Shetland, Fair Isle, Orkney and Outer Hebrides Highland, Caithness and Argyll North-East Scotland, Moray & Nairn, Angus and Perth & Kinross Fife, Isle of May, Upper Forth, Lothian and Borders Clyde, Clyde Islands, Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway
Manx Shearwater One past Ardvule Point, South Uist (OH) 8th Mar, four on 1st Apr; one past North Ronaldsay (ORK) 18th Apr; one off Out Skerries (SHET) 18th Apr; 13 past Fair Isle 24th June One Carradale harbour (ARG) c.8th Feb; one off Machrihanish SBO (ARG) 17th Mar; 970 between Coll-Tiree (ARG) 4th Apr; 1+ Kilmory, Rum (HIGH) 9th Apr Two Carnoustie Bay (ANG) 18th May; six past Girdle Ness (NES) 27th May; two past Lossiemouth (M&N) 28th May One past Isle of May 14th Apr; one past Fife Ness (FIFE) 29th Apr; two Scoughall (LOTH) 14th May; eight past Port Seton (LOTH) 27th May; 32 past St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 1st July Singles past Maidens & Troon harbour (both AYRS) both on 21st Mar; 20+ off Saltcoats harbour (AYRS) 3rd Apr; three off Brodick, Arran (CLY ISL) 15th Apr; four past Wemyss Bay (CLYDE) 15th May
Garganey Drake Loch Fada, Benbecula (OH) 1st Apr; female Eastside, South Ronaldsay (ORK) 1st Apr; three (drake & two females) North Ronaldsay (ORK) 13th Apr; one Hillwell (SHET) 9th May Drake RSPB Loch Gruinart, Islay (ARG) 21st Apr; drake Canal Loch, Coll (ARG) 26th Apr; drake Alturlie (HIGH) 5th May Pair RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 31st Mar; drake RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 30th Apr Drake Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 30th Apr; drake Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 2nd May; one Foulden (BORD) 15th May Five (three drakes, two females) WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 11th Mar, seven (four drakes) there on 12th; drake RSPB Mersehead (D&G) 31st Mar; two drakes Gadloch (CLYDE) 11th Apr
Marsh Harrier One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 4th Apr; one Barra (OH) 5th May; one Fair Isle 12th May; one Geosetter (SHET) 14th May One Machir Bay, Islay (ARG) 27th Mar; female Kilmory, Rum (HIGH) 24th Apr Female RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 27th Mar, male on 29th; two (male and female) Errol (P&K) 1st Apr; one RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 16th Apr One over Tyninghame Bay (LOTH) 3rd Apr; two Mugdrum Island (FIFE) 7th Apr; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 9th Apr; one south over Isle of May 16th May One near Cronberry (AYRS) 12th Apr; one WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 12th Apr; one past Saltcoats harbour (AYRS) 25th Apr; male Barr Loch, Lochwinnoch RSPB (CLYDE) 14th May
Osprey One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 1st May; one Uyeasound, Unst (SHET) 3rd May; one Eriskay (OH) 9th May One reported over Nigg Ferry (HIGH) 6th Mar; one near Campbeltown (ARG) 16th Mar; female back Loch Garten RSPB (HIGH) 23rd Mar; one Loch Fleet (HIGH) 24th Mar Male back at SWT Loch of the Lowes (P&K) 16th Mar, female back on 23rd; one Findhorn Bay (M&N) 26th Mar; one Balgavies Loch (ANG) 30th Mar, two on 2nd Apr; one back at nest site Aberdeenshire (NES) 2nd Apr Singles over Loch Glow & Dalgety Bay (both FIFE) both on 24th Mar; one over Livingston (LOTH) 25th Mar; one over Isle of May 30th Mar; one over Falkirk (UF) 1st Apr; one over Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 8th Apr One Carsegowan Moss (D&G) 19th Mar; one near Castle Douglas (D&G) 25th Mar; one over Shielhill Glen, Inverkip (CLYDE) 29th Mar; two back at nest site Isle of Bute (CLY ISL) 1st Apr; one Loch Doon (AYRS) 4th Apr
Dotterel Three Paiblesgarry, North Uist & three Berneray (both OH) both on 5th May; three Papa Westray (ORK) 6th May; four Keen of Hamar, Unst (SHET) 11th May Two Cairngorm (HIGH) 1st May, 14 on 3rd; one Oronsay (ARG) 1st May Three RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 1st May; three RSPB Loch Leven (P&K) 15th May Three West Kip, Pentland Hills (LOTH) 2nd May Seven near Eaglesham (CLYDE) 9th May; one Cairnsmore of Fleet (D&G) 12th May
Whimbrel One Fair Isle 10th Apr; 1+ Butt of Lewis, Lewis (OH) 12th Apr; one Virkie (SHET) 17th Apr; 29 Ardvule Point, South Uist (OH) 19th Apr; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 19th Apr; 160 Askernish, South Uist (OH) 1st May One reported Waterloo, Skye (HIGH) 28th Mar; one reported Lochdon, Mull (ARG) 29th Mar; two Reiff (HIGH) 1st Apr; one Loch Craignish (ARG) 7th Apr; one Tiree (ARG) 12th Apr; one Dornoch Point (HIGH) 17th Apr; 20 Machrihanish SBO (ARG) 19th Apr One Egnomoss (ANG) 10th Apr; two Findhorn Bay (M&N) 14th Apr; one Montrose Basin (ANG) 15th Apr; two Girdle Ness, one Ythan Estuary & two Loch of Skene (all NES) all on 19th Apr One Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 12th Apr; one Fife Ness (FIFE) 16th Apr; one Isle of May 19th Apr; one Burnmouth (BORD) 23rd Apr; two Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 28th Apr One Saltcoats harbour (AYRS) 8th Apr; one Ardmore Point (CLYDE) 14th Apr; one Auchenhew Bay, Arran (CLY ISL) 16th Apr; singles Greenan & Saltcoats harbour (both AYRS) both on 18th Apr; 6+ Carsethorn (D&G) 19th Apr; four Loch Ryan (D&G) 21st Apr; one Airds Point, Nith Estuary (D&G) 22nd Apr; 12 Newbie (D&G) 27th Apr
Common Sandpiper 3+ on South Uist (OH) 1st May; one Fair Isle 1st May; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 1st May; one Swinister, Sandwick (SHET) 3rd May One Loch Beg, Mull (ARG) 8th Apr; one Cromdale (HIGH) 11th Apr One near Brechin & one Murton NR (both ANG) both on 8th Apr; one Loch Leven (P&K) 14th Apr; one River Findhorn near Forres (M&N) 15th Apr; two reported Drumoak (NES) 16th Apr; 1+ Loch of Skene (NES) 21st Apr One Blindwells (LOTH) 9th Apr; one Tullibody Inch (UF) 10th Apr; one Eye Water, Ayton (BORD) 14th Apr; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 14th Apr; singles Mountcastle GP & Wilderness GP (both FIFE) both on 19th Apr; one Isle of May 30th Apr One Carbarns Pool & one River Clyde, Baron’s Haugh RSPB (both CLYDE) both on 9th Apr; one Troon harbour (AYRS) 9th Apr; one RSPB Crook of Baldoon (D&G) 9th Apr; one North Sannox, Arran (CLY ISL) 15th Apr
Sandwich Tern One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 19th Mar; one Eoligarry, Barra (OH) 21st Mar; two Grutness (SHET) 14th May One Dornoch (HIGH) 17th Mar; three Castletown (CAITH) 26th Mar; one Bruichladdich, Islay (ARG) 27th Mar One Burghead (M&N) 14th Mar; one Cairnbulg (NES) 29th Mar; one Lunan Bay (ANG) 2nd Apr; 2+ Girdle Ness (NES) 3rd Apr One Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 27th Mar; one Burnmouth (BORD) 9th Apr; one Isle of May 14th Apr; one Hound Point (LOTH) 17th Apr; two Seafield, Kirkcaldy (FIFE) 19th Apr; four Blackness (UF) 23rd Apr Two Hunterston (AYRS) 24th Mar; one West Bay, Great Cumbrae (CLY ISL) 28th Mar; 19 Irvine harbour mouth (AYRS) 1st Apr; c.30 The Wig, Loch Ryan (D&G) 2nd Apr; two Inverkip-Cloch Point CLYDE) 8th Apr; one Loch Ken (D&G) 9th Apr
Common Tern Three North Ronaldsay (ORK) 2nd Apr; one Carinish, North Uist (OH) 20th Apr; five Whiteness & one Scatness (both SHET) both on 28th Apr; first Fair Isle 16th June One Port Ban, Islay (ARG) 21st Apr; two Loch a’ Phuill, Tiree (ARG) 24th Apr; 30+ Avoch (HIGH) 29th Apr One Girdle Ness (NES) 18th Apr; three Loch Spynie (M&N) 28th Apr; one RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 3rd May; c.50 Montrose Basin (ANG) 5th May One Joppa (LOTH) 26th Apr; first Isle of May on 5th May; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 5th May; five Fife Ness (FIFE) 18th May; one Dunglass (BORD) 11th June Two Bowling (CLYDE) 25th Apr; 45 reported off Lady Isle (AYRS) 9th May
Arctic Tern 4+ Carinish, North Uist & three North Bay, South Uist (both OH) both on 21st Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 21st Apr, 210+ on 4th May; one Sand (SHET) 1st May; first Fair Isle 8th May Two Embo (HIGH) 17th Apr; two Loch Indaal, Islay (ARG) 18th Apr One Spey Bay (M&N) 20th Apr; two Lunan Bay (ANG) 22nd Apr; 1+ Ythan Estuary (NES) 3rd May; 16 Elliot Burn mouth (ANG) 13th May One Scoughall (LOTH) 19th Apr; two St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 23rd Apr; first Isle of May 29th Apr, 20 on 1st May; one Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 30th Apr; one North Queensferry & one Fife Ness (both FIFE) both on 6th May Three reported Brighouse Bay (D&G) 16th Apr; one Doonfoot (AYRS) 19th Apr; 50+ Saltcoats harbour (AYRS) 29th Apr, 200 on 6th May; three Kildonan, Arran (CLY ISL) 14th May; six Seafield, Annan (D&G) 19th May
Little Tern One Berneray (OH) 20th Apr; 1+ Burray (ORK) 6th May Two Salum, Tiree (ARG) 11th Apr, 4 on 13th; one Kennacraig (ARG) 12th Apr; one Loch Gruinart, Islay (ARG) 16th Apr One Spey Bay (M&N) 28th Apr, five on 4th May One Scoughall (LOTH) 19th Apr; two Tentsmuir Point NNR (FIFE) 14th May; two Isle of May 27th May (first there since 2004) One past Troon harbour (AYRS) 3rd May
Cuckoo One Leurbost, Lewis (OH) 19th Apr; one Fair Isle 3rd May; one Ronas Voe (SHET) 4th May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 16th May One singing Clachan, Kintyre (ARG) 7th Apr; one singing Portree, Skye (HIGH) 15th Apr; four reported in Argyll on 17th Apr One near Dulsie farm (M&N) 22nd Apr; one RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 30th Apr; one Balnaguard (P&K) 30th Apr; one Backwater Dam (ANG) 2nd May One Flanders Moss NNR (UF) 18th Apr; one Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 19th Apr; one Bushelhill & one Innerleithen (both BORD) both on 2nd May; two Kilminning (FIFE) 14th June One singing Brodick Castle CP, Arran (CLY ISL) 8th Apr; one Lochranza, Arran (CLY ISL) 11th Apr; one Port Bannatyne, Bute (CLY ISL) 15th Apr; two Glen Fruin (CLYDE) 17th Apr; one upper Skelmorlie Water (AYRS) 18th Apr; one Glen Trool (D&G) 19th Apr; one RSPB Crook of Baldoon (D&G) 22nd Apr; one Loch Doon (AYRS) 23rd Apr; influx noted Ayrshire 28th Apr
Swift Two Caldback, Unst (SHET) 2nd May; one Glean, Barra (OH) 6th May; one Fair Isle 9th May; small influx Shetland 14th May; first North Ronaldsay (ORK) 15th May; one Loch Stiapavat, Lewis (OH) 23rd May Three Campbeltown (ARG) 19th Apr; one Croy & one Tain (both HIGH) both on 6th May; one Loch Kinellan & one Udale Bay (both HIGH) both on 7th May One Sands of Forvie NR (NES) 11th Apr; one Loch of Skene (NES) 30th Apr; one Battleby (P&K) 2nd May; first Loch Leven (P&K) 5th May; one Aberlour (M&N) 6th May; 1+ Kirriemuir (ANG) 7th May One Isle of May 18th Apr; two Tyninghame Bay (LOTH) 30th Apr; one River Tweed, West Ord (BORD) 1st May; one Bridge of Allan (UF) 3rd May; three North Queensferry & one Coaltown of Balgonie (both FIFE) both on 6th May; one over Isle of May on 6th May; one South Queensferry (LOTH) 6th May One Thornhill (D&G) 27th Apr; 3+ New Farm, Kilmarnock (AYRS) 5th May; three Lanark & six Castle Semple Loch (both CLYDE) both on 5th May; two on Arran (CLY ISL) 5th May; one Rothesay Castle, Bute (CLY ISL) 5th May; eight Millport, Great Cumbrae (CLY ISL) 6th May
Sand Martin One North Ronaldsay and one Papa Westray (both ORK) both on 2nd Apr; one Fair Isle 3rd Apr; three North Uist (OH) 7th Apr; one Loch Stiapavat, Lewis (OH) 8th Apr; one Old Scatness (SHET) 12th Apr One Loch Insh (HIGH) 17th Mar, 16 on 29th, 470 on 4th Apr; one Loch Gruinart RSPB (ARG) 19th Mar; one Sound of Gigha (ARG) 25th Mar; three Loch Feorlin (ARG) 28th Mar One Inchgarth NR (NES) 12th Mar; two Loch Davan (NES) 20th Mar; two Forfar Loch & one Balgavies Loch (both ANG) both on 20th Mar; 20+ Loch Leven (P&K) 22nd Mar; two Fochabers (M&N) 23rd Mar; 20 at Monikie CP (ANG) 31st Mar One Tyninghame Bay (LOTH) 12th Mar; one River Carron, Falkirk (UF) 12th Mar; two Innerleithen (BORD) 19th Mar; one Kinghorn (FIFE) 24th Mar; 10 Blair Drummond GPs (UF) 26th Mar; 50 Letham Pools (FIFE) 1st Apr; one Isle of May 18th Apr 6+ Strathclyde Loch (CLYDE) 12th Mar, 50+ on 18th; one WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 12th Mar; one Greenan (AYRS) 12th Mar; one Prestwick (AYRS) 13th Mar; five Kilbirnie Loch (AYRS) 15th Mar; three Castle Semple Loch (CLYDE) 15th Mar, 60+ on 1st Apr; three River Nith, north of Dumfries (D&G) 15th Mar; one Loch Fad, Bute (CLY ISL) 28th Mar; 100+ Soulseat Loch (D&G) 29th Mar
Swallow One Eoropie, Lewis (OH) 26th Mar; one Loch Stiapavat, Lewis (OH) 8th Apr; one Fair Isle 9th Apr; two Loch Eynort, South Uist (OH) 9th Apr; one Urafirth (SHET) 9th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 14th Apr One Nigg Ferry (HIGH) 26th Mar; three Knock, Mull (ARG) 29th Mar; singles Barrapol, Tiree & Rockside, Islay (both ARG) both on 30th Mar; one Arabella (HIGH) 3rd Apr; one Boat of Garten (HIGH) 4th Apr One Rosehearty (NES) 6th Mar; one Fraserburgh (NES) 11th Mar; two Loch Leven (P&K) 31st Mar; one Girdle Ness (NES) 1st Apr; one near Dunkeld (P&K) 1st Apr; one Craigmill Den (ANG) 2nd Apr; one Brechin (ANG) 6th Apr; one Easthaven (ANG) 7th Apr; one Tugnet (M&N) 8th Apr One Little Denny Reservoir (UF) 29th Mar; one Barns Ness (LOTH) 30th Mar; one near Longformacus (BORD) 1st Apr; two Whitesands Bay (LOTH) 3rd Apr; one Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 3rd Apr; one Kinghorn (FIFE) 8th Apr; first Isle of May 8th Apr; three Loch Laggan (UF) 9th Apr One Kilpatrick farm, Arran (CLY ISL) 26th Mar; one Soulseat Loch (D&G) 29th Mar; one Mull of Galloway (D&G) 1st Apr; two near Newton of Belltrees, Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 2nd Apr; two Great Cumbrae (CLY ISL) 2nd Apr; one West Kilbride & one Irvine harbour (both AYRS) both on 2nd Apr; influx noted Clyde on 3rd Apr
House Martin One Earsary, Barra (OH) 13th Mar; three Fair Isle 9th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 29th Apr; one Cullivoe, Yell (SHET) 30th Apr One Kildonan, Eigg (HIGH) 14th Mar; one Arinagour, Coll (ARG) 15th Mar; one Loch Gruinart RSPB (ARG) 19th Mar; one Avielochan (HIGH) 6th Apr; six Cromarty & five Dochgarroch (both HIGH) both on 18th Apr One Mains of Usan (ANG) 19th Mar; one Loch of Skene (NES) 11th Apr; three Meikle Loch (NES) 13th Apr; one Lossiemouth (M&N) 23rd Apr; one Carnbo (P&K) 28th Apr One reported Stirling (UF) 2nd Apr; four Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 5th Apr; one Isle of May 8th Apr; one Mugdum Island (FIFE) 9th Apr; one Scoughall & nine Longniddry (both LOTH) both on 9th Apr; one Innerleithen (BORD) 15th Apr One Blackwaterfoot, Arran (CLY ISL) 12th Mar; two Loch Doon (AYRS) 2nd Apr; three near West Freugh (D&G) 2nd Apr; one Loans (AYRS) 4th Apr; two Mull of Galloway (D&G) 5th Apr; one RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 8th Apr; two Howwood (CLYDE) 9th Apr; two Glentrool village (D&G) 16th Apr; first WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 19th Apr
Tree Pipit One Barra (OH) 5th Apr; one Fair Isle 29th Apr, five on 30th; four North Ronaldsay (ORK) 1st May; two Whalsay & two on Unst (both SHET) both on 2nd May One Carrbridge (HIGH) 8th Apr; singles Loch Alvie & Fort George (both HIGH) both on 13th Apr; two Glen Aros, Mull & one Kilmichael Forest (both ARG) both on 17th Apr One Muir of Dinnet (NES) 12th Apr; one Cothall Wood (M&N) 26th Apr; one Glen Garr track (P&K) 27th Apr; 2+ Glen Esk (ANG) 9th May One Dean Plantation, Carnock (FIFE) 8th Apr; two Tentsmuir Point NNR (FIFE) 10th Apr; one Tyninghame Bay & 2+ Scoughall (both LOTH) both on 19th Apr; one Isle of May 19th Apr; one Doune ponds (UF) 19th Apr; two St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 1st May One Bishopton ROF (CLYDE) 11th Apr, three on 19th; three Knockman Wood (D&G) 14th Apr; one Woodend, Loch Fad, Bute (CLY ISL) 18th Apr; one Ness Glen & one Little Shalloch (both AYRS) both on 28th Apr
Yellow Wagtail One Fair Isle 19th Apr; Blue-headed Wagtail Fair Isle on 4th May; one South Ronaldsay (ORK) 6th May; one Eoligarry, Barra (OH) 10th May; male Grey-headed Wagtail Fair Isle 10th May, three on 11th; male Grey-headed Wagtail Skaw, Unst (SHET) 12th May; six different throughout Shetland on 14th May; male Grey-headed Wagtail Carinish, North Uist (OH) 22nd May Blue-headed Wagtail Balnakeil (HIGH) 5th May, two on 6th; male Grey-headed Wagtail Balnakeil (HIGH) 12th May; one, possibly a Grey-headed Wagtail, near Machrihanish SBO (ARG) 16th May One RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 2nd May; one Carnoustie (ANG) 24th May One Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 8th Apr; one Skateraw (LOTH) 18th Apr; Blue-headed Wagtail Whitesands Bay (LOTH) 20th Apr; four River Tweed near Birgham (BORD) 30th Apr; one Isle of May 2nd May; one near Crail (FIFE) 18th May One Longhaugh Point field pools (CLYDE) 25th Apr
White Wagtail One Fair Isle 10th Mar; male North Ronaldsay (ORK) 28th Mar; one Butt of Lewis, Lewis (OH) 3rd Apr; one Scatness (SHET) 22nd Apr Two Machrihanish SBO (ARG) 23rd Mar, 5+ on 27th; 14 Dornoch Point (HIGH) 9th Apr One near Arbroath (ANG) 4th Apr; one RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 18th Apr, nine on 24th; one Gilston (M&N) 25th Apr Two Whitesands Bay (LOTH) 15th Mar, 11 on 1st Apr; male Burnmouth (BORD) 24th Mar; two Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 26th Mar; one Isle of May 30th Mar; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 7th Apr; one Ferryhills, North Queensferry (FIFE) 9th Apr 3+ Loudoun Hill (AYRS) 5th Apr; one Blackwaterfoot, Arran (CLY ISL) 7th Apr; two Heritage Loch (CLYDE) 9th Apr; one Borgue (D&G) 16th Apr; 21+ Pow Burn (AYRS) 17th Apr; 80+ WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 21st Apr; 90 Longhaugh Point (CLYDE) 23rd Apr
Redstart One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 29th Apr; nine Fair Isle 1st May; one Isle of Noss, one Whalsay & one Sandwick (all SHET) all on 1st May one Sandside Bay (ORK) 4th May Male Dalvore woods, Moine Mhore (ARG) 19th Apr; one RSPB Loch Garten (HIGH) 22nd Apr Male RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 23rd Apr; two Dulsie (M&N) 29th Apr; one Collieston (NES) 1st May; 10 White Drums near Crieff (P&K) 5th May Male Isle of May 20th Apr, six on 1st May; one Killin (UF) 21st Apr; one Humbie (LOTH) 23rd Apr; male Blackadder Water (BORD) 23rd Apr; male Doune Lodge estate (UF) 24th Apr; one Fife Ness (FIFE) 18th May One RSPB Wood of Cree (D&G) 4th Apr; one Knockman Wood (D&G) 14th Apr; four males Gartfairn Wood, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 22nd Apr; one near Straiton (AYRS) 23rd Apr; one Balnakailly, Bute (CLY ISL) 5th May
Whinchat Male Fair Isle 30th Apr; one Noss & three on Whalsay (both SHET) both on 1st May; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 2nd May; one Glen, Barra (OH) 6th May One Portree, Skye (HIGH) 26th Apr; one Loch Scridain, Mull (ARG) 29th Apr One Glen Lethnot (ANG) 29th Apr; one Girdle Ness (NES) 1st May; one Comrie & three Carsebreck Lochs (both P&K) both on 7th May Two Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 30th Apr; five on Isle of May on 1st May; two Cacrabank, Ettrick (BORD) 2nd May; one Gartrenich (UF) 4th May; one Kilminning (FIFE) 13th May Male Lower Carbarns farm (CLYDE) 23rd Apr; one near Loch Urr (D&G) 27th Apr; one Glenbuck (AYRS) 30th Apr; one Glen Rosa, Arran (CLY ISL) 1st May
Wheatear One Claddach Carinish, North Uist (OH) 23rd Mar; one Butt of Lewis, Lewis (OH) 27th Mar; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 27th Mar; two Fair Isle 28th Mar; one Toab (SHET) 29th Mar One Machrihanish SBO (ARG) 15th Mar; four on Isle of Mull (ARG) 18th Mar; two Isle of Rum (HIGH) 20th Mar; 8+ on Isle of Luing (ARG) 25th Mar; six on the Isle of Skye (HIGH) 25th Mar; two Dunnet Head (CAITH) 26th Mar One Kinloss (M&N) 24th Mar; male Glen Lednock (P&K) 27th Mar; one Girdle Ness (NES) 29th Mar; one near Arbroath (ANG) 30th Mar Male Skateraw (LOTH) 7th Mar; one Coates (LOTH) 15th Mar; one Isle of May 22nd Mar; male Leithen Valley (BORD) 24th Mar; two St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 25th Mar; one Dumyat (UF) 25th Mar; one Pathhead, Kirkcaldy (FIFE) 26th Mar; one Gargunnock Hills (UF) 28th Mar One reported Seamill (AYRS) 11th Mar; male Ardmore Point (CLYDE) 15th Mar; singles Irvine Beach Park & Doonfoot (both AYRS) both on 19th Mar; male Kilpatrick Point, Arran (CLY ISL) 20th Mar; one Clints of Dromore (D&G) 20th Apr; two St. Ninian’s, Bute (CLY ISL) 26th Mar; one Mersehead Bay (D&G) 27th Mar; two RSPB Crook of Baldoon (D&G) 30th Mar
Ring Ouzel One Woodwick, Unst (SHET) 7th Apr; one Papa Westray (ORK) 9th Apr; one Fair Isle 9th Apr Two Strathdearn (HIGH) 25th Mar; male Old Man of Storr, Skye (HIGH) 28th Mar; one Beinn Buidhe, Glen Fyne (ARG) 8th Apr Male Ailnack Gorge, Tomintoul (M&N) 2nd Apr; two Lochlee (ANG) 6th Apr; 3+ Glen Dye (NES) 8th Apr; one Auchnafree (P&K) 22nd Apr Two Pentland Hills near Penicuik (LOTH) 24th Mar; five on Isle of May 28th Mar; one St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 9th Apr; male Lees Hill (UF) 17th Apr; one near Steelend (FIFE) 22nd Apr; one Loch Voil (UF) 29th Apr One reported Glen Afton (AYRS) 26th Mar; two Loch Macaterick (AYRS) 9th Apr; 2+ Culter Waterhead (CLYDE) 13th Apr; male near Mullach Buidhe, Arran (CLY ISL) 2nd May
Grasshopper Warbler One Fair Isle 30th Apr; one South Glendale, South Uist (OH) 1st May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 1st May; one Baltasound, Unst (SHET) 2nd May One singing Minard (ARG) 17th Apr; one Torlundy, Lochaber (HIGH) 23rd Apr; one Broadford, Skye (HIGH) 28th Apr One singing Ythan Estuary (NES) 24th Apr; one RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 28th Apr; one singing Carnoustie GC (ANG) 29th Apr; two Loch Leven NNR (P&K) 3rd May; one Kinloss & one Spey Bay (both M&N) both on 4th May One singing Cambus (UF) 20th Apr; one singing Cowdenbeath (FIFE) 20th Apr; one singing Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 22nd Apr; two Isle of May 30th Apr; one Cacrabank, Ettrick (BORD) 2nd May Singles singing Ardeer & Garnock Lagoons (both AYRS) both on 14th Apr; one singing Kirk o’ Shotts (CLYDE) 14th Apr; one singing Monyquil, Arran (CLY ISL) 20th Apr; two RSPB Wood of Cree (D&G) 26th Apr
Sedge Warbler One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 29th Apr; one Barra (OH) 30th Apr; two Fair Isle 30th Apr; one Vatshoull, Whalsay (SHET) 1st May One Keills, Islay (ARG) 13th Apr; one Dervaig, Mull (ARG) 22nd Apr; singles Balloch & Loch Flemington (both HIGH) both on 1st May 1+ singing RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 23rd Apr; one Cloddach GP (M&N) 30th Apr; one Loch Leven & one Carsebreck Lochs (both P&K) both on 1st May; one Ythan Estuary & 1+ RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (both NES) both on 1st May One Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 22nd Apr; one Isle of May 27th Apr; one Loch Gelly (FIFE) 28th Apr, 4+ on 2nd May; two Bemersyde Moss (BORD) 29th Apr; one St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 1st May; one Blairdrummond GPs (UF) 7th May One singing Ardeer (AYRS) 12th Apr; one WWT Caerlaverock & one Kirkbean (both D&G) both on 19th Apr; one Kildonan, Arran (CLY ISL) 20th Apr; two Bishop Loch, one RSPB Lochwinnoch & one Douglas Water (all CLYDE) all on 23rd Apr
Lesser Whitethroat One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 29th Apr; three Fair Isle 1st May; seven reported throughout Shetland on 1st May, six on 2nd; one Barra (OH) 4th May; one Liniclate, Benbecula (OH) 19th May One Point Sands, Kintyre (ARG) 5th May; one Carnan Mor, Tiree (ARG) 6th May; two singing Strathdearn (HIGH) 22nd May One Collieston, one Girdle Ness & one Rattray Head (all NES) all on 1st May; one Montrose Basin (ANG) 1st May One singing Arthur’s Seat, Holyrood Park (LOTH) 18th Apr; one singing Ferryhills, North Queensferry (FIFE) 30th Apr; one Isle of May 30th Apr, 30 on 1st May; six Fife Ness area (FIFE) 2nd May; one Blairdrummond GPs (UF) 5th May; one near Whitsome (BORD) 10th May One Mullock Bay, Dundrennan (D&G) 17th Apr; five singing males Ardeer & one Greenan (both AYRS) both on 23rd Apr; one Merryton Haugh (CLYDE) 8th May; one Kildonan, Arran (CLY ISL) 11th May
Whitethroat One Barra (OH) 30th Apr; three Fair Isle 30th Apr; two Skaw, Whalsay (SHET) 1st May; three North Ronaldsay (ORK) 1st May One near Avoch (HIGH) 29th Apr; one Glen Fyne (ARG) 30th Apr; four males South Kessock-Muirtown Pools, Inverness (HIGH) 5th May Singing male Cloddach (M&N) 18th Apr; one near Carnoustie (ANG) 29th Apr; one Girdle Ness (NES) 2nd May; male The Pier, Kinross (P&K) 3rd May; two Kinloss (M&N) 4th May; male Barry Buddon (ANG) 6th May Two Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 26th Apr; one Bo’ness (UF) 27th Apr; one Isle of May 29th Apr, five on 30th; male Nisbet (BORD) 30th Apr; male Coates (LOTH) 2nd May; one Kilminning (FIFE) 2nd May One Erskine (CLYDE) 19th Apr; one Collennan Reservoir (AYRS) 19th Apr; male Hurlet Hill, Glasgow (CLYDE) 21st Apr; one Greenan (AYRS) 26th Apr; one High Kildonan, Arran (CLY ISL) 30th Apr; male Kirkbean Fishery (D&G) 1st May
Garden Warbler One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 29th Apr; singles Kergord & Virkie (both SHET) both on 3rd May; two Fair Isle 12th May One Ardno, Cowal (ARG) 2nd May; one Balephuil, Tiree & one Cairnbaan (both ARG) both on 3rd May; one Longman, Inverness (HIGH) 4th May One singing Forfar Loch (ANG) 26th Apr; two by The Pier, Kinross (P&K) 1st May; one Girdle Ness (NES) 2nd May; one Battleby & one Kirkstyle (both P&K) both on 2nd May; one Mosstodloch (M&N) 11th May One Dunfermline (FIFE) 30th Apr; one Isle of May 30th Apr; two Loch Gelly (FIFE) 2nd May; one near Cardrona (BORD) 2nd May; one East Whitburn (LOTH) 2nd May; one Doune (UF) 7th May; one Scoughall (LOTH) 10th May; eight Torness Power Station (LOTH) 13th May Two singing Collennan Reservoir (AYRS) 19th Apr; two Greenan (AYRS) 29th Apr; one Ross Park, Loch Lomond & one Uplawmoor (both CLYDE) both on 30th Apr; four near Lochaber Loch (D&G) 2nd May; one Mountstuart, Bute (CLY ISL) 5th May; first WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 11th May
Blackcap Male Fair Isle 1st Apr; one Barra (OH) 5th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 9th Apr; two Sumburgh area (SHET) 30th Apr Four singing males Longman, Inverness, one Drummond, two singing males Acnashellach Station & one Loch Kinellan (all HIGH) all on 9th Apr; singles Ballygrant, Islay, Tobermory, Mull, Lochgilphead & Benmore Gardens (all ARG) all on 10th Apr Singing male Den of Cults (NES) 6th Apr; one Glendoick (P&K) 7th Apr; two River Findhorn, Forres (M&N) 9th Apr; two singing males Forfar Loch & two Riverside Nature Park (both ANG) both on 10th Apr One Ravelston Woods LNR, Edinburgh (LOTH) 30th Mar; one Isle of May 1st Apr; two Duddingston Loch & one Blindwells (both LOTH) both on 2nd Apr; one Cambus (UF) 2nd Apr; one Gartmorn Dam CP (UF) 4th Apr; one Low Valleyfield (FIFE) 8th Apr; singing male East Ord (BORD) 6th Apr; one St. Abb’s Head & 2+ Burnmouth (both BORD) both on 9th Apr Two Muirhouse, Troon (AYRS) 28th Mar; singing male RSPB Baron’s Haugh (CLYDE) 1st Apr; singing male Lady Bay (D&G) 2nd Apr; singles singing near Ballantrae & Corshillmuir Wood, Kilwinning (both AYRS) both on 2nd Apr; 1+ near Thornhill & one Gatehouse of Fleet (both D&G) both on 5th Apr; singing male near Shalunt, Bute (CLY ISL) 6th Apr
Wood Warbler One Fair Isle 3rd May; one South Ronaldsay (ORK) 6th May; one South Glendale, South Uist (OH) 9th May; one Upper Kergord (SHET) 14th May; one Stornoway Castle Grounds, Lewis (OH) 21st May One Dalvore woods, Moine Mhore (ARG) 19th Apr; three Craigellachie (HIGH) 28th Apr, four on 2nd May; one Rum (HIGH) 2nd May; one Carnan Mor, Tiree (ARG) 22nd May Two Killiecrankie (P&K) 3rd May; one singing Glendoll (ANG) 17th June One Abbey Craig (UF) 21st Apr; singles singing Balerno & Gosford Estate (both LOTH) both on 1st May; one Isle of May 1st May; one Plora Wood, Innerleithen (BORD) 6th May One Sallochy, Loch Lomondside (CLYDE) 19th Apr; one RSPB Wood of Cree (D&G) 25th Apr, two on 26th; three Ross Wood, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 25th Apr; one Auchenhew, Arran (CLY ISL) 7th May; two singing Balnakailly Forest, Bute (CLY ISL) 14th May; one Ness Glen (AYRS) 20th May
Chiffchaff One Fair Isle 13th Mar; two Norwick, Unst (SHET) 18th Mar; two Barra (OH) 24th Mar; one South Glendale, South Uist (OH) 25th Mar; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 28th Mar One Loch Insh (HIGH) 13th Mar; one Balephuil, Tiree (ARG) 14th Mar; one singing Loch Kinellan (HIGH) 18th Mar; small influx noted Easter Ross (HIGH) 23rd Mar Two Ferryden (ANG) 6th Mar; one Monifieth (ANG) 10th Mar; one RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 11th Mar; one singing Kinross (P&K) 15th Mar; one singing Kingswells (NES) 15th Mar; one Loch Spynie (M&N) 17th Mar; singles Loch of Lintrathen & Monike CP (both ANG) both on 19th Mar One singing Leith Links (LOTH) 9th Mar; one Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 10th Mar; one singing Dunblane (UF) 11th Mar; one singing St. Boswells (BORD) 14th Mar; one Crail (FIFE) 16th Mar; seven singing birds between East Linton-Hailes Castle (LOTH) 16th Mar; one singing Morton Lochs NNR (FIFE) 18th Mar; two Coldingham & one East Ord (both BORD) both on 18th Mar; three Isle of May 23rd Mar, 10 on 28th One singing RSPB Baron’s Haugh & one Balgray Reservoir (both CLYDE) both on 9th Mar; one RSPB Mersehead (D&G) 12th Mar, two on 14th; one singing Sannox Bay, Arran (CLY ISL) 13th Mar; one WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 14th Mar; one Collennan Reservoir (AYRS) 15th Mar; one Minnigaff & one Threave Gardens (both D&G) both on 16th Mar; two singing Ardencraig House, Bute (CLY ISL) 20th Mar
Willow Warbler One Cleat, Barra (OH) 3rd Aprone Leurbost, Lewis (OH) 14th Apr; one Papa Westray (ORK) 14th Apr; small influx noted Uists (OH) 17th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 17th Apr; one Isle of Noss (SHET) 19th Apr; four Fair Isle 28th Apr One Tayinloan (ARG) 24th Mar; three singing birds reported Lower Milovaig area, Skye (HIGH) 28th Mar; two Gruinart, Islay (ARG) 3rd Apr; one Kilmichael Glen (ARG) 4th Apr; one Hill of Fortrose (HIGH) 6th Apr; one Whiteness Head (HIGH) 7th Apr; influx noted Argyll 8th Apr Two Loch Leven (P&K) 6th Apr; one Spey Bay (M&N) 8th Apr; three Forres (M&N) 9th Apr; one Carnoustie (ANG) 9th Apr; one Riverside Nature Park & one Balgavies Loch (both ANG) both on 10th Apr; two singing Westmuir (ANG) 12th Apr; one Girdle Ness (NES) 13th Apr Singing male Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 1st Apr; two singing River Tyne, Haddington & one singing Harlaw Reservoir (both LOTH) both on 2nd Apr; singing male near Selkirk (BORD) 2nd Apr; one Cambus (UF) 3rd Apr; singing male Angle Park GP (FIFE) 7th Apr; two Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 7th Apr; first Isle of May 8th Apr; 13 St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 9th Apr Singing male Linwwod Community Woodland (CLYDE) 29th Mar; singing male Capringstone Flash (AYRS) 30th Mar; one Mull of Galloway (D&G) 31st Mar; singing male RSPB Baron’s Haugh (CLYDE) 2nd Apr; singing male High Kildonan, Arran (CLY ISL) 4th Apr; 1+ RSPB Wood of Cree (D&G) 4th Apr; 1+ near Thornhill (D&G) 5th Apr; one Inchmarnock, Bute (CLY ISL) 9th Apr
Spotted Flycatcher One Fair Isle 2nd May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 11th May; one Gleann, Barra (OH) 13th May; one Swinister, Sandwick (SHET) 13th May, nine reported throughout Shetland on 14th One RSPB Gruinart, Islay (ARG) 10th May; one Balephuil, Tiree (ARG) 11th May; four reported around Speyside (HIGH) 13th May; three The Oa, Islay (ARG) 17th May One near Arbroath (ANG) 13th May; two Fochabers (M&N) 13th May; singles Girdle Ness & Rattray Head (both NES) both on 13th May; three Butterstone Wood (P&K) 14th May; c.15 birds recorded in the Crieff, Auchterarder areas (P&K) all on 19th May One Scoughall (LOTH) 10th May; two Isle of May 11th May, 17+ on 13th; one Torness Power Station (LOTH) 12th May, eight on 13th; one near Innerleithen (BORD) 12th May; 6+ Fife Ness area (FIFE) 13th May; three St. Abb’s Head (BORD) 13th May; one Blairdrummond GPs (UF) 16th May One Ness Glen (AYRS) 2nd May; one Linn Park, Glasgow (CLYDE) 11th May; one near Machrie Moor, Arran (CLY ISL) 17th May; two WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 18th May
Pied Flycatcher One Fair Isle 30th Apr; one Noss (SHET) 2nd May; male Watermoss Plantation (ORK) 2nd May Three Craigellachie (HIGH) 2nd May; one Carnan Mor, Tiree (ARG) 22nd May One Killiecrankie (P&K) 7th May; male Rattray Head (NES) 14th May One Isle of May 2nd May; male Sawpit Wood, Balerno (LOTH) 5th May; male Lindean Mill, Selkirk (BORD) 5th May; one Glen Lochay (UF) 6th May Two Knockman Wood (D&G) 14th Apr, 17 reported there on 6th May; male RSPB Ken Dee Marshes (D&G) 17th Apr; one reported RSPB Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 25th Apr; two RSPB Inversnaid (CLYDE) 30th Apr