include optics demo days, goose watches, courses and workshops (e.g. bird ID, art, photography etc.). 

If you are particularly interested in receiving our art news, please click here

Branch news & events
This will allow us to send you reminders of your local group’s talks and outings as well as deliver the e-newsletter of your designated branch. Your consent here does not affect any existing unsubscribe instructions (e.g. if you have previously unsubscribed from outings reminders, you will only receive other branch communications, such as newsletters).

Happy for us to pass on information from other organisations?
From time to time we receive interesting information from similar organisations (e.g. BTO Scotland) with details of training courses or appeals for survey volunteers, for example. Or from reputable businesses with special offers (e.g. wildlife boat safaris, birding resources). Such communications would be infrequent as we are careful to only pass on information that we feel is of genuine interest and benefit to members. 


The SOC is going from strength to strength thanks to the support of our members.