Shetland, Fair Isle, Orkney and Outer Hebrides Highland, Caithness and Argyll North-East Scotland, Moray & Nairn, Angus and Perth & Kinross Fife, Isle of May, Upper Forth, Lothian and Borders Clyde, Clyde Islands, Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway
Manx Shearwater 2 Aird an Runair, North Uist (OH) 5th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 14th Apr, 23 on 16th May; 4 past Watsness (SHET) 16th May 4 off Coll (ARG) 25th Mar; one Tarbat Ness (HIGH) 1st Apr; c.400 off Hyskeir (HIGH) 11th Apr; c.1,000 in The Minch north of Hawes Bank (ARG) 11th Apr; one Dornoch, Sutherland (HIGH) 21st Apr One past Fishtown of Usan (ANG) 10th May, 15 on 19th; 50 past Rattray Head (NES) 17th May 2 past Crail (FIFE) 21st Apr; 2 north past Barns Ness (LOTH) 29th Apr; one off Isle of May 3rd May; 32 past Port Seton (LOTH) 18th May; 4 past St. Abbs Head (BORD) 10th June One Saltcoats harbour (AYRS) 5th Apr, 2 on 8th; one Mull of Galloway (D&G) 10th Apr; first Arran, off Whiting Bay (CLY ISL) on 11th Apr
Garganey Drake Graemeshall Loch (ORK) 16th Apr; one Loch of Trondavoe (SHET) 21st Apr; drake Haroldswick, Unst (SHET) 22nd Apr; female North Ronaldsay (ORK) 23rd Apr; drake Benbecula (OH) 17th May Pair Oronsay (ARG) 14th Apr; drake Loch a’ Phuill, Tiree (ARG) 27th Apr; drake St. John’s Pool (CAITH) 2nd May Drake RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 17th Apr; drake Errol (P&K) 5th May; drake Loch Spynie (M&N) 8th May Drake Loch Gelly (FIFE) 27th Apr; drake Kinneil (UF) 28th Apr; drake Tyninghame Bay (LOTH) 2nd May Pair Garnock Floods (AYRS) 4th Apr; drake Dyke Farm Quarry NR (D&G) 2nd May; drake Wigtown Bay (D&G) 7th May; pair Torr Righ Beag, Arran (CLY ISL) 9th May; pair Lochwinnoch RSPB (CLYDE) 6th June
Marsh Harrier One Quendale (SHET) 21st Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 9th May; one Westray (ORK) 9th May Male Ham (CAITH) 1st May Male RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 24th Mar; male Port Allen (P&K) 27th Mar; one Loch Spynie (M&N) 19th Apr; female RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 23rd Apr Female Alva (UF) 21st Apr; female north Skateraw (LOTH) 13th May One RSPB Mersehead (D&G) 29th Apr
Osprey One Loch of Breksie, Unst (SHET) 22nd Apr; one Orphir Hills (ORK) 2nd May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 10th May; one Fair Isle 10th May; one Berneray (OH) 24th May Female back RSPB Loch Garten (HIGH) 21st Mar; one Add Estuary (ARG) 25th Mar; one Loch Fleet (HIGH) 27th Mar; one Loch Watten (CAITH) 31st Mar; one Ford (ARG) 3rd Apr Back SWT Loch of the Lowes & one at Loch of Butterstone (both P&K) both on 23rd Mar; one back at nest site on Donside (NES) 24th Mar; one RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 25th Mar One NW over Kirkcaldy (FIFE) 25th Mar; one Loch Venachar (UF) 25th Mar; one near Doune & one Lake of Menteith (both UF) both on 27th Mar; 2 birds back at nest sites in Borders on 28th Mar; one west Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh (LOTH) 29th Mar; one over Baberton, Edinburgh (LOTH) 29th Mar; one Isle of May 3rd May One over Rowardennan, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 25th Mar; male back at nest site Threave (D&G) 29th Mar; female back at nest site near WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 2nd Apr; one Carsfad Loch (D&G) 4th Apr; one near New Cumnock (AYRS) 7th Apr; one north Saltcoats (AYRS) 8th Apr
Dotterel 3 North Ronaldsay (ORK) 7th May; 2 Berneray (OH) 15th May; 2 Fair Isle 23rd May One The Reef, Tiree (ARG) 18th Apr; 2 Lower Reiss farm (CAITH) 6th May; 2 Kinnabus, Islay (ARG) 11th May; 6 Shebster (CAITH) 15th May 5 Pluckerston farm near Kirriemuir (ANG) 8th May, 11 on 9th, 31 on 11th; 2 Rashiereive (NES) 13th May; 2 near Comrie (P&K) 22nd May 2 Carnbee (FIFE) 13th Apr; one Carnethy Hill (LOTH) 1st May One reported Green Lowther Hill (CLYDE) 3rd May, one on 5th; 10 Cairnsmore of Carsphairn (D&G) 5th May; one Beinn Tarsuinn, Arran (CLY ISL) 4th June
Whimbrel One Sumburgh (SHET) 9th Apr; one Kilpheder, South Uist (OH) 14th Apr; one Scatness (SHET) 21st Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 21st Apr; first Fair Isle 22nd Apr One Embo (HIGH) 4th Apr; 8 Mallaig (HIGH) 16th Apr; 20+ on Tiree (ARG) 23rd Apr, 169 on the island on 7th May, 156 then at Hough on 9th; one Castletown (CAITH) 25th Apr; 170 at Rattar farm (CAITH) 28th Apr, 220 on 4th May One RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 31st Mar; one Arbroath (ANG) 6th Apr; 3 Ythan Estuary (NES) 22nd Apr; one Glen Lednoch (P&K) 6th May; 17 Montrose Basin (ANG) 6th May One Dunglass (LOTH/BORD) 7th Apr; 38 reported past East Wemyss (FIFE) 21st Apr; one Whitesands Bay (LOTH) 22nd Apr; one Isle of May 23rd Apr; 2 Kinneil (UF) 6th May; one over Gordon (BORD) 6th May One Cardross Bay (CLYDE) 31st Mar; 2 Kirkcudbright Bay (D&G) 5th Apr; 3 New England Bay (D&G) 20th Apr; 9 Newbie (D&G) 23rd Apr; one Saltcoats harbour (AYRS) 23rd Apr; one Ardmore Point (CLYDE) 24th Apr; influx noted Ayrshire 24th Apr including 15 Bogside & 25 Munnoch Reservoir; 33 West Ferry-Longhaugh Point (CLYDE) 30th Apr
Common Sandpiper One Loch of Skaill (ORK) 21st Apr; 2 Fair Isle 29th Apr; one Eela Water (SHET) 30th Apr; 3 Loch Carnan, South Uist (OH) 1st May One Loch na Keal, Mull (ARG) 13th Apr; one The Mound, Loch Fleet (HIGH) 16th Apr; one Loch Leathan (ARG) 22nd Apr; 2 Broubster (CAITH) 6th May One River South Esk, Powmouth (ANG) 12th Apr; 2 near Brechin (ANG) 12th Apr; one Aboyne (NES) 14th Apr; 2 Kingston (M&N) 16th Apr; one Dunalistair Water (P&K) 18th Apr; at least 3 on River Dee at Banchory (NES) 21st Apr; first RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 29th Apr One Bo’ness (UF) 11th Apr; 2 Faseny Cottage, Lammermuir Hills (LOTH) 12th Apr; one Mountcastle (FIFE) 16th Apr; one St. Mary’s Loch (BORD) 22nd Apr; 2 River Teith, Lecropt (UF) 28th Apr; 2 Isle of May 1st May One River Clyde near Carbarns (CLYDE) 9th Apr; one River Nith, Kirkton (D&G) 11th Apr; one Castle Loch, Lochmaben (D&G) 13th Apr; 2 Stair (AYRS) 15th Apr; one Martnaham Loch (AYRS) 16th Apr
Sandwich Tern One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 18th Mar; one Stoneybridge, South Uist (OH) 8th Apr; one Grutness (SHET) 23rd Apr One Ardnave, Islay (ARG) 26th Mar; 2 Brora (HIGH) 28th Mar; 5 Loch Fleet (HIGH) 30th Mar; 2 St. John’s Loch (CAITH) 24th Apr One Aberdeen (NES) 8th Mar; one Nairn (M&N) 16th Mar; one Donmouth (NES) 17th Mar; one Lossiemouth (M&N) 18th Mar; 2 Findhorn (M&N) 23rd Mar; 2 Elliot Burn (ANG) 5th Apr One Inverkeithing (FIFE) 1st Mar; 2 Gosford Bay (LOTH) 24th Mar; 2 North Berwick (LOTH) 31st Mar; 3 Eyemouth (BORD) 1st Apr; 2 Isle of May 28th Apr; one Bo’ness (UF) 20th May One Saltcoats (AYRS) 13th Mar; one Drummore (D&G) 19th Mar; 3 Arran (CLY ISL) 10th Apr; 4 Wemyss Bay (CLYDE) 16th Apr
Common Tern One Carinish, North Uist (OH) 18th Apr; 6 Loch of Stenness (ORK) 21st Apr; one Virkie (SHET) 23rd Apr; 2 Fair Isle 20th May 15 near Storehouse Restaurant north of Cromarty Bridge (HIGH) 3rd May; 2 Dornoch (HIGH) 4th May; 6 Loch Caolisport (ARG) 12th May; 6 Loch Feochan (ARG) 13th May One Tugnet (M&N) 19th Apr; one RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 20th Apr; 2 Ythan Estuary (NES) 22nd Apr; one Aboyne Loch (NES) 15th May 16 Kinghorn Harbour (FIFE) 28th Apr; 20+ Port Edgar (LOTH) 3rd May; 40 Grangemouth (UF) 8th May 2 Dipple (AYRS) 2nd May; 4 Greenock & one West Ferry (both CLYDE) both on 9th May; 8 Luce Bay (D&G) 13th May
Arctic Tern 3 Carinish, North Uist (OH) 22nd Apr, 5 on 25th; 2 St. Peter’s Pool (ORK) 24th Apr; 2 Sumburgh (SHET) 30th Apr; 5 North Ronaldsay (ORK) 3rd May; first Fair Isle 9th May One St. John’s Pool (CAITH) 28th Apr, first back at nest sites there on 3rd May; 7 Tiree (ARG) 2nd May; 30 Dornoch (HIGH) 8th May; 300+ Dunnet Bay (CAITH) 12th May One Tugnet (M&N) 13th Apr; 20+ Ythan Estuary (NES) 2nd May; 5 Easthaven (ANG) 8th May 127 east past Kinghorn Harbour (FIFE) 28th Apr; 3 Scoughall (LOTH) 29th Apr; 2 Isle of May 2nd May, 10 on 6th One Newbie (D&G) 18th Apr; 2 Saltcoats (AYRS) 24th Apr, 100+ on 2nd May; 48 Turnberry Point (AYRS) 2nd May; 9 Pladda (CLY ISL) 20th May
Little Tern 2 Vallay, North Uist (OH) 25th Apr; 5 Burray (ORK) 21st May One Gott Bay, Tiree (ARG) 17th Apr, 4 on 21st; 4 Islay (ARG) 23rd Apr; 5 Dornoch (HIGH) 1st May First Ythan Estuary (NES) 25th Apr; one Tugnet (M&N) 9th May, 2 on 18th 5 Tyninghame (LOTH) 16th May  
Cuckoo One Grimsay (OH) 15th Apr; one Redland & one Linnadale (both ORK) both on 29th Apr; influx noted Outer Hebrides 3rd-4th May One Croig, Mull (ARG) 8th Apr; one reported Laggan (HIGH) 10th Apr; one Tayvallich (ARG) 14th Apr; one Sandaig, Lochalsh (HIGH) 15th Apr; 3 reported on Isle of Skye (HIGH) on 18th Apr; one Glen Strathfarrar (HIGH) 27th Apr; one Hollandmey Moss (CAITH) 30th Apr One RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 19th Apr; one Glen Garry (P&K) 2nd May; one Aboyne (NES) 4th May; one Crimond (NES) 8th May; one Lossiemouth Forest (M&N) 9th May 2 Loch Rusky (UF) 27th Apr; one Loch Chon (UF) 28th Apr; one Gullane Bents (LOTH) 30th Apr; one Craik (BORD) 3rd May; one Garvald Lodge, Moorfoot Hills (BORD) 3rd May; one Dunino (FIFE) 6th May; one Joppa, Edinburgh (LOTH) 7th May; 2 Isle of May 15th May One Muirshiel CP (CLYDE) 15th Apr; one near Balmaha (CLYDE) 15th Apr; one Glen Rosa, Arran (CLY ISL) 18th Apr; one Kirkconnell Flow (D&G) 24th Apr; one Drumlamford (AYRS) 27th Apr; one Loch Maberry (D&G) 27th Apr; one Carsphairn (D&G) 27th Apr
Swift One reported Back, Lewis (OH) 26th Apr; 2 North Ronaldsay (ORK) 20th May; first Fair Isle 20th May; one Skaw, Whalsay (SHET) 21st May One Oban (ARG) 7th May; one Thurso (CAITH) 13th May; 2 Dornoch Point (HIGH) 14th May 3+ Loch of Skene (NES) 28th Apr; 2 Balgavies Loch (ANG) 29th Apr; one Kinross (P&K) 30th Apr; 2 RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 30th Apr; 2 Clochan (M&N) 5th May; one Dunkeld (P&K) 11th May 12 Rossie Bog, 10+ Angle Park, c.20 Lindores Loch & 8 Loch Gelly (all Fife) all on 28th Apr; one Bridge of Allan (UF) 28th Apr; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 29th Apr; 2 Barns Ness (LOTH) 30th Apr; 12 Linlithgow Loch (LOTH) 1st May; 5 Tweedbank (BORD) 2nd May; 2 Isle of May 9th May One near Wigtown (D&G) 26th Apr; 10 Strathclyde Loch (CLYDE) 27th Apr; one Merryton (CLYDE) 28th Apr; one Trabboch Loch (AYRS) 28th Apr; 7 Lochwinnoch & 4 Balgray Reservoir (both CLYDE) both on 28th Apr; 3 Belston Loch, one Tarbolton & one Doonfoot (all AYRS) all on 29th Apr; 3 Dumfries (D&G) 3rd May; one Arran (CLY ISL) 20th May
Sand Martin One Haroldswick, Unst (SHET) 26th Mar; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 28th Mar; one Daliburgh, South Uist (OH) 4th Apr; 4 Warebeth (ORK) 20th Apr; one Fair Isle 8th May One near Calgary, Mull (ARG) 20th Mar; one The Aird, Skye (HIGH) 25th Mar; one Ensay Burn, Mull (ARG) 25th Mar; 5 noted around Caithness on 30th Mar; 4 Loch Insh (HIGH) 1st Apr; 6 Loch Eye (HIGH) 10th Apr One Murton GPs (ANG) 27th Mar; 2 near Loch Freuchie (P&K) 31st Mar; 2+ Loch Spynie (M&N) 31st Mar; 30+ Loch of Skene (NES) 31st Mar, 150 on 3rd Apr One Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 19th Mar, 2 on 24th; one Lake of Menteith (UF) 23rd Mar; 2 River Tweed, Innerleithen (BORD) 25th Mar; 3 Keltie Bridge, Callander (UF) 31st Mar; 2+ Loch Gelly (FIFE) 9th Apr, 40 on 14th Apr; 2 Isle of May 7th May One in-off Stevenston (AYRS) 17th Mar; one Baron’s Haugh RSPB & 9 at Strathclyde Loch (both CLYDE) both on 18th Mar; 6 Castle Loch, Lochmaben (D&G) 19th Mar; one Sliddery, Arran (CLY ISL) 25th Mar; 2 Carlingwark Loch (D&G) 26th Mar; 2 Low Coylton (AYRS) 26th Mar; 200 Strathclyde Loch (CLYDE) 4th Apr
Swallow One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 27th Mar, 2 on 18th Apr; 2 Kirkwall (ORK) 16th Apr; one Skaw, Whalsay (SHET) 18th Apr; first Fair Isle 18th Apr; one Askernish, South Uist (OH) 21st Apr One reported Foulis Ferry, Cromarty Firth (HIGH) 18th Mar; one The Oa, Islay (ARG) 27th Mar; 2 reported Portree, Skye (HIGH) 27th Mar; one Balinoe, Tiree (ARG) 31st Mar; one Dornoch (HIGH) 13th Apr; one Inverness (HIGH) 15th Apr; one Scrabster (CAITH) 18th Apr One reported Arbroath (ANG) 18th Mar; one Montreathmont Forest (ANG) 8th Apr; one Greens (NES) 9th Apr; 2 Maryton, Kirriemuir (ANG) 10th Apr; 2+ Loch of Skene (NES) 10th Apr; one Lossiemouth (M&N) 12th Apr One Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 3rd Apr, 3 on 8th; one Linlithgow Loch (LOTH) 5th Apr; one Carron (UF) 7th Apr; one St. Abbs Head (BORD) 8th Apr; 3 Manderston Lake (BORD) 10th Apr; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 11th Apr; 2 Luthrie (FIFE) 13th Apr; one Tyninghame (LOTH) 13th Apr; one Stirling University (UF) 13th Apr; 3 Blairdrummond Quarry (UF) 14th Apr; first Isle of May 18th Apr One Irvine (AYRS) 26th Mar; one Dunragit (D&G) 29th Mar; one Abington (CLYDE) 1st Apr; one near Springholm (D&G) 8th Apr; one Monkton (AYRS) 11th Apr; one Lamlash Bay, Arran (CLY ISL) 11th Apr; 3 Castle Loch, Lochmaben (D&G) 13th Apr
House Martin One Ardivachar, South Uist (OH) 24th Mar; one Kirkwall (ORK) 5th May, 12 on13th; one Scatness (SHET) 8th May; one Butt of Lewis (OH) 20th May; 5 Fair Isle 20th May; 10 North Ronaldsay (ORK) 20th May One Elgol, Skye (HIGH) 24th Mar; one The Oa, Islay (ARG) 29th Mar; one Scrabster (CAITH) 18th Apr; 6 near Helmsdale (HIGH) 21st Apr; 2 Oban (ARG) 9th May One Loch of Skene (NES) 10th Apr; 2 RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 18th Apr; one Cloddach (M&N) 21st Apr One Musselburgh (LOTH) 8th Apr; one Ploughlands (BORD) 9th Apr; one Alva (UF) 14th Apr; 2 Dunglass (LOTH/BORD) 16th Apr; 2 Blairdrummond Ponds (UF) 21st Apr; one Dalgety Bay (FIFE) 24th Apr; one Callander & one Bridge of Allan (both UF) both on 28th Apr; one Isle of May 30th Apr 2 near Rosebank (CLYDE) 14th Apr; 2 Balgray Reservoir (CLYDE) 14th Apr; 2 Maybole (AYRS) 15th Apr; one Newbie (D&G) 18th Apr
Tree Pipit One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 17th Apr, 33 on 8th May; one Fair Isle 18th Apr, 3 on 21st, 58 on 8th May; one Carnan, South Uist (OH) 5th May; one Baltasound, Unst (SHET) 7th May; 4 Whalsay (SHET) 8th May; 21 Sumburgh (SHET) 9th May One Taynish NNR (ARG) 12th Apr; one Dornie (HIGH) 19th Apr; present Glen Strathfarrar (HIGH) 27th Apr; 6 Strath Carnaig (HIGH) 28th Apr One Dinnet (NES) 9th Apr; 2+ singing Finzean (NES) 18th Apr; one Newtyle Hill (P&K) 15th Apr, 2+ on 29th; one Raemoir, Banchory (NES) 21st Apr; one Lossie Forest (M&N) 23rd Apr; several Glen Esk (ANG) 29th Apr One St. Abbs Head (BORD) 4th Apr; 2 over Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 15th Apr; one Glen Finglas (UF) 20th Apr; one Sheriffmuir & one Kinneil (both UF) both on 21st Apr; 2 Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 21st Apr; one Isle of May 29th Apr One Inchcailloch, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 15th Apr; one Glenmalloch Lodge (D&G) 15th Apr; 2 Courance (D&G) 19th Apr; 10 Loch Lomondside (CLYDE) 22nd Apr; one Ness Glen (AYRS) 28th Apr; one Glen Rosa, Arran (CLY ISL) 1st May
Yellow Wagtail One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 20th Apr; one Fair Isle 20th Apr, 3 on 9th May including a Grey-headed Wagtail; 2 Grey-headed Wagtails Hillwell (SHET) 9th May; male Grey-headed Wagtail Aird an Runair, Balranald, North Uist (OH) 9th May; male Blue-headed Wagtail North Ronaldsay (ORK) 14th May One reported Iona (ARG) 21st May One RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 8th May 2 Torness Power Station (LOTH) 1st May, 4 on 14th; male Nisbet (BORD) 7th May; one East Reston (BORD) 7th May; one Isle of May 19th May, male Blue-headed Wagtail there on 27th One WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 9th May
White Wagtail Male Fair Isle 27th Mar; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 16th Apr; 2 Sumburgh & one Fetlar (both SHET) both on 18th Apr One Barsloisnoch (ARG) 4th Apr; one Balephetrish Bay, Tiree (ARG) 4th Apr; 2 Loch Beannacharan (HIGH) 15th Apr; one Scrabster (CAITH) 15th Apr; 2 Dornoch Point (HIGH) 19th Apr One RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 15th Apr; 4 Kingston (M&N) 16th Apr, 43 on 16th May; one RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 21st Apr Very early birds reported Barns Ness (LOTH) 11th Mar & Newmains farm, Reston (2) (BORD) on 13th Mar; 2 St. Abbs Head (BORD) 8th Apr; 4+ Barns Ness (LOTH) 10th Apr; 8 Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 15th Apr, 21 on 21st Apr; 5 Luthrie (FIFE) 16th Apr; one Isle of May 19th Apr; 20 Whitesands Bay (LOTH) 22nd Apr One Creetown (D&G) 30th Mar; 2 Loch Ryan (D&G) 5th Apr; 3 Kildonan, Arran (CLY ISL) 11th Apr; 8 Blairbowie (AYRS) 13th Apr; 2+ Carbarns Pool (CLYDE) 15th Apr; 16+ Balgray Reservoir (CLYDE) 18th Apr
Redstart One South Ronaldsay (ORK) 19th Apr; male Toab (SHET) 21st Apr; male Fair Isle 24th Apr, 15 on 8th May; 54 North Ronaldsay (ORK) 8th May; 12 Whalsay (SHET) 8th May; one Uigen, Lewis (OH) 9th May One Taynish NNR (ARG) 18th Apr; male Balliemeanoch, Loch Awe (ARG) 22nd Apr; male RSPB Loch Garten (HIGH) 24th Apr; one Inversheil, Loch Duich (HIGH) 26th Apr; one Glen Strathfarrar (HIGH) 27th Apr; 2 Noss Head (CAITH) 9th May One near Aboyne (NES) 21st Apr; male Girdle Ness (NES) 26th Apr; 4 Braco (P&K) 28th Apr; male Newtyle Hill (P&K) 29th Apr; 6 males Glen Esk (ANG) 29th Apr; one Tomintoul (M&N) 29th Apr; male Raemoir, Banchory (NES) 1st May One Lake of Menteith (UF) 16th Apr; male Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 17th Apr; male St. Abbs Head (BORD) 19th Apr, 8 on 10th May; one Isle of May 20th Apr, 2 males on 27th; one Fife Ness (FIFE) 5th May Male Sallochy Wood, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 16th Apr, 5 on 29th; one Castramon Wood (D&G) 18th Apr; male Courance (D&G) 19th Apr; 3 New Cumnock (AYRS) 20th Apr; female High Kildonan, Arran (CLY ISL) 4th May
Whinchat One The Range, South Uist (OH) 7th May; one Haroldswick, Unst (SHET) 8th May; 6 North Ronaldsay (ORK) 8th May; 6 Fair Isle 8th May one Sumburgh (SHET) 9th May Male Add Estuary (ARG) 1st May; male Balephuil, Tiree (ARG) 2nd May; 3 Lochalsh (HIGH) 9th May; male The Biel, Duncansby (CAITH) 10th May One Braco (P&K) 28th Apr; one Sands of Forvie NR (NES) 1st May; one near Clunes Lodge (P&K) 2nd May; one Glen Esk (ANG) 11th May 2 St. Abbs Head (BORD) 28th Apr; one Barns Ness (LOTH) 30th Apr; 2 Isle of May 30th Apr; one Ben Vane (UF) 5th May; 2 Glenvale (FIFE) 9th May One Saltcoats harbour, 2 Dundonald Camp, one Loch Doon & one Muirkirk (all AYRS) all on 3rd May; one Lochwinnoch RSPB (CLYDE) 3rd May; one Brownside Braes (CLYDE) 3rd May; one Cairnsmore NR (D&G) 3rd May
Wheatear One Cravadale, Harris (OH) 22nd Mar; 2+ Aird an Runair, Balranald, North Uist (OH) 23rd Mar; 2 Butt of Lewis (OH) 25th Mar; male Yesnaby & a male on Westray (both ORK) both on 25th Mar; first Fair Isle 27th Mar; one Bridge of Walls (SHET) 2nd Apr One Portnahaven, Islay (ARG) 17th Mar; male Upper Milovaig, Skye (HIGH) 18th Mar; male Loch Fleet (HIGH) 19th Mar; two (male & female) New Ulva (ARG) 21st Mar; 3 males on Tiree (ARG) 22nd Mar; 3 Dunnet Head (CAITH) 27th Mar One Girdle Ness (NES) 21st Mar; two males Glen Prosen (ANG) 22nd Mar; two males Glen Maik (P&K) 25th Mar; 5 males Loch Lee, Glen Esk (ANG) 25th Mar; one Knaik Valley (P&K) 27th Mar; 7 Glen Dye (NES) 28th Mar; 2 Lossiemouth (M&N) 12th Apr Male Inverlochlarig (UF) 18th Mar; male Fala (LOTH) 18th Mar; male Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 19th Mar; 3 Barns Ness-Skateraw (LOTH) 21st Mar; one Ladyside, Moorfoot Hills (BORD) 22nd Mar; first Isle of May 22nd Mar; 2+ St. Abbs Head (BORD) 25th Mar; male Kinneil (UF) 25th Mar; one Fife Ness (FIFE) 28th Mar 2 males RSPB Mersehead (D&G) 15th Mar; male Mull of Galloway & one Creetown (both D&G) both on 21st Mar; male Maidens (AYRS) 23rd Mar; female Inchinnan (CLYDE) 24th Mar; 3 Shannochie, Arran (CLY ISL) 25th Mar
Ring Ouzel Male Fair Isle 30th Mar; one Snarravoe, Unst (SHET) 17th Apr; 5 North Ronaldsay (ORK) 19th Apr Male Glen Strathfarrar (HIGH) 15th Apr; 2 Dunnet (CAITH) 27th Apr; male and female Glen Achall, Ullapool (HIGH) 29th Apr; 2 Fishnish Lochs, Mull (ARG) 4th May One Glen Beanie (ANG) 28th Mar; 2 Glen Isla (ANG) 31st Mar; male Sands of Forvie NNR (NES) 19th Apr; one Glen Lyon (P&K) 26th Apr Single males Pentland Hills & Faseny Bridge, Lammermuir Hills (both LOTH) both on 24th Mar; one Glen (BORD) 25th Mar; male Loch Gelly (FIFE) 14th Apr; one Isle of May 22nd Apr, 12 on 26th; one Dumyat (UF) 1st May One Drumgoyne, Strathblane (CLYDE) 27th Mar; 2 reported Arran (CLY ISL) 28th Mar; male Loudoun Hill (AYRS) 11th Apr; one near Sundaywell (D&G) 14th Apr; 6 between Wanlockhead-Mennock Pass (D&G) 15th Apr
Grasshopper Warbler One Sandwick (SHET) 21st Apr; one Fair Isle 24th Apr; one Durkadale (ORK) 29th Apr; one South Glendale, South Uist (OH) 12th May 3 singing Inverness (HIGH) 21st Apr, 5 on 22nd; 2 singing on Skye (HIGH) 21st Apr; one Ardrishaig-Oakfield (ARG) 21st Apr; one singing Coll (ARG) 23rd Apr; singles Keills & Taynish NNR (both ARG) both on 25th Apr; one Broubster (CAITH) 2nd May One RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 18th Apr; one Montrose Basin (ANG) 28th Apr, 3 on 30th; one Kineff Old Church (NES) 29th Apr; one singing near Calvine (P&K) 3rd May 2 Blackdevon Wetland & one Skinflats Lagoons (both UF) both on 21st Apr; one Musselburgh Lagoons & one Aberlady Bay (both LOTH) both on 21st Apr; one Loch Gelly (FIFE) 22nd Apr; 3 Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 22nd Apr; 5 Isle of May 30th Apr One singing Robroyston, Glasgow (CLYDE) 20th Apr; 2 Mull of Galloway (D&G) 21st Apr; 3 singing at Pow Burn, 4 singing Hunterston & one singing Cunning Park (all AYRS) all on 22nd Apr; 12 Pow Burn (AYRS) 2nd May; 1+ singing Great Cumbrae (CLY ISL) 3rd May
Sedge Warbler One The Loons RSPB (ORK) 28th Apr; one Scatness (SHET) 30th Apr; one Fair Isle 1st May; 4 North Ronaldsay (ORK) 8th May One Moine Mhor NNR (ARG) 23rd Apr; one Rockside, Islay (ARG) 25th Apr; one Balephuil, Tiree (ARG) 1st May; one Broadford, Skye (HIGH) 1st May; one Duncansby (CAITH) 2nd May; one Melvich, Sutherland (HIGH) 7th May; one near Inver, Easter Ross (HIGH) 7th May; one Ham (CAITH) 7th May One RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 19th Apr; one RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 20th Apr; one Levenmouth Cut, Loch Leven (P&K) 4th May; one Dinnet Lochs (NES) 5th May; one Tugnet (M&N) 6th May; one Girdle Ness (NES) 7th May One Loch Gelly (FIFE) 22nd Apr; one Cambus (UF) 22nd Apr; one Blindwells (LOTH) 26th Apr; one River Teith, Lecropt (UF) 28th Apr; one Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 2nd May; one Earlston (BORD) 3rd May; one Grange of Lindores (FIFE) 3rd May; first Fife Ness (FIFE) 5th May One Merryton (CLYDE) 23rd Apr; one Baron’s Haugh RSPB (CLYDE) 24th Apr; one Greenan (AYRS) 24th Apr; one Loch Nahinie (AYRS) 27th Apr; one RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 28th Apr, 6 on 1st May, 25+ singing birds on 3rd May; one Corriecravie, Arran (CLY ISL) 29th Apr; 1+ Mull of Galloway (D&G) 3rd May; one Carlingwark Loch (D&G) 3rd May
Lesser Whitethroat 3 North Ronaldsay (ORK) 8th May; one Whalsay (SHET) 8th May; 2 Fair Isle 8th May; one Bornish, South Uist (OH) 30th May 2 Noss Head (CAITH) 9th May; one Balephuil, Tiree (ARG) 27th May One singing Kineff Old Church (NES) 20th May; one singing Montrose Basin (ANG) 27th May 2 Isle of May 30th Apr; 2 Barns Ness (LOTH) 1st May, 3 on 2nd; 3 St. Abbs Head (BORD) 1st May; one singing Garleton Hills (LOTH) 6th May; first Isle of May 10th May; one Fife Ness (FIFE) 20th May One Deil’s Dyke (AYRS) 30th Apr; one Dornock (D&G) 2nd May; one singing Sandyford (AYRS) 3rd May; 2 reported singing Auchenhew, Arran (CLY ISL) 18th May
Whitethroat One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 21st Apr, 12 on 8th May; one Uyeasound, Unst (SHET) 1st May; 3 Sumburgh (SHET) 8th May; 9 Fair Isle 8th May; one South Glendale, South Uist (OH) 19th May One singing Morar (HIGH) 24th Apr; one Taynish NNR (ARG) 4th May; one Embo, Sutherland (HIGH) 7th May; 4 Islay (ARG) 12th May One Aboyne (NES) 26th Apr; one Powmouth (ANG) 3rd May; one Tugnet (M&N) 6th May; 2 Girdle Ness (NES) 7th May One Isle of May 19th Apr; one Cambus (UF) 22nd Apr; 2 singing Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 28th Apr; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 29th Apr; one Barns Ness (LOTH) 30th Apr; one Guardbridge (FIFE) 5th May; 2 singing Coates (LOTH) 6th May One Merryton (CLYDE) 23rd Apr; one Isle of Whithorn (D&G) 27th Apr; one Carbarns (CLYDE) 28th Apr; 2 Croy Bay (AYRS) 28th Apr; one Arran (CLY ISL) 28th Apr; one Pow Burn (AYRS) 29th Apr, 3 on 2nd May; 4 near Browwell (D&G) 3rd May
Garden Warbler One Fair Isle 29th Apr; one Sandgarth, Voe (SHET) 3rd May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 8th May; one Uigen, Lewis (OH) 9th May; one Quendale (SHET) 9th May One Lochgilphead (ARG) 27th Apr; one The Mound, Loch Fleet (HIGH) 29th Apr; one Taynish NNR (ARG) 4th May; one Dornie, Lochalsh (HIGH) 10th May One Kingennie fishery (ANG) 6th May; 3 Powmouth (ANG) 13th May; one Deesside (NES) 23rd May One Lanrick Estate (UF) 5th May; one Dunblane (UF) 6th May; 2 River Almond Pools (LOTH) 7th May; 3 Bowhill (BORD) 8th May; one Isle of May 9th May One Baron’s Haugh RSPB (CLYDE) 24th Apr; one Machrie, Arran (CLY ISL) 28th Apr; one singing Annbank (AYRS) 30th Apr; 2 Dundonald Hill (AYRS) 1st May; 2 High Camer (D&G) 2nd May; one Lochwinnoch RSPB & one IBM, Greenock (both CLYDE) both on 3rd May
Blackcap Female Fair Isle 27th Mar; male Langass Lodge, North Uist (OH) 3rd Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 17th Apr; 2 Quendale (SHET) 18th Apr One Bellanoch (ARG) 8th Apr; male Balephuil, Tiree (ARG) 9th Apr; singing male Torvean, Inverness (HIGH) 11th Apr; one Taynish NNR (ARG) 12th Apr; 4 singing Inverness (HIGH) 15th Apr, 11 on 22nd; one Castlehill and one singing Achvarasdale Wood (both CAITH) both on 6th May Male Monifieth (ANG) 9th Apr; one RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 16th Apr; one RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 21st Apr; 3 singing Banchory (NES) 21st Apr; one singing The Hermitage (P&K) 27th Apr Singles singing Newbattle Abbey & Auchendinny (both LOTH) both on 27th Mar; one singing Callander Park, Falkirk (UF) 28th Mar, 3 on 14th Apr; one Newton St. Boswells (BORD) 30th Mar; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 1st Apr; one singing Blakelaw farm (BORD) 1st Apr; 2 singing Colinton Dell (LOTH) 7th Apr; one singing Langlee Woods (BORD) 7th Apr; one Isle of May 10th Apr; one singing Tweedbank, one singing Coldingham & one singing Burnmouth (all BORD) all on 11th Apr 2 Culzean CP (AYRS) 31st Mar; 2 Baron’s Haugh RSPB (CLYDE) 4th Apr; one singing Garnock Floods (AYRS) 7th Apr; male singing Kirkton near Dumfries (D&G) 8th Apr; 2 Wigtown (D&G) 8th Apr; male Over Courance (D&G) 11th Apr
Wood Warbler 2 Fair Isle 3rd May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 8th May; 2 Wideford Burn (ORK) 9th May; one Clachan Farm, North Uist (OH) 16th May One Taynish NNR (ARG) 24th Apr; 1+ Glen Nant (ARG) 27th Apr; 2 singing Dornie, Lochalsh (HIGH) 10th May; 4 Strathconan (HIGH) 28th May One Killiecrankie (P&K) 1st May One Kilmahog (UF) 1st May; one Auchendinny Glen (LOTH) 1st May; one Plora Woods, Innerleithen (BORD) 6th May 2 singing Ross Wood, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 20th Apr, 10 singing on 9th May; 3 singing Balmaha-Sallochy, Loch Lomondside (CLYDE) 29th Apr; one singing East Craigend, Erskine (CLYDE) 6th May; one Minnigaff (D&G) 8th May; one singing Glenashdale, Arran (CLY ISL) 8th May; 3 singing Knockman Wood (D&G) 9th May; one Craigengillan (AYRS) 24th May
Chiffchaff One singing Langass Lodge, North Uist (OH) 18th Mar; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 22nd Mar; one Fair Isle 22nd Mar, 9 on 27th; one Maywick (SHET) 27th Mar; one Scousburgh (SHET) 1st Apr 2 singing Inverness (HIGH) 18th Mar; one singing Kilchoman, Islay (ARG) 22nd Mar; one singing Holme, Inverness (HIGH) 24th Mar; 2 singing Morar (HIGH) 24th Mar; one Balephuil, Tiree & one River Feochan (both ARG) both on 25th Mar; one singing Melvich, Sutherland (HIGH) 26th Mar; one St. John’s Loch (CAITH) 27th Mar One singing Barry Buddon (ANG) 22nd Mar; one singing Montreathmont Forest (ANG) 23rd Mar; 2 Loch of Blairs & 3 Loch na Bo (both M&N) both on 23rd Mar; one singing Kingswells, Aberdeen, one singing Potarch, one singing Girdle Ness & 2 singing Kirkhill Forest (all NES) all on 25th Mar; one Carse of Trowan (P&K) 27th Mar 2+ singing River Tyne near East Linton (LOTH) 11th Mar; one singing Colinton, Edinburgh (LOTH) 13th Mar; one singing Tweedbank (BORD) 14th Mar; 3+ singing Mire Loch, St. Abbs Head (BORD) 17th Mar; singles singing Pitmedden Forest & Kirkcaldy (both FIFE) both on 18th Mar; one singing Coates (LOTH) 22nd Mar; one singing Stirling (UF) 22nd Mar; one Loch Fitty (FIFE) 23rd Mar; one singing Holme Hill, Dunblane (UF) 24th Mar; first Isle of May 24th Mar; one singing Lake of Menteith (UF) 25th Mar; one Mill Glen, Tillicoultry (UF) 25th Mar One singing Parklea (CLYDE) 12th Mar; one singing Solway Gate, Dumfries (D&G) 15th Mar; one singing Cloncaird Castle (AYRS) 16th Mar, 2+ on 20th; one Shiskine, Arran (CLY ISL) 17th Mar; one singing Cardowan Moss LNR, Glasgow (CLYDE) 17th Mar
Willow Warbler One Fair Isle 10th Apr, 3 on 16th; 2 South Uist (OH) 14th Apr; one Holm & one Deerness (both ORK) both on 16th Apr; one Virkie (SHET) 18th Apr; 7 North Ronaldsay (ORK) 18th Apr One Ormsary (ARG) 27th Mar, another there on 5th Apr; one reported Glendale, Skye (HIGH) 31st Mar, next birds on Skye not until 13th Apr; one singing Kincraig (HIGH) 2nd Apr; one Bruichladdich, Islay (ARG) 7th Apr, 3 Islay on 9th; one singing Balephuil, Tiree (ARG) 11th Apr; 3+ singing Taynish NNR (ARG) 11th Apr; one Isle of Seil (ARG) 12th Apr; one singing near Tain (HIGH) 14th Apr; one Kilninver (ARG) 14th Apr; one singing Culbokie (HIGH) 14th Apr; one Melvich, north Sutherland (HIGH) 18th Apr; first Iona & Ross of Mull (ARG) 18th Apr;influx noted east Sutherland (HIGH) 18th Apr; influx noted Caithness 19th Apr One Muir of Dinnet (NES) 9th Apr; one RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 12th Apr; one singing Barry Buddon (ANG) 13th Apr; one singing Drummond Castle woods (P&K) 14th Apr; one Maryton, Kirriemuir (ANG) 15th Apr; one near Fowlis Wester (P&K) 16th Apr; one Archiestown (M&N) 17th Apr; one Clochan (M&N) 18th Apr; first RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 18th Apr; influx noted North-East Scotland 20th-21st Apr One singing Tweedbank (BORD) 6th Apr, 2 on 12th; one Mine Wood, Bridge of Allan (UF) 8th Apr; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 11th Apr, 4 on 15th; one Bathgate (LOTH) 11th Apr; 2 Carse of Lecropt (UF) 11th Apr; 2 Mountcastle (FIFE) 16th Apr; first Isle of May 19th Apr One singing near Beeswing (D&G) 25th Mar; one singing High Camer Wood (D&G) 27th Mar; one singing near Ayr Hospital (AYRS) 29th Mar; one singing Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) on 31st Mar, first on RSPB reserve there on 4th Apr; one Knockdolian (AYRS) 1st Apr; one singing Arran (CLY ISL) 1st Apr; 3 singing Bogside (AYRS) 7th Apr; one singing Foxbar, Paisley (CLYDE) 8th Apr; one Martnaham Loch (AYRS) 8th Apr; 3+ Garnock Floods (AYRS) 11th Apr; 2 Courance (D&G) 11th Apr
Spotted Flycatcher One Fair Isle 8th May; one Uigen, Lewis (OH) 9th May; one Helendale, Lerwick (SHET) 9th May; 2 North Ronaldsay (ORK) 9th May; 5 Burwick, South Ronaldsay (ORK) 9th May One Taynish NNR (ARG) 8th May; 2+ Langwell House (CAITH) 19th May; 6 The Mound, Loch Fleet (HIGH) 30th May One Glen Tanar (NES) 11th May; one Dunkeld (P&K) 11th May; one North Water Bridge (NES) 14th May; one Powmouth (ANG) 15th May One Newburgh (BORD) 5th May; one Oxton (BORD) 9th May; one St. Abbs Head (BORD) 10th May; one Isle of May 11th May; one Tillicoultry Glen (UF) 12th May; 2 Barns Ness (LOTH) 13th May; one Kilmany (FIFE) 19th May; 3 Kilminning (FIFE) 21st May One Mull of Galloway (D&G) 5th May; one Creetown (D&G) 7th May; 2 Hunterston (AYRS) 8th May; one Lochwinnoch RSPB (CLYDE) 9th May
Pied Flycatcher One Scatness (SHET) 20th Apr; one Fetlar (SHET) 22nd Apr; 4 Fair Isle 1st May; 6 North Ronaldsay (ORK) 8th May; one Sumburgh (SHET) 9th May; male Port of Ness, Lewis (OH) 9th May; 4 South Ronaldsay (ORK) 9th May; male Northlocheynort plantation, South Uist (OH) 9th May; 3 Uigen, Lewis (OH) 9th May Male reported Balemartine, Tiree (ARG) 2nd May; male Balephuil, Tiree (ARG) 9th May; female St. John’s Loch (CAITH) 9th May One Dunkeld (P&K) 3rd May; male Collieston (NES) 9th May; 1st-summer male East Seaton farm (ANG) 10th May; male Dinnet NNR (NES) 13th May; 3 males Killiecrankie (P&K) 19th May Male Isle of May 26th April, 6 on 10th May 2 males Castramon Wood & one Knockman Wood (both D&G) both on 18th Apr; one Ness Glen (AYRS) 28th Apr; male and female Sallochy, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 1st May