Bird flu

Published: July 2022

We're aware of the ongoing situation with Avian Flu and the alarming numbers of dead or unwell birds, particularly on Scotland’s estuaries, beaches and shorelines. Avian Flu seems to have impacted Scottish goose numbers and is now present in several seabird populations, resulting in larger numbers of birds being washed up on the shore.

If you find any single dead or dying raptors, geese, ducks or swans, or groups of five or more dead birds of any species, please note:

  • DO NOT TOUCH the birds
  • Please report the bird(s) to DEFRA, using the phone number 03459 33 55 77.
  • Be prepared to give some details of the location – a grid reference or what3words can be helpful.

The purpose of this GB Wild Bird Surveillance Scheme is to capture information on the general location and strains of avian influenza that might be prevalent in the UK. This data then helps government build up a picture of the current risks, and shapes how they then respond in policy terms. The scheme does not attempt to identify every bird with HPAI in the UK, nor even within a specific area. Indeed, further birds will not be tested within a 10 km radius and within a fortnight of an original positive finding.' As such, there will be many reports of dead birds that will appear not to have been responded to. Please do not assume your information has been ignored, and please do continue to report dead birds (as requested above) for as long as this outbreak of Avian Flu persists.

You can find out more about the spread of Avian Flu here