"Superb. A must-have resource for anyone interested in Scotland's birds"
Chris Packham, TV naturalist & presenter.

“Authoritative and comprehensive”
'British Birds'

The Birds of Scotland, published by the SOC, is the most detailed record of Scotland’s birds ever written. Containing one million words, 1600 pages, 900 first-class photographs, and 1500 charts and maps, this encyclopaedia of Scottish birds was written by 157 expert authors and poured over by 9 editors.

The Birds of Scotland was Birdwatch Magazine's Bird Book of the Year 2007, and received the prestigious Zoological Society of London Silver Medal, and the Royal Society of Edinburgh's Neill Medal.

The third in a line of Scottish avifaunas, the publication follows in the footsteps of Misses Baxter and Rintoul’s 1953, The Birds of Scotland and Valerie Thom’s 1986, Birds in Scotland. The book is the culmination of thousands of hours of field work, bird surveying and casual records assimilated by the SOC’s network of Local Recorders, which, in turn, have been used by over 157 authors and nine editors to create accounts of the distribution and incidence of every species seen in Scotland. From the all-important breeding species and winter visitors, to the regular migrants and one-off vagrants that combine to make the Scottish avifauna so varied. The significance of Scottish populations is placed in context, and threats and gaps in our knowledge are highlighted. Extinctions, colonisations and the ups and downs of many species illustrate the ever-changing nature of our avifauna stretching back through the 200 years of documented ornithology.

The Birds of Scotland features over 900 top-class photographs, taken exclusively within Scotland- where a Scottish-sourced photograph wasn’t available, a black-and- white illustration brings the species to life for the reader. The result is the most detailed record of the country’s avifauna ever published- critical for future bird conservation.

Now available digitally

The Birds of Scotland is now availably digitally for £15, or £10 for SOC members (one discounted copy per membership) includes UK p&p, overseas postage is an additional £3.

With the 3,500 original copies hardback copies of The Birds of Scotland long sold out, the Club needed to find a way to prolong the reach of this epic publication. Thoughts turned to a digital version and the mammoth task of contacting all of the original photographic and artistic contributors began…

The digital version was launched in 2012 and provided a new opportunity for the purchase and enjoyment of the SOC's ground-breaking publication. The Birds of Scotland Digital contains the entire contents of the original hardback volumes, captured on one disc in an easily accessible and searchable PDF format (suitable for use on PC and Mac computers with Adobe Reader installed).

Get the digital version free with any new membership to the SOC when you pay by Direct Debit

To take advantage of this monumental offer, join online now or contact us for more information about membership.  Offer available to new joiners only.

To purchase a copy of the disc without taking out a membership to the SOC, please either visit Headquarters, send in a cheque made payable to 'The SOC' to our Waterston House address, or else give us a ring to order on 01875 871 330 and we can process your card (credit or debit) payment over the phone. For international orders, please contact us via phone to make payment.


SOC members get one third off the RRP

As a small thank you for your continued support of the Club, existing SOC members can purchase the digital version at the reduced cost of £10 (one per membership). To purchase your reduced price copy please contact Waterston House.


The Birds of Scotland Fund

The Birds of Scotland Fund was established in order to build on the hard copies’ success and assist related publications and projects.

Proceeds from the sale of the digital version of The Birds of Scotland will go towards The Birds of Scotland Fund, supporting ornithological publications and special projects here in Scotland. Find out more about the Fund to see if it might be able to help finance your project/publication.


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