Shetland, Fair Isle, Orkney and Outer Hebrides Highland, Caithness and Argyll North-East Scotland, Moray & Nairn, Angus and Perth & Kinross Fife, Isle of May, Upper Forth, Lothian and Borders Clyde, Clyde Islands, Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway
Manx Shearwater Two past Ardvule Point, South Uist (OH) 23rd Mar; one past Ireland, Bigton (SHET) 7th May; two past North Ronaldsay (ORK) 7th May; seven from the “Good Shepherd” off Fair Isle on 6th June 36 past Aird, Tiree (ARG) 26th Mar, 520 past on 31st; six off Isle of Eigg (HIGH) 1st Apr Two past Girdle Ness (NES) 9th May, 28 on 14th; two past Lunan Bay (ANG) 10th May; 14 past Lossiemouth (M&N) 16th May One past Isle of May 1st May, 48 on 14th; 85 past Fife Ness (FIFE) 14th May; 16 past Dunbar (LOTH) 23rd May One past Stevenston Point (AYRS) 30th Mar; c.150 off Irvine (AYRS) 11th Apr; 10+ off Largybeg, Arran (CLY ISL) 12th Apr; five off WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 5th May
Garganey Pair The Loons RSPB (ORK) 19th Apr; drake Baltasound, Unst (SHET) 21st Apr; three North Ronaldsay (ORK) 6th May; drake Loch Fada, Benbecula (OH) 8th May Pair Tiree (ARG) 17th Apr; drake St. John’s Pool (CAITH) 6th May Drake RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 6th Apr; pair RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 9th Apr; drake Findhorn Bay (M&N) 14th Apr; female RSPB Loch Leven (P&K) 19th Apr; drake Port Allen (P&K) 4th May Pair Musselburgh (LOTH) 4th May; drake Cambus (UF) 9th May Pair RSPB Mersehead (D&G) 12th Mar; pair RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 12th Apr, two drakes on 6th May; drake Doonfoot (AYRS) 11th May
Marsh Harrier One Trumland, Rousay (ORK) 9th May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 17th May; female Fair Isle 23rd May Female Balephuil, Tiree (ARG) 19th Apr; female Loch Insh (HIGH) 24th Apr Male RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 31st Mar; one Loch Spynie (M&N) 7th Apr; imm. Male near Errol (P&K) 11th Apr; female RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 11th Apr; one Loch Leven (P&K) 15th May Female Mugdrum Island, Newburgh (FIFE) 30th Mar; female Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 11th May One reported WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 16th Mar, female there on 11th & 18th May
Osprey One Bernera (OH) 30th Apr; one Rendall (ORK) 1st May; one over Fair Isle 4th May; one over Compass Head (SHET) 9th May; one Loch Druidibeg, South Uist (OH) 11th May One Clunes, Loch Lochy (HIGH) 15th Mar; one near Newtonmore (HIGH) 29th Mar; one over Loch Garten (HIGH) 29th Mar, returning female back there on 2nd Apr; one reported West Loch Tarbert (ARG) 2nd Apr; one back at nest site near Dornoch (HIGH) 2nd Apr; one back at nest site near Ford (ARG) 4th Apr; one back at nest site near Thurso (CAITH) 7th Apr One reported over Coupar Angus (P&K) 11th Mar; male back at SWT Loch of the Lowes (P&K) 21st Mar; one Backwater Reservoir (ANG) 21st Mar; one back at nest site Balgavies Loch (ANG) 3rd Apr; one Findhorn Bay & one back at nest site near Forres (both M&N) both on 4th Apr; one over just to N of Dundee (ANG) 5th Apr; one back at nest site near Loch of Skene (NES) 10th Apr One reported over Yetholm Loch (BORD) 4th Mar; one over Eden Estuary (FIFE) 12th Mar; one Loch Gelly (FIFE) 13th Mar; one over Camilla Loch (FIFE) 15th Mar; one Kinlochard (UF) 16th Mar; one over Stirling (UF) 20th Mar; one Denholm (BORD) 23rd Mar; male back at nest site near Aberfoyle (UF) 2nd Apr; one over East Linton (LOTH) 5th Apr; one North Esk Reservoir (LOTH/BORD) 6th Apr; one over Isle of May 15th June One near Kirk Dam, Bute (CLY ISL) 23rd Mar; one RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 24th Mar; one Loch Fad, Bute (CLY ISL) 25th Mar; male back at nest site Threave (D&G) 2nd Apr; one back at nest site Loch Doon (AYRS) 8th Apr
Dotterel Two RSPB Loch na Muilne, Lewis (OH) 27th Apr; five Balranald, North Uist (OH) 2nd May; three Baleshare, North Uist (OH) 4th May; nine Sanday (ORK) 9th May; one South Ronaldsay (ORK) 10th May; four Fair Isle 18th May One Oronsay (ARG) 29th Apr; one at The Oa, Islay (ARG) 4th May; two Bruach na Frith, Skye (HIGH) 14th May; two Sarek’s Meadow, Cairngorms (HIGH) 14th May 29 at Pluckerston farm, Kirriemuir (ANG) 9th May; 10 St. Combs (NES) 14th May; three near Collieston (NES) 15th May One Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 2nd May; two Carnethy Hill (LOTH) 3rd May Four near New Galloway (D&G) 27th Apr; one near Green Lowther Hill (D&G/CLYDE) 8th May; one Blackcraig Hill (AYRS) 13th May; seven Tinto (CLYDE) 14th May
Whimbrel Two Smerclate, South Uist (OH) 16th Apr; two Fair Isle 16th Apr; two Butt of Lewis, Lewis (OH) 17th Apr; one Dalsetter (SHET) 19th Apr; 84 Loch of Skaill (ORK) 28th Apr; 150 Widewall (ORK) 3rd May One reported past Machrihanish SO (ARG) 19th Mar; one Tiree (ARG) 16th Apr; one Isle of Eigg (HIGH) 16th Apr; one St. John’s Pool (CAITH) 16th Apr; four Dornoch (HIGH) 17th Apr; 40 Machrihanish SBO (ARG) 25th Apr One Easthaven (ANG) 18th Apr; two Ythan Estuary (NES) 18th Apr, 30+ on 25th Apr, 61 on 1st May; one Findhorn Bay (M&N) 20th Apr; four Loch Leven (P&K) 5th May Two Musselburgh & two Dunbar (both LOTH) both on 15th Apr; one Largo Bay (FIFE) 21st Apr; 30 Barns Ness (LOTH) 26th Apr; 16 Longcarse, Alloa (UF) 1st May One Stevenston Point (AYRS) 16th Apr; two Carse Bay (D&G) 16th Apr; two Auchenhew Bay, Arran (CLY ISL) 16th Apr, 16 on 4th May; one Wigtown Bay (D&G) 19th Apr; two Saltcoats & one Martnaham Loch (both AYRS) both on 20th Apr; 10 West Ferry (CLYDE) 23rd Apr, 34 on 1st May; six Mount Stuart, Bute (CLY ISL) 7th May
Common Sandpiper One Fair Isle 19th Apr; two Grimsay, North Uist (OH) 24th Apr; 3+ South Uist (OH) 24th Apr; first Mainland (ORK) 2nd May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 5th May; three Sumburgh area & one Skaw, Unst (both SHET) both on 6th May One Loch na Keal, Mull (ARG) 7th Apr; one Add Estuary & one near Kilmelford (both ARG) both on 12th Apr; one Avielochan (HIGH) 14th Apr; one Contin, one Strathdearn, one Ullapool, one Loch Insh & one on Skye (all HIGH) all on 16th Apr One River Findhorn west of Forres (M&N) 8th Apr; one Invermark Lodge (ANG) 10th Apr; one Dinnet Bridge (NES) 12th Apr; one Loch of Skene (NES) 15th Apr; one Spey Bay (M&N) 17th Apr; one Loch Kennard (P&K) 17th Apr One Letham Pools (FIFE) 9th Apr; one Whitesands Quarry (LOTH) 11th Apr; one River Devon at Harveston (UF) 11th Apr; one Edrington Castle (BORD) 12th Apr; one River Tweed near Peebles (BORD) 13th Apr; two Musselburgh (LOTH) 15th Apr; 5+ Loch Gelly (FIFE) 15th Apr; two Isle of May 5th May Two Drymen Bridge (CLYDE) 10th Apr; one River Nith north of Dumfries (D&G) 12th Apr; one Galston Loch (AYRS) 13th Apr; 3+ River Clyde in Carbarns area (CLYDE) 14th Apr; one North Sannox, Arran (CLY ISL) 14th Apr; one Capringstone Flash (AYRS) 15th Apr; two Carse Bay (D&G) 16th Apr; two Ardmaleish, Bute (CLY ISL) 23rd Apr
Sandwich Tern One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 20th Mar; two Papa Westray (ORK) 29th Mar; one Grutness (SHET) 13th Apr; two Loch Stiapavat, Lewis (OH) 6th June Two Machrihanish SBO, one Port Charlotte, Islay & one Tayinloan (all ARG) all on 9th Apr; one St. John’s Pool (CAITH) 9th Apr; two Rosemarkie & two Brora (both HIGH) both on 11th Apr One Nairn (M&N) 12th Mar; two Portknockie (M&N) 21st Mar; four Lossiemouth (M&N) 22nd Mar; two Ythan Estuary (NES) 23rd Mar; one Elliot Burn (ANG) 13th Apr One Seafield (LOTH) 24th Mar; two Eyemouth (BORD) 6th Apr; five Gosford Bay (LOTH) 8th Apr; one St. Andrews (FIFE) 11th Apr; one Isle of May 19th Apr; five Blackness (UF) 3rd May Two Irvine harbour (AYRS) 4th Apr; two Sandbraes, Arran (CLY ISL) 7th Apr; one Southerness Point (D&G) 13th Apr, 15 on 14th; two Rothesay Bay, Bute (CLY ISL) 17th Apr; two Ardmore Point (CLYDE) 22nd Apr
Common Tern One Berneray (OH) 15th Apr; two Stromness (ORK) 18th Apr; 5+ North Ford, North Uist (OH) 19th Apr; one Scatness (SHET) 28th Apr; two Fair Isle 10th May One Sorobaidh Bay, Tiree (ARG) 28th Apr; 100+ back at nesting rafts Avoch (HIGH) 2nd May; seven St. John’s Pool (CAITH) 7th May One River Spey, Rothes & one Lossiemouth (both M&N) both on 19th Apr; 2+ Blackdog (NES) 30th Apr; 28 RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 30th Apr, 50+ on 2nd May; four Montrose Basin (ANG) 3rd May Four off Torness Power Station (LOTH) 25th Apr; 60 back Leith Docks (LOTH) 1st May; two Isle of May 2nd May; seven Blackness (UF) 3rd May; c.30 Kinneil (UF) 6th May; two Folly Loch (BORD) 9th May; 17 Fife Ness (FIFE) 14th May Two Bowling (CLYDE) 19th Apr; one Hunterston (AYRS) 30th June
Arctic Tern One Borve, Barra (OH) 18th Apr; one Pool of Virkie (SHET) 26th Apr; two Graemeshall Loch (ORK) 26th Apr; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 29th Apr; first Fair Isle 8th May One St. John’s Pool (CAITH) 16th Apr; one Gunna Sound (ARG) 23rd Apr; three Tongue (HIGH) 27th Apr; six on Tiree (ARG) 28th Apr Two Spey Bay (M&N) 24th Apr; two Blackdog (NES) 26th Apr; 2+ Scurdie Ness, Montrose (ANG) 15th May; five Loch Leven (P&K) 2nd June One Isle of May 1st May; one Kinneil (UF) 6th May; 1+ Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 7th June One Blackwaterfoot, Arran (CLY ISL) 23rd Apr; one Saltcoats harbour (AYRS) 26th Apr, c.150 on 5th May; one Castle Loch, Lochmaben (D&G) 6th May
Little Tern One Loch Bee, South Uist (OH) 16th Apr; up to five Burray (ORK) 21st May Three on Tiree (ARG) 16th Apr; one Sandside Bay (CAITH) 23rd May Three Ythan Estuary (NES) 26th Apr; three Montrose Basin (ANG) 3rd May; two Lossie Estuary (M&N) 12th May One Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 7th June Two Saltcoats harbour (AYRS) 20th May
Cuckoo Singles Lewis & South Uist (both OH) both on 17th Apr; one Rendall (ORK) 17th Apr; one singing Stenness (ORK) 30th Apr; one Fair Isle 5th May; one Mid Yell, Yell (SHET) 11th May One Kensaleyre, Skye (HIGH) 9th Apr; one Glen Fyne (ARG) 11th Apr; singles Inveraray, Ford & Kilfinan (all ARG) all on 16th Apr; mini influx noted Highland 17th Apr, with 10 birds reported, mainly from the west coast; one near Scrabster (CAITH) 26th Apr One Glen Esk (ANG) 10th Apr; one Edzell (NES) 16th Apr; one near Cornhill (NES) 18th Apr; one Cragganmore (M&N) 22nd Apr; one Sma’ Glen (P&K) 24th Apr One Balquhidder Glen (UF) 18th Apr; one Leithen Water (BORD) 19th Apr; one Isle of May 25th Apr, three on 5th May; one Barns Ness (LOTH) 30th Apr; one Kilminning (FIFE) 5th May Singles Helensburgh, Snypes Dam & Meikle Bin (all CLYDE) all on 16th Apr; one Glen Rosa, Arran (CLY ISL) 16th Apr; one Loch Fad, Bute (CLY ISL) 16th Apr; one Loch Riecawr (AYRS) 18th Apr; one Gatehouse of Fleet (D&G) 18th Apr; one singing near Loch Ken (D&G) 18th Apr
Swift One Fair Isle 6th May; one Noss (SHET) 6th May; one near Druidibeg Plantation, South Uist (OH) 14th May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 18th June One reported Wick (CAITH) 11th Apr; one Kingussie (HIGH) 6th May; two Kilmichael Glassary (ARG) 7th May; one Inverness Castle (HIGH) 9th May; eight Campbeltown (ARG) 10th May; first back Willowbank, Wick (CAITH) 11th May One Carsebreck Loch (P&K) 25th Apr; one Loch of Skene (NES) 29th Apr, 80 on 10th May; one Forfar Loch (ANG) 2nd May; one Findhorn Bay (M&N) 4th May; 60 Loch Leven (P&K) 4th May; one Union Street, Aberdeen (NES) 5th May; one RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 7th May One reported Luffness (LOTH) 17th Apr; one Linlithgow Loch (LOTH) 25th Apr; two The Hirsel & one Tweedbank (both BORD) both on 27th Apr; seven Loch Gelly & one Fife Ness (both FIFE) both on 4th May; one Blairdrummond GPs (UF) 4th May; one Isle of May 5th May Three Strathclyde Loch (CLYDE) 19th Apr; 1+ RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 24th Apr; two over River Nith, Kirkton (D&G) 25th Apr; one Dumfries (D&G) 3rd May; 2+ Cumnock (AYRS) 5th May; first back Castle Douglas (D&G) 5th May; three on Isle of Bute (CLY ISL) 10th May, 30+ there at Loch Fad on 11th
Sand Martin Three Skara Brae (ORK) 10th Apr; two Bornish, South Uist (OH) 12th Apr; three North Ronaldsay (ORK) 18th Apr; one Virkie (SHET) 18th Apr; first Fair Isle 22nd Apr Two Loch Leathan (ARG) 22nd Mar; one Kinellan, Strathpeffer (HGH) 22nd Mar; one Arisaig (HIGH) 26th Mar; three Harrapool, Skye (HIGH) 9th Apr; two Loch Calder (CAITH) 9th Apr; one Loch Insh (HIGH) 9th Apr, 210 on 11th, 410 on 28th; four Glen Aros, Mull (ARG) 10th Apr One Loch Spynie (M&N) 14th Mar; three Loch Leven (P&K) 18th Mar; one Aboyne (NES) 20th Mar; one Loch of Skene (NES) 25th Mar; one Clatto Reservoir (ANG) 29th Mar; 2+ RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 7th Apr One Whiteadder Water near Paxton (BORD) 15th Mar; one Dunblane (UF) 21st Mar; one Skateraw (LOTH) 24th Mar; one Gart GP (UF) 29th Mar; four Loch Gelly (FIFE) 6th Apr, c.25 on 8th; first Isle of May 21st Apr One White Loch, Castle Kennedy (D&G) 13th Mar, seven on 14th; four Strathclyde Loch (CLYDE) 14th Mar, 100+ on 7th Apr; one RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 16th Mar; two Martnaham Loch (AYRS) 23rd Mar, 10 on 24th; one Sannox, Arran (CLY ISL) 4th Apr; eight Isle of Bute (CLY ISL) 7th Apr
Swallow Singles Papa Westray & North Ronaldsay (both ORK) both on 8th Apr; one Fair Isle 9th Apr; one Sumburgh Head & two Noss (both SHET) both on 10th Apr; one Balranald, North Uist (OH) 17th Apr; 10 Finstown (ORK) 19th Apr; two Butt of Lewis, Lewis (OH) 22nd Apr One at The Oa, Islay (ARG) 17th Mar, two there on 6th Apr, five on 8th; two Ardrishaig & two Ormsary (both ARG) both on 6th Apr; one Tayinloan (ARG) 7th Apr; one Thurso (CAITH) 8th Apr; 3+ Isle of Skye & two Isle of Eigg (both HIGH) both on 9th Apr; four over Bogbain (HIGH) 9th Apr; two Bunessan, Mull (ARG) 10th Apr; 10+ Craig Dunain (HIGH) 12th Apr; one Glengolly (CAITH) 13th Apr 2+ Loch Leven (P&K) 9th Apr; one Cullen & three Loch Spynie (both M&N) both on 9th Apr; two Hatton Mill (ANG) 9th Apr; at least 8 by River Findhorn west of Forres (M&N) 10th Apr; one Gowanhill (NES) 10th Apr; one Elliot Burn (ANG) 10th Apr; three Inverbervie (NES) 11th Apr; three Monikie CP (ANG) 12th Apr One reported Barns Ness (LOTH) 5th Apr; one Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 7th Apr; one Dunbar (LOTH) 7th Apr; one St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 7th Apr; one Duns (BORD) 8th Apr; three Isle of May 9th Apr; one Colquhar (BORD) 9th Apr; one near Kippen (UF) 9th Apr; one near Aberdour (FIFE) 10th Apr; one Kinneil (UF) 10th Apr One reported Garlieston (D&G) 2nd Apr; one Mainholm (AYRS) 5th Apr; one WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 6th Apr; two Dipple (AYRS) 6th Apr; singles Bishopton, RSPB Baron’s Haugh, Strathclyde Loch and Easter Yonderton + four at Lanark Loch (all CLYDE) all on 7th Apr; one Mull of Galloway (D&G) 7th Apr; two Whiting Bay, Arran (CLY ISL) 7th Apr; one Carlingwark Loch (D&G) 7th Apr; one Rothesay, Bute (CLY ISL) 8th Apr; one Kirkton, near Dumfries (D&G) 8th Apr; one Dalry (AYRS) 8th Apr
House Martin Two reported Garrabost, Lewis (OH) 27th Mar; one North Ronaldsay & one Skara Brae (both ORK) both on 10th Apr; one Orosay, South Uist (OH) 21st Apr; one Fair Isle 21st Apr; two Unst, one Sumburgh & one Out Skerries (all SHET) all on 6th May One Scarinish, Tiree (ARG) 7th Apr; two The Oa, Islay (ARG) 8th Apr; one Portree, Skye (HIGH) 9th Apr; one Alness (HIGH) 10th Apr; three Scrabster (CAITH) 10th Apr; one Loch Insh (HIGH) 11th Apr; four back Wick (CAITH) 25th Apr One Hatton Mill (ANG) 9th Apr; two by River Findhorn west of Forres (M&N) 10th Apr; up to 10 Strathallan (P&K) 12th Apr; one Castlesea Bay (ANG) 13th Apr; one Loch of Skene (NES) 15th Apr One Musselburgh (LOTH) 8th Apr, two on 11th; one Letham Pools (FIFE) 11th Apr; one Alva (UF) 11th Apr; eight Paxton House (BORD) 14th Apr; one Tweedbank (BORD) 14th Apr; first Isle of May 18th Apr One Carlingwark Loch (D&G) 7th Apr; one Whiting Bay, Arran (CLY ISL) 9th Apr; one Kirk Dam, Bute (CLY ISL) 10th Apr; one RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 12th Apr, 2 on 13th; one Garscube Estate (CLYDE) 13th Apr; two Shewalton (AYRS) 13th Apr; one near Thornhill (D&G) 19th Apr
Tree Pipit One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 23rd Apr; one Fair Isle 25th Apr, 23 on 6th May; one Baltasound, Unst (SHET) 4th May; one Aird an Runair, North Uist (OH) 12th May One reported Ormsary (ARG) 8th Apr; one Dog Falls, Glen Affric (HIGH) 18th Apr; three singing birds Mid-Argyll (ARG) 18th Apr; 1+ Abernethy Forest (HIGH) 19th Apr One Muldearie (M&N) 11th Apr; 2+ singing birds Glen Esk (ANG) 12th Apr; two near Glensherup Reservoir (P&K) 20th Apr; c.4 Brathens, Banchory (NES) 21st Apr; three Collieston (NES) 5th May One Keir Estate (UF) 16th Apr; one Barns Ness (LOTH) 17th Apr; c.6 Tentsmuir (FIFE) 19th Apr; three Lochearnhead (UF) 19th Apr; one Isle of May 23rd Apr, 50 on 5th May; one Gordon Community Woodland (BORD) 25th Apr One over near Dalry (D&G) 7th Apr; three singing birds RSPB Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 10th Apr; one Loch Doon (AYRS) 15th Apr; one RSPB Wood of Cree (D&G) 16th Apr; 2+ Gleann Dubh, Arran (CLY ISL) 21st Apr
Yellow Wagtail Four on Fair Isle (including two Blue-headed) on 3rd May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 3rd May; one Out Skerries (SHET) 6th May; Blue-headed Wagtail on North Ronaldsay (ORK) 8th May; Grey-headed Wagtail on Fair Isle 9th May; Grey-headed Wagtail at Haroldswick, Unst (SHET) 7th June   Blue-headed Wagtail at Kirkton, Collieston (NES) 5th May; one Kirkgate, Loch Leven (P&K) 5th May; Grey-headed Wagtail at King’s Links, Aberdeen (NES) 7th May; one Garmouth (M&N) 8th May One Barns Ness (LOTH) 17th Apr; one Isle of May 24th Apr; one Kilrenny Mill (FIFE) 30th Apr; Blue-headed Wagtail Belhaven Bay (LOTH) 3rd May; 8+ at River Tweed, Birgham (BORD) 9th May Male Blue-headed Wagtail Maidens (AYRS) 11th Apr; one Ardeer Quarry (AYRS) 29th Apr; one Gartloch Pool (CLYDE) 7th May
White Wagtail One Fair Isle 9th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 9th Apr; 4+ Balranald, North Uist & three Ardvule Point, South Uist (both OH) both on 17th Apr; one Grutness (SHET) 17th Apr; 28 Butt of Lewis, Lewis (OH) 23rd Apr One Broadford Bay, Skye (HIGH) 28th Mar; two Machrihanish SO (ARG) 2nd Apr, three on 6th; nine Dornoch (HIGH) 17th Apr; one Dunnet Bay (CAITH) 18th Apr; 59 Tayinloan (ARG) 28th Apr One Findhorn Bay (M&N) 16th Apr; three Easthaven (ANG) 18th Apr; one near Aboyne (NES) 21st Apr At least one Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 12th Mar; one Skateraw (LOTH) 4th Apr; three Letham Pools (FIFE) 11th Apr; seven Whitesands Bay (LOTH) 12th Apr; 20+ Dunbar (LOTH) 16th Apr; one Isle of May 17th Apr; three Airth (UF) 30th Apr One Mull of Galloway (D&G) 7th Apr; 31 birds at Maidens (AYRS) 11th Apr; three Ardmore Point (CLYDE) 12th Apr; two Kildonan, Arran (CLY ISL) 15th Apr; 19 Wigtown Bay (D&G) 19th Apr; 28 Castle Semple Loch (CLYDE) 24th Apr
Redstart Three Fair Isle 3rd May, 13 on 6th; seven Bressay, one Whalsay & three Sumburgh (all SHET) all on 4th May; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 5th May One RSPB Loch Gruinart, Islay (ARG) 17th Apr; male Blackfold (HIGH) 19th Apr; male Taynish NNR (ARG) 19th Apr; 4+ males Abernethy Forest (HIGH) 19th Apr; one Wick (CAITH) 5th May Five at Drummond Castle Woods (P&K) 16th Apr; male Carnferg, Aboyne (NES) 17th Apr; one Invermark Lodge, Glen Esk (ANG) 20th Apr; male Dinnet NNR (NES) 21st Apr; male Knockando (M&N) 2nd May Male Torness Power Station (LOTH) 11th Apr; male St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 12th Apr; one Lochearnhead (UF) 19th Apr; one Kilmahog (UF) 22nd Apr; two females Isle of May 24th Apr, 10 on 5th May; male Kilminning (FIFE) 4th May One RSPB Wood of Cree (D&G) 16th Apr, seven on 21st; one near Gatehouse of Fleet (D&G) 18th Apr; female Carrot farm, Eaglesham (CLYDE) 19th Apr; four males Inchcailloch, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 19th Apr; male by Prestwick Airport (AYRS) 20th Apr; four males Ness Glen (AYRS) 21st Apr
Whinchat Two Fair Isle 3rd May; one Spiggie (SHET) 3rd May; two Whalsay, one Sumburgh & one on Bressay (all SHET) all on 4th May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 5th May Male Moine Mhor NNR (ARG) 18th Apr; one Kilmichael Glen (ARG) 18th Apr; male Broadford, Skye (HIGH) 19th Apr Two males Struan (P&K) 19th Apr; male Clashindarroch Forest (NES) 2nd May; two Kirkton, Collieston (NES) 5th May; two Glen Prosen & one Glen Lethnot (both ANG) both on 8th May One Pentland Hills (LOTH) 19th Apr; male Isle of May 24th Apr, five on 5th May; male Flanders Moss (UF) 26th Apr; one Cellardyke (FIFE) 5th May; one East Loch (BORD) 11th May One Braid Fell (D&G) 18th Apr; two males Craigallian Loch (CLYDE) 21st Apr; one Martnaham Loch (AYRS) 21st Apr; one Dundonald Camp (AYRS) 22nd Apr; male Thunderguy, Arran (CLY ISL) 24th Apr
Wheatear One South Glendale, South Uist (OH) 26th Mar; two males Bay of Skaill (ORK) 29th Mar; one Fair Isle 7th Apr; nine North Ronaldsay (ORK) 9th Apr; one Norwick, Unst & one Virkie (both SHET) both on 10th Apr Two Claddach, Islay (ARG) 15th Mar; two males Jura (ARG) 18th Mar; one Coll (ARG) 18th Mar; one Isle of Rum (HIGH) 19th Mar; male West Hynish, Tiree (ARG) 21st Mar; single males Neist Point & Upper Milovaig, both Skye (HIGH) both on 21st Mar; one near Thurso (CAITH) 23rd Mar; one Castletown (CAITH) 6th Apr Male Lossie Estuary (M&N) 23rd Mar; three Glen Lethnot (ANG) 2nd Apr; male Glen Buchat (NES) 2nd Apr; one Loch Leven (P&K) 9th Apr Male Ladyside, Moorfoot Hills (BORD) 19th Mar; male Musselburgh Lagoons & two Pentland Hills (both LOTH) both on 24th Mar; one Isle of May 24th Mar; one near Tyndrum (UF) 24th Mar; male St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 30th Mar; one Braefoot Point (FIFE) 10th Apr; 70+ Thorntonloch-Barns Ness (LOTH) 11th Apr Male Stevenston Point (AYRS) 17th Mar; male Drumadoon Point, Arran (CLY ISL) 17th Mar; one near Sanquhar (D&G) 18th Mar; one near Hawks Neb, Bute (CLY ISL) 18th Mar; two Glasserton & two RSPB Mersehead (both D&G) both on 19th Mar; male Maidens (AYRS) 20th Mar; male Greenock Cut (CLYDE) 22nd Mar
Ring Ouzel Male Fair Isle 13th Apr; female Butt of Lewis, Lewis (OH) 17th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 18th Apr; male Vatersay (OH) 18th Apr; one Noss (SHET) 20th Apr One Cairngorm (HIGH) 2nd Apr, male on 8th; male Glen Feshie (HIGH) 3rd Apr; one The Storr, Skye (HIGH) 9th Apr; male near Campbeltown (ARG) 13th Apr Male Glensherup Reservoir (P&K) 6th Apr; five near Loch Lee (ANG) 7th Apr; three Glenshee ski centre (NES) 8th Apr; one Sma’ Glen (P&K) 24th Apr One Carnethy Hill (LOTH) 8th Apr; male Isle of May 9th Apr; one Norman’s Law (FIFE) 18th Apr; female Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 22nd Apr; one St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 23rd Apr Two Mennock Pass (D&G) 20th Mar; two Culter Glen (CLYDE) 10th Apr, eight on 12th; male Loudoun Hill (AYRS) 12th Apr; male Goatfell, Arran (CLY ISL) 7th May
Grasshopper Warbler One Fair Isle 25th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 6th May; two Breivig, Barra (OH) 13th May One Portnahaven, Islay (ARG) 16th Apr; two singing Moine Mhor NNR (ARG) 19th Apr; one singing Fairy Bridge, Skye (HIGH) 19th Apr; one singing Halkirk (CAITH) 8th May One singing Red Moss of Netherley (NES) 24th Apr; one RSPB Loch Leven (P&K) 1st May; one Spynie canal (M&N) 2nd May; one singing Lochindores (ANG) 7th May Two Gullane (LOTH) 17th Apr; one Lochore Meadows CP (FIFE) 22nd Apr; one Cambus Pools (UF) 23rd Apr; one Isle of May 24th Apr; one singing The Hirsel (BORD) 6th May One Bogside (AYRS) 18th Apr; one Craigend, Glasgow (CLYDE) 19th Apr; one singing Lakin, Arran (CLY ISL) 20th Apr; one near Corsock (D&G) 20th Apr; one Gortans, Bute (CLY ISL) 21st Apr; small influx noted Ayrshire & Clyde on 22nd Apr
Sedge Warbler One Harray (ORK) 2nd May; one Bornish, South Uist (OH) 3rd May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 4th May; one Sandwick, Whalsay (SHET) 5th May; one Fair Isle 5th May One Kintyre Peninsula (ARG) 21st Apr; one Bellanoch (ARG) 22nd Apr; one Oronsay (ARG) 23rd Apr; one Balephuil, Tiree (ARG) 24th Apr; one Portnalong, Skye (HIGH) 29th Apr; one singing Scullamus, Breakish, Skye (HIGH) 30th Apr; one Thurso (CAITH) 8th May One Kirkgate, Loch Leven (P&K) 20th Apr; two RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 22nd Apr; one Portknockie (M&N) 22nd Apr; one Red Moss of Netherley (NES) 1st May; first RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 2nd May 2+ Skateraw (LOTH) 22nd Apr; one Cambus Pools (UF) 23rd Apr; 1+ the Hirsel (BORD) 23rd Apr; one Isle of May 24th Apr; 3+ Loch Gelly (FIFE) 1st May One Sanquhar sewage works (D&G) 17th Apr; one RSPB Baron’s Haugh (CLYDE) 18th Apr; two Bogside (AYRS) 18th Apr; first WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 20th Apr; one Sliddery, Arran (CLY ISL) 22nd Apr
Lesser Whitethroat One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 29th Apr, five on 4th May; one Bressay (SHET) 4th May; one Fair Isle 4th May; one Eoropie, Lewis (OH) 7th June   One Collieston (NES) 4th May; 2+ Riverside Nature Park, Dundee (ANG) 4th May; one singing Nether Dallachy (M&N) 14th June One Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 23rd Apr; one Gullane Hill (LOTH) 26th Apr; five Isle of May 3rd May; one Kilminning (FIFE) 4th May; one Kinneil Lagoon (UF) 6th May One Ardeer Fen (AYRS) 23rd Apr; one Auchie Glen, Mull of Galloway (D&G) 24th Apr; one Croy Bay (AYRS) 26th Apr; one singing Auchenhew, Arran (CLY ISL) 4th May
Whitethroat One Scows, Orphir (ORK) 28th Apr; one Fair Isle 3rd May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 3rd May; one Toab & one on Whalsay (both SHET) both on 4th May; male Ardivachar, South Uist (OH) 8th May One Portnalong, Skye (HIGH) 1st May; one Easter Bennetsfield near Avoch (HIGH) 2nd May; two Luing (ARG) 2nd May; one Wick (CAITH) 5th May One Lossiemouth (M&N) 21st Apr; two Elliot, Arbroath (ANG) 1st May; one Girdle Ness & first RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (both NES) both on 2nd May; one Kinnesswood, Loch Leven (P&K) 5th May; one Collieston (NES) 5th May Two Kinneil (UF) 20th Apr; three Whitesands Bay (LOTH) 22nd Apr; three Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 23rd Apr; one Isle of May 24th Apr, 10 on 5th May; one Cullaloe NR (FIFE) 2nd May; one Kilminning (FIFE) 5th May Male RSPB Baron’s Haugh (CLYDE) 18th Apr; one Todhill Community Woodland (AYRS) 22nd Apr; one Cathkin Braes (CLYDE) 22nd Apr; one Sliddery, Arran (CLY ISL) 22nd Apr; one Finnarts Bay (AYRS) 23rd Apr; one Kirkton & one near RSPB Wood of Cree (both D&G) both on 23rd Apr
Garden Warbler One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 5th May, 11 on 3rd June; one Fair Isle 5th May; one Sumburgh (SHET) 6th May One Kilmartin (ARG) 21st Apr; one singing Insh (HIGH) 9th May; one Thurso (CAITH) 23rd May One reported Carnoustie (ANG) 29th Apr; one Auchmithie (ANG) 3rd May; one singing Levenmouth, Loch Leven (P&K) 4th May; one Garmouth (M&N) 5th May; one Girdle Ness (NES) 5th May, three on 6th; one Balgavies Loch (ANG) 8th May One near Culross (FIFE) 21st Apr; one St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 23rd Apr; one Isle of May 24th Apr; four Barns Ness (LOTH) 4th May; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 4th May; two Fife Ness (FIFE) 5th May, eight on 6th One North Haugh, Hamilton (CLYDE) 26th Apr; one RSPB Wood of Cree (D&G) 26th Apr; one Ardeer (AYRS) 1st May; three singing birds RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 4th May
Blackcap Two males South Glendale, South Uist (OH) 8th Apr; two Norwick, Unst & one Sumburgh (both SHET) both on 10th Apr; two males Fair Isle 18th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 28th Apr One near Thurso (CAITH) 2nd Apr; male Balephuil, Tiree (ARG) 9th Apr; male Cairnbaan (ARG) 10th Apr; male Kinnabus, Islay (ARG) 16th Apr; singing male Isleornsay, Skye (HIGH) 17th Apr Singing male Rescobie Loch (ANG) 12th Apr; two Keptie Pond (ANG) 12th Apr; one Kinross (P&K) 16th Apr; one Tugnet (M&N) 17th Apr; singing male Loch of Skene (NES) 22nd Apr Two Cambus (UF) 11th Apr; singing male Paxton House (BORD) 11th Apr; six singing males Water of Leith near Balerno (LOTH) 12th Apr; two singing males Tweedbank (BORD) 13th Apr; female Aberdour (FIFE) 17th Apr; singing male Morton Lochs NNR (FIFE) 18th Apr; singing male Loch Gelly (FIFE) 19th Apr; male Isle of May 20th Apr One Mull of Galloway (D&G) 7th Apr; single singing males at Pollok CP & Linn Park (both CLYDE) both on 9th Apr; singing male Ardencraig House, Bute (CLY ISL) 10th Apr; singing male Rozelle Park, Ayr (AYRS) 11th Apr
Wood Warbler One North Loch Eynort, South Uist (OH) 8th May; one Sandwick (SHET) 9th May One Aros Park, Mull (ARG) 18th Apr; one Bellanoch (ARG) 19th Apr; one singing Clunes (HIGH) 22nd Apr; one by Loch Ness (HIGH) 26th Apr; one Contin (HIGH) 5th May; one singing Achvarasdal Wood (CAITH) 23rd May One Kirkton, Collieston (NES) 5th May; singles Killiecrankie & The Hermitage near Dunkeld (both P&K) both on 21st May One Kilmahog (UF) 22nd Apr; one Isle of May 6th May; one Fife Ness (FIFE) 6th May; one Barns Ness (LOTH) 12th May; one singing Plora (BORD) 10th June One Ross Wood, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 20th Apr; two RSPB Wood of Cree (D&G) 21st Apr; three Sallochy, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 22nd Apr; one singing Smugglers’ Trail, Dundonald (AYRS) 6th May
Chiffchaff One Grimsay (OH) 18th Mar; two Fair Isle 19th Mar; one Bornish, South Uist (OH) 23rd Mar; one Scalloway (SHET) 27th Mar; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 26th Mar, three on 30th One Dunoon (ARG) 17th Mar; one at The Oa, Islay (ARG) 18th Mar; one singing Kinellan, Strathpeffer (HIGH) 22nd Mar; one near Tain (HIGH) 23rd Mar; one Thurso (CAITH) 29th Mar One Nigg Bay, Girdle Ness (NES) 7th Mar; one Invergowrie (P&K) 9th Mar; one Cardean Estate (ANG) 19th Mar; one Waterford, Forres & one Kintessack (both M&N) both on 21st Mar; one singing Blackdog (NES) 21st Mar; two singing Seton Park & one Dunecht (both NES) both on 25th Mar; influx noted Angus and NES on 30th Mar; one singing Loch Leven (P&K) 2nd Apr One Belhaven Bay (LOTH) 3rd Mar; one Blindwells Pool (LOTH) 15th Mar; two Bemersyde Moss (BORD) 18th Mar; one singing Dunfermline (FIFE) 20th Mar; one singing Stirling University (UF) 20th Mar; two Cullaloe NR (FIFE) 20th Mar; one Dunblane (UF) 21st Mar; two singing Cottyburn railway walk (LOTH) 21st Mar; one Isle of May 26th Mar One singing near Dalry (D&G) 18th Mar; one Rothesay, Bute (CLY ISL) 18th Mar; singles singing Baron’s Haugh RSPB, Strathclyde CP & Renfrew (all CLYDE) all on 19th Mar; one singing Whiting Bay, Arran (CLY ISL) 19th Mar; one singing Galston (AYRS) 19th Mar, five singing birds reported Ayrshire 21st Mar
Willow Warbler One Grenitote, North Uist (OH) 3rd Apr; one Fair Isle 14th Apr; six Loch Eynort, South Uist (OH) 16th Apr; one Muddisdale (ORK) 16th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 17th Apr; two Unst, one Sumburgh & one Hoswick (all SHET) all on 18th Apr One reported Sleat, Skye (HIGH) 2nd Apr; one near Campbeltown (ARG) 8th Apr; one The Oa, Islay (ARG) 9th Apr; one Inverpolly (HIGH) 9th Apr; one RSPB Loch Gruinart, Islay (ARG) 9th Apr; one Loch Beg, Mull (ARG) 9th Apr; one St. John’s Pool (CAITH) 9th Apr; one Portnalong, Skye (HIGH) 10th Apr; one singing Muirtown Basin (HIGH) 11th Apr; one Avielochan (HIGH) 14th Apr; one Whaligeo & one near Thurso (both CAITH) both on 16th Apr; influx noted Caithness 18th Apr; one Weydale (CAITH) 20th Apr One singing Forfar Loch (ANG) 13th Apr; one Loch of Skene (NES) 15th Apr; one singing Park Bridge (NES) 15th Apr; one Kinross (P&K) 16th Apr; one Lossie Forest & three Cloddach Quarry (both M&N) both on 17th Apr One Cambus Pool (UF) 7th Apr; one singing Abbeymill Bridge, Haddington (LOTH) 9th Apr; one Innerleithen (BORD) 9th Apr; one Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 9th Apr; one Tweedbank (BORD) 9th Apr; one Cockburnspath (BORD) 10th Apr; one Birnie & Gaddon Lochs LNR (FIFE) 11th Apr; three singing Blairdrummond GP (UF) 12th Apr; one Isle of May 14th Apr; four singing males Craigluscar NR (FIFE) 18th Apr One reported RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 4th Apr; one Glenrickard, Arran (CLY ISL) 4th Apr; one Carlingwark Loch (D&G) 7th Apr; one WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 8th Apr; two Collennan & two Turnberry GC (both AYRS) both on 8th Apr; single singing birds at Strathclyde CP & Linn Park (both CLYDE) both on 8th Apr; one Boganay Wood, Bute (CLY ISL) 11th Apr
Spotted Flycatcher One Fair Isle 7th May; one Holm (ORK) 12th May; 6+ on South Uist (OH) 14th May; one Butt of Lewis, Lewis (OH) 15th May; one Out Skerries (SHET) 23rd May; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 31st May, 25 on 6th June One Cairnbaan (ARG) 4th May; one Treaslane Woods, Skye (HIGH) 6th May; one Loch Morlich (HIGH) 11th May; six on Tiree (ARG) 14th May; four Fairy Glen, Rosemarkie (HIGH) 15th May; one Thurso (CAITH) 17th May One Dunkeld (P&K) 4th May; one Kirkton, Collieston (NES) 5th May; one near Dufftown (M&N) 12th May; one Monifieth (ANG) 13th May; 2+ Loch Leven (P&K) 15th May; two Loch Spynie (M&N) 16th May One Fife Ness (FIFE) 5th May; two Isle of May 5th May; one Keith Marischal, Humbie (LOTH) 9th May; one Hermitage of Braid, Edinburgh & one Barns Ness (both LOTH) both on 10th May; one St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 11th May; 1+ Castleton near Dollar (UF) 13th May; two Tyndrum (UF) 15th May One Rozelle Park, Ayr (AYRS) 2nd May; one near Palnackie (D&G) 4th May; singles Mugdock Wood & Carrick GC, Loch Lomond (both CLYDE) both on 4th May
Pied Flycatcher One Baltasound, Unst & one Sand (both SHET) both on 4th May; male North Ronaldsay (ORK) 4th May; one Fair Isle 5th May Male Loch Insh church (HIGH) 14th May; male reported near Kilninver (ARG) 20th May Male Kirkton, Collieston (NES) 5th May, 4+ on 6th; male Girdle Ness (NES) 5th May; two Seaton Park, Aberdeen (NES) 5th May; two males West Seaton farm (ANG) 6th May; one Tugnet (M&N) 7th May; male near Dunkeld (P&K) 24th June Male Kilminning (FIFE) 4th May, three there on 5th, five on 6th; one Loch Katrine (UF) 4th May; female Lamberton (BORD) 5th May; male Barns Ness (LOTH) 5th May; three Isle of May 5th May; two St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 6th May At least one male RSPB Ken-Dee Marshes (D&G) 16th Apr; one Castramont Wood (D&G) 16th Apr; two males Orchard Wood, Hensol (D&G) 18th Apr; one near Gatehouse of Fleet (D&G) 18th Apr; male Lenzie GC (CLYDE) 19th Apr; two males Ross Wood, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 20th Apr; five RSPB Wood of Cree (D&G) 21st Apr