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For the first time ever, you can now download an app to discover the best places to birdwatch around Scotland and the bird species likely to be found at these sites.

The app covers nearly 600 of Scotland's top birdwatching spots, with new sites continuing to be added and existing ones updated as far as possible. 

About the app

The guide displays the following information about each birdwatching site, including: 

  • directions to the site by public transport or car
  • the best season to visit
  • how to navigate the site
  • what birds to look out for on a seasonal basis
  • recent sightings in the area as uploaded to BirdTrack
  • rare/unusual species previously recorded at the site
  • how to submit bird sightings to the Local Bird Recorder and/or to BirdTrack
  • other notable wildlife spectacles to look out for

The app will help birdwatchers visiting Scotland from across the UK and overseas, drawn to these shores by the country’s internationally- important seabird colonies, wader and wildfowl populations as well as its iconic and exciting upland species. The app’s built-in search facility will tell users where particular bird species are likely to be seen as well as allowing them to tap into detailed species information from the SOC’s award-winning publication, The Birds of Scotland

Generating valuable conservation data

In line with the charity’s recording objectives, users are encouraged to help bird conservation by submitting their sightings via a direct link to the Local Bird Recorder and BirdTrack.



The following areas are currently covered with written articles on the website, however please note that this information is not regularly updated and may be out of date. The SOC does not take responsibility for the actions and decisions taken by the reader of this material based on the information provided. You are responsible for your own safety. 

Birdwatching on the East Lothian coast

A handy guide to East Lothian's best birdwatching sites, some of which are also featured on the app, can be viewed here. Please note that the leaflet was printed in 2012 so may be out of date. For example, it doesn't yet include the new wetland area at Musselburgh Lagoons, which was finished in June 2023.

Looking for a friend to go birdwatching with?

International visitors to Scotland looking for a local birder to go out birdwatching with may find the following website useful: Birding Pal.

The SOC would like to thank the editors of Birding Scotland for allowing us to reproduce articles previously published in Birding Scotland magazine. For more information about back issues email Harry Scott –