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  • Gulls by Laurie Campbell

    KYST (Coast) Exhibition



06 July 2019 - 28 August 2019


Free entry




Waterston House, SOC Headquarters

KYST is a solo exhibition by Ben Woodhams SWLA and the result of an ambitious project carried out by the artist over the course of 2018.

Every Friday in 2018, Ben walked a section of the coast of his island home, Bornholm, in Denmark. Covering a relatively short distance each time, he sketched, from dawn to dusk, the landscape, wildlife and human activity he encountered. Ben explains: “During the course of the journey, I passed through rocky deserted shores, sandy tourist-filled beaches and built-up areas of modern housing. In midsummer I was out for over 18 hours and in winter considerably less.”

Throughout the year and as he walked on, Ben recorded the passage of time, the changes in the weather, the arrival and departure of migratory birds, as well as changes to human activity. He shared his experience, and some of the resulting sketches, through a blog that he updated throughout the project.  His aim was not only to record this “journey through time and space” but also to test his creative response to this journey. Ben is “fascinated by the way in which looking -really looking- creates a deep connection with our environment”. This is a feeling that all observers of nature will recognise and which is captured in a particularly poetic way by this exhibition.

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