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    Borrowing Books


  • SOC members are warmly welcomed to borrow books. Please phone or email us before your visit if hoping to access rarer titles, or if coming from afar – occassionally meetings are held in the library and access is limited.
  • Members may borrow up to two books for a maximum of two months at a time. The decision to lend books may be determined by the value of individual publications. Whilst on loan, the item is the responsibility of the person to whom it is issued, who must ensure that it is returned to the Library promptly and undamaged. Any replacement or maintenance costs must be met by the borrower.
  • Journals, Bird Reports, Ringing Reports and Bird Observatory reports are not lent out, and are for reference only, but individual papers may be copied for personal use by both members and non-members – see photocopying and scanning guidance on the main library page.
  • The library catalogue is available to view on the main library page. Items that are not available for borrowing are flagged as such. This applies especially to major handbooks, field guides, encyclopaedias and equivalent material. More valuable items are also restricted to reference only.
  • Items on loan must on no account be taken overseas and we regret we are unable to lend to overseas members. Borrowed books will be issued with a slip indicating the date by which they should be returned. Please ensure they are returned promptly.
  • The SOC reserves the right to refuse and/or withdraw the lending facility if the rules are not followed.


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