A small team of paid staff, aided by a group of dedicated volunteers, facilitate the day-to-day running of Club business – from membership administration and supporting the network of local branches around the country to coordinating special projects and events, such as conferences, online talks, and youth events.

Images © Steve Cox. 

Wendy Hicks

Club Administrator

Mairead Lyons

Finance Officer & Office Manager

Kathryn Cox

Membership Officer

Rosie Filipiak

Librarian & Communications Officer
library@the-soc.org.uk or communications@the-soc.org.uk

Laura Gressani

Art Exhibitions Coordinator

David Raffle

Birding & Science Officer

Eilidh McNab

Development Officer
(maternity cover)

Trish Burnet

Visitor Experience Officer
(maternity cover)

Shenaz Khimji

Visitor Experience Officer
(Currently on maternity leave)

Jane Allison

Development Officer
(Currently on maternity leave)

SOC Council

Council manages the general affairs of the SOC, and appoints and entrusts committees to deal with the different aspects of the Club’s activities. Council consists of the Office Bearers, Honorary Presidents, a representative from each of the branches, and up to three elected individuals. Click here to view Council meeting minutes. 

Current Council members:

  • Ruth Briggs (President) (Chair)
  • George Ross (Vice-President Management and Infrastructure)
  • Chris Wernham (Co-opted Vice-President Birding and Science)
  • David Lindgren (Honorary Secretary)
  • Richard Kerr (Honorary Treasurer)
  • Prof Will Cresswell (Elected member)
  • Hannah Lemon (Elected member)
  • Vacancy (Elected member)
  • Helen Aiton, Heather Stevenson, Zul Bhatia, Rick Goater, Pete Gordon, Elizabeth Irwin, Dr Alan Knox, Richard Leslie, Nina O’Hanlon, Richard Somers Cocks, David Rackham, Geoffrey Sheppard, Neil Stratton, Paul Tarling, Rachael Wilbourn (Branch representatives)
  • Honorary Presidents: Roy Dennis

Honorary Members

Dave Allan, Ian Andrews, Mike Harris, Angus Hogg, Victoria McLellan, Dr Stan da Prato, Ron Summers

SOC Fellows

Nick Picozzi

Management Committee

This Committee deals with day-to-day issues relating to the Club and acts as a forum for the discussion of matters, with a view to formulating proposals for discussion at Council. Management committee posts are normally for a period of five years.

Current Management Committee members:

  • George Ross (Vice-President Management and Infrastructure) (Chair)
  • Ruth Briggs (President) (ex officio) 
  • Richard Kerr (Honorary Treasurer) (ex officio)
  • David Lindgren (Honorary Secretary) (ex officio)
  • Dr Alan Knox (Library Committee Chair) (ex officio)
  • Wendy Hicks (Club Administrator) (ex officio)
  • Stephen Metcalfe
  • Vacancy

Finance Committee

This committee is responsible for assisting the Honorary Treasurer and Council Trustees in the management and operation of the Club’s finances, ensuring that these do not conflict with its Constitution nor with its status as a Scottish Charity.

  • Richard Kerr (Honorary Treasurer)
  • Mairead Lyons (Finance Officer)
  • David Lindgren (Honorary Secretary)
  • Alex Banwell

Library Committee

The Library Committee is responsible for the management and operation of the George Waterston Library, including the Archive within the Library.

Current Library Committee members:

Dr Alan Knox (Chair), Michael Hughes (Archivist), David Clugston, Lesley Creamer, John Law, Bob McGowan. The Librarian also attends Committee meetings.

Scottish Birds Editorial Committee

This team puts together the Club’s quarterly journal, Scottish Birds

Current Committee members:

  • Co-ordinating editor: Harry Scott
  • Peer-reviewed papers: Dr Stan da Prato
  • Peer reviewers: Dr I. Bainbridge, Dr M. Marquiss, Dr C.R. McKay, Dr W.T.S. Miles, R. Swann
  • Editor, maps and graphs: Ian Andrews
  • Editor, Club Articles, News and Views: Andrew Barker
  • Editors, Birding Articles and Observations: Harry Scott, Mark Wilkinson
  • Editor, Book Reviews: Nick Picozzi
  • Proof readers: Ed Austin, Bridget Khursheed, Al McNee
  • Indexer: Jean Torrance

SOC Website

  • Web Editor: Kathryn Cox, assisted by Jane Allison and Stephen Hunter 

Research and Surveys Committee

The Research and Surveys Committee considers research projects for the Club. It also allocates annual Research grants from the SOC Endowment Fund.

Current Committee members:

  • Ron Summers (Chair)
  • Mike Bell
  • Raymond Duncan
  • Bob Furness
  • Les Hatton
  • Thomas Giles
  • Ilaria Lonero

The Birds of Scotland Fund Committee

This Committee receives and assesses applications for funding ornithological publications and special projects in Scotland. It allocates funding from The Birds of Scotland Fund.

Current Committee members:

  • Bob McGowan (Co-chair)
  • Dr Chris McInerny (Co-chair)
  • Prof Will Cresswell
  • Nina O'Hanlon

Scottish Birds Records Committee (SBRC)

The rarest species of birds in Scotland are validated by the British Birds Rarities Committee (BBRC), while lesser rarities are delegated to the Scottish Birds Records Committee (SBRC), comprising seven experts drawn from different Scottish regions. This Committee also manages the Scottish List for the SOC. One member of the Committee retires by rotation each year; the year of retiral is denoted in brackets below.

Current Committee members:

•    Dr Chris McInerny (Secretary, non-voting)
•    David Steel (Chair, Chair.SBRC@gmail.com) (Isle of May) (2027)
•    Mark Lewis (NES) (2024)
•    Mark Warren (Highland) (2024)
•    Jim Dickson (Argyll 2025)
•    Rob Fray (Shetland) (2026)
•    Chris Rodger (Lothian) (2028)
•    Graham Sparshott (Fife) (2029)
•    Bob McGowan (Museum Consultant, non-voting)

Birding and Science Committee

  • Chris Wernham (Vice-President Birding and Science) (Chair)
  • Ruth Briggs (President) (ex officio) 
  • David Raffle (Birding and Science Officer) (ex officio)
  • Bob McGowan (Birds of Scotland Fund)
  • Ron Summers (Research and Surveys Committee)
  • Mike Thornton (Scottish Raptor Study Group)
  • Rob Fray (SBRC)
  • Ian Andrews
  • Will Cresswell
  • Andrew Matthews
  • Holly Pickett

Where to Watch Birds in Scotland mobile app

  • Editors: Martin Cook, Dr Alan Knox

Branch Committees

Visit the local branch pages for branch committee details, including current branch secretaries.