Please send your completed form to the relevant local recorder, who will then pass it on to SBRC. A full list of local recorders can be found by clicking here.

The current list of species considered by the SBRC can be found here.



  • Species:
  • Date first seen:
  • Date last seen:
  • Number of birds:
  • Age/sex:
  • Locality:
  • Recording Area:
  • Finder:                                                                  Email:
  • Identifier (if different):                                           Email:
  • Submitter (if different):                                          Email:
  • Other observers:
  • Any observers who disagree with identification?
  • Optics used:
  • Distance from bird:
  • Was the bird photographed (if so, please enclose photos or provide web links or contact details of a photographer)? Please describe any editing that has been done to submitted images:
  • If you have enclosed photographs, is permission given for them to be used in future SBRC and SOC publications?
  • Observer(s) experience (include whether you are familiar with this species in this plumage, familiarity with confusion species):
  • Weather (general description, including light conditions, position of sun etc where relevant):
  •  Contact details of submitter (email or postal address):
  • And finally, is the record 100% certain?


Please try to cover:

  • Circumstances of finding the bird, length of view, etc.
  • Plumage, bare parts etc and call (if possible).
  • Jizz (that ‘indefinable something’ about the way it behaved).
  • Details of how confusion species were ruled out (if relevant) and comparison with nearby species.
  • Information used to age and sex the bird.
  • Please add any supporting sketches.

Further details:

Please include (where relevant).

  • Details of specimen (location etc) if dead.
  • Ringing details (ring number, biometrics etc).
  • Results of DNA or other analysis.

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