Shetland, Fair Isle, Orkney and Outer Hebrides Highland, Caithness and Argyll North-East Scotland, Moray & Nairn, Angus and Perth & Kinross Fife, Isle of May, Upper Forth, Lothian and Borders Clyde, Clyde Islands, Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway
Manx Shearwater Two past Ardvule Point, South Uist (OH) 23rd Mar; one past North Ronaldsay (ORK) 11th Apr; one off Fair Isle 10th May; three off Sumburgh Head (SHET) 9th June 10+ off Sorobaidh Bay, Tiree (ARG) 22nd Mar; one off Kildonan, Isle of Eigg (HIGH) 23rd Mar; one Tarbat Ness (HIGH) 2nd Apr; 300 off NW Mull (ARG) 5th Apr; one off Holborn Head (CAITH) 25th May One past Girdle Ness (NES) 14th Apr; one past Lossiemouth (M&N) 22nd Apr; 12 past Craigmill Burn (ANG) 11th May One past Isle of May 21st Apr; one past Scoughall (LOTH) 22nd Apr; two past Fife Ness (FIFE) 3rd May 12 past Corsewall Point (D&G) 21st Mar; one past Saltcoats harbour (AYRS) 22nd Mar; one past Troon harbour headland (AYRS) 23rd Mar; one off south side of Arran (CLY ISL) 26th Mar; 10 off Millport, Great Cumbrae (CLY ISL) 18th Apr; one past Cloch Point (CLYDE) 2nd May
Garganey Drake The Loons RSPB & a pair on North Ronaldsay (both ORK) both on 27th Apr, five on North Ronaldsay on 17th May; drake Loch Bhrusda, Berneray (OH) 13th May; drake Loch of Collaster (SHET) 14th May Pair Heylipol, Tiree (ARG) 26th Apr; pair Balnakeil, Sutherland (HIGH) 7th May, three (two drakes) on 9th Pair Spey Bay (M&N) 13th Apr; pair RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 17th Apr Pair Barns Ness (LOTH) 19th Apr; drake Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 9th May; drake Letham Pools (FIFE) 20th May Drake WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 15th Mar
Marsh Harrier One reported Clachan Sands, North Uist (OH) 20th Mar; female near Barvas, Lewis (OH) 12th Apr; one Baltasound, Unst (SHET) 18th Apr; female Fair Isle 6th May Male Kinloch, Sleat, Isle of Skye (HIGH) 23rd May; one over St. John's Loch (CAITH) 25th May; one Lochindorb (HIGH) 28th May Male & female birds at RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 1st Apr; male near Errol (P&K) 5th Apr; one RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 17th Apr; one near Keith (M&N) 21st Apr One Barns Ness (LOTH) 5th Apr; male & female Mugdrum Island (FIFE) 18th Apr; one over Isle of May on 24th Apr; male & female near Grangemouth (UF) 29th Apr Female RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 9th Apr, male on 14th; one Blairbowie (AYRS) 13th Apr; one near Annan (D&G) 4th May
Osprey One Eela Water, Ollaberry (SHET) 12th Apr; one over Fair Isle 23rd May; one over Claddach Baleshare, North Uist (OH) 27th May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 7th June One reported Cromarty Bridge (HIGH) 13th Mar; one Aviemore (HIGH) 21st Mar; female back RSPB Loch Garten (HIGH) 21st Mar; two Loch Fleet (HIGH) 27th Mar; one Thurso (CAITH) 28th Mar; one Loch Crinan (ARG) 3rd Apr One reported Burn O Vat (NES) 7th Mar; female back SWT Loch of the Lowes (P&K) 20th Mar; one Mossat Trout Fishery (NES) 21st Mar; one near Forres (M&N) 26th Mar; two Balgavies Loch (ANG) 27th Mar One over Kirkcaldy (FIFE) 11th Mar; singles Mugdrum Island & over Wemyss Wood (both FIFE) both on 20th Mar; one over Isle of May 26th Mar; one Carron Valley Reservoir (UF) 31st Mar; singles over Edinburgh Park, Gullane & Skateraw (all LOTH) all on 5th Apr; one Alemoor Reservoir (BORD) 5th Apr; one over Gartmorn Dam (UF) 7th Apr One River Nith, Dalscone near Dumfries (D&G) 17th Mar; male back at nest site NTS Threave (D&G) 23rd Mar; one Loch Fad, Bute (CLY ISL) 26th Mar; two back at nest sites near Gartocharn (CLYDE) 4th Apr; female back at nest site Loch Doon (AYRS) 7th Apr
Dotterel One Fair Isle 5th Apr, three on 7th May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 21st Apr; two The Range, South Uist & three Paiblesgarry, North Uist (both OH) both on 7th May; two Hill of Markamouth, Yell (SHET) 8th May One The Oa RSPB, Islay (ARG) 2nd May; two near Lairg (HIGH) 10th May Three near Collieston (NES) 13th May; 5+ Carn of Claise (ANG) 13th May; present Cairngorm plateau (M&N) 30th May Four Doon Hill, Dunbar (LOTH) 14th May
Whimbrel One Stinky Bay, Benbecula (OH) 14th Apr; one Maywick (SHET) 19th Apr; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 20th Apr; first Fair Isle 21st Apr; 92 on South Uist (OH) on 27th Apr One Baugh, Tiree (ARG) 26th Mar; one Machrihanish SBO (ARG) 6th Apr; one St. John's Pool (CAITH) 9th Apr; one Broadford, Skye (HIGH) 12th Apr; one Tarbat Ness (HIGH) 18th Apr One Ythan Estuary (NES) 16th Apr, three on 21st; one Findhorn Bay (M&N) 17th Apr; one Arbroath (ANG) on 22nd Apr; 17 Meikle Loch (NES) 23rd Apr, 24 on 24th; four Loch Leven (P&K) 3rd May One Scoughall (LOTH) 20th Mar, one there on 15th Apr; one over Kilminning (FIFE) 14th Apr; two Barns Ness, one over Dunbar & one Aberlady Bay (all LOTH) all on 16th Apr; one over Teviot Haughs (BORD) 16th Apr; 12 Powfoulis (UF) 21st Apr; one Isle of May 24th Apr One Ettrick Bay, Bute (CLY ISL) 14th Apr; two Hunterston Sands (AYRS) 17th Apr; two Bell Bay, Great Cumbrae (CLY ISL) 18th Apr; four West Ferry (CLYDE) 20th Apr, 25 on 27th; 2+ Carsethorn (D&G) 23rd Apr
Common Sandpiper One Fair Isle 25th Apr; one Loch of Voe (SHET) 25th Apr; five on South Uist (OH) on 29th Apr; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 3rd May; four Rackwick Bay, Hoy (ORK) 4th May One River Spey near Grantown (HIGH) 11th Apr; two on Isle of Mull (ARG) on 12th Apr; two Mellon Udrigle (HIGH) 13th Apr Singles Spey Bay & Delmore (both M&N) both on 15th Apr; one Backwater Reservoir (ANG) 16th Apr; two River Tay, North Muirtown (P&K) 16th Apr; one Loch Leven (P&K) 18th Apr; singles Loch of Skene & near Kemnay (both NES) both on 20th Apr One River Teviot near Nisbet (BORD) 5th Apr; one Seafield Pond (LOTH) 8th Apr; one Powfoulis (UF) 14th Apr; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 15th Apr; first Isle of May 12th May One Black Cart Water, East Yonderton (CLYDE) 8th Apr; one Loans (AYRS) 12th Apr; nine birds reported on Arran (CLY ISL) on 14th Apr; three River Nith near Kirkton (D&G) 17th Apr
Sandwich Tern One off Aird an Runair, Balranald, North Uist (OH) 24th Mar; one Quendale (SHET) 25th Mar; three North Ronaldsay (ORK) 4th Apr One reported Machir Bay, Islay (ARG) 16th Mar; one Loch Fleet (HIGH) 17th Mar, 32 on 31st Mar; two Chanonry Point & 1+ Tarbat Ness (both HIGH) on 18th Mar; one Ardalanish, Mull (ARG) 20th Mar; four Embo (HIGH) 27th Mar; first St. John's Pool (CAITH) 7th Apr One Lossiemouth (M&N) 18th Mar; one Sands of Forvie NNR (NES) 22nd Mar; one Girdle Ness (NES) 25th Mar; two Westhaven (ANG) 25th Mar Two Gullane Bay (LOTH) 29th Mar; two Ruddons Point (FIFE) 6th Apr; 5+ off Kinneil & two Powfoulis (both UF) both on 14th Apr; three Eyemouth (BORD) 16th Apr; first Isle of May 20th Apr One Corsewall Point (D&G) 21st Mar; singles Saltcoats harbour & Stevenston Point (both AYRS) both on 25th Mar; one Blackwaterfoot, Arran (CLY ISL) 31st Mar; one Ardmore Point (CLYDE) 9th Apr
Common Tern One off Carinish, North Uist (OH) 10th Apr; one Sumburgh (SHET) 20th Apr; six South Walls (ORK) 7th May One Whiteness Head (HIGH) 15th Apr; one Loch Gilp (ARG) 22nd Apr; one Thurso (CAITH) 28th Apr; 3+ Grantown-on-Spey (HIGH) 6th May One Brechin Quarry (ANG) 17th Apr; first Sands of Forvie NNR (NES) 18th Apr; one Burghead (M&N) 19th Apr; one Auchmithie (ANG) 22nd Apr One off Scoughall (LOTH) 18th Apr; one Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 19th Apr; three Kinneil (UF) 30th Apr; 1+ Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 5th May; two Anstruther, nine Dalgety Bay & two Seafield, Kirkcaldy (all FIFE) all on 7th May; 20 Isle of May on 19th May One Carrick Shore (D&G) 20th Apr; first Inner Clyde Estuary (CLYDE) 21st Apr, 14 there between Longhaugh Point-Bowling on 27th; one Troon (AYRS) 24th Apr; four Loch Ryan (D&G) 25th Apr; two Finnart's Bay (AYRS) 12th May
Arctic Tern Four Ardvule Point, South Uist (13 there on the 20th) & one Stinky Bay, Benbecula (both OH) both on 18th Apr; first North Ronaldsay (ORK) 27th Apr, 202 there on 5th May; two Scatness (SHET) 30th Apr, influx noted on Shetland on 5th May; first Fair Isle 6th May One Kilmaluag Bay, Skye (HIGH) 11th Apr; one Hunter's Quay, Cowal (ARG) 14th Apr; one Tarbat Ness (HIGH) 18th Apr; one Bruichladdich, Islay (ARG) 22nd Apr; first St. John's Pool (CAITH) 4th May Two Westhaven (ANG) 18th Apr; first Sands of Forvie NNR (NES) 24th Apr; three Spey Bay (M&N) 3rd May Three Isle of May 28th Apr, 20 on 5th May; two Fife Ness (FIFE) 3rd May; eight Ferryhills, North Queensferry (FIFE) 5th May; one off Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 8th May; three Kinneil (UF) 8th May; two Tynnghame Bay (LOTH) 15th May Two off Saltcoats harbour (AYRS) 15th Apr, 19 on 4th May; six Dougarie-Imachar Point, Arran (CLY ISL ) 29th Apr; 107 off Sandhead (D&G) 4th May
Little Tern Two Baleshare, North Uist (OH) 9th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 20th Apr One Gott Bay, Tiree (ARG) 9th Apr First Sands of Forvie NNR (NES) 23rd Apr; 2+ Lossiemouth (M&N) 28th May; two Kinnaber Links (ANG) 17th June Four on East Lothian coast (LOTH) 15th May
Cuckoo One Griomsiader, Lewis (OH) 18th Apr; two on Barra & one North Uist (both OH) both on 23rd Apr; one Orphir Hills (ORK) 28th Apr; one Toab (SHET) 6th May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 9th May; two Fair Isle 9th May One reported singing Port Charlotte, Islay (ARG) 23rd Mar; one to the N of Grogport, Kintyre (ARG) 13th Apr; singles near Fort William & Drumfearn, Skye (both HIGH) both on 19th Apr; one Brawlbin (CAITH) 19th Apr; first The Oa RSPB, Islay (ARG) 20th Apr One Ballantruan (M&N) 22nd Apr; one near Kirriemuir (ANG) 22nd Apr; singles Strathdon & Loch Kinord (both NES) both on 27th Apr; one Mains of Knockaneorn (M&N) 27th Apr; one near Loch Tummel (P&K) 28th Apr One Dumyat (UF) 19th Apr; one Watch Water Reservoir (BORD) 19th Apr; one Glen Lochay (UF) 21st Apr; one Pentland Hills & one Gosford Estate (both LOTH) both on 23rd Apr; one Kilminning (FIFE) 3rd May; one Isle of May 8th May One Port Bannatyne, Bute (CLY ISL) 8th Apr; one Grobdale of Balmaghie (D&G) 16th Apr; one Glen Cloy, Arran (CLY ISL) 16th Apr; singles Garvock Lodge & Millarochy, Loch Lomond (both CLYDE) both on 19th Apr; one Kenmure Holms (D&G) 19th Apr; two singing Loch Doon (AYRS) 20th Apr
Swift One Gramsdale, Benbecula (OH) 5th May; one Baltasound, Unst (SHET) 20th May; two Fair Isle 21st May; first North Ronaldsay (ORK) 22nd May First Thurso (CAITH) 8th May; 4+ Campbeltown (ARG) 8th May; first Inverness (HIGH) 11th May; one Tiree (ARG) 14th May; three Oban (ARG) 18th May, seven on 19th Seven Levenmouth, Loch Leven (P&K) 23rd Apr; one near Brechin (ANG) 25th Apr; four Loch of Skene (NES) 27th Apr, c.200 estimated there on 9th May; 4+ Glenlivet (M&N) 1st May; one Loch Spynie (M&N) 3rd May; first Broughty Ferry (ANG) late back on 12th May One Linlithgow Loch (LOTH) 23rd Apr; one Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 26th Apr; two Dunblane & one Bo'ness (both UF) both on 29th Apr; one Tweedbank (BORD) 1st May; two Kelso (BORD) 4th May; three Falkland & two Lindores Loch (both FIFE) both on 5th May; first Isle of May 9th May One Baron's Haugh RSPB (CLYDE) 9th Apr; two Troon (AYRS) 23rd Apr; 3+ Castle Douglas (D&G) 27th Apr; three Lochwinnoch & one Kilpatrick Hills (both CLYDE) both on 29th Apr; two Rothesay, Bute (CLY ISL) 3rd May; two Blackwaterfoot, Arran (CLY ISL) 5th May
Sand Martin One Fair Isle 7th Apr; singles on Barra & at Bornish, South Uist (both OH) both on 8th Apr; first North Ronaldsay (ORK) 19th Apr; one Hillwell (SHET) 1st May One Kellen, Mull (ARG) 2nd Apr; one Spean Bridge (HIGH) 7th Apr; 1+ Add Estuary (ARG) 7th Apr; one Thurso (CAITH) 7th Apr; one Melvaig (HIGH) 8th Apr; one Morar (HIGH) 8th Apr; 42 Loch Migdale, Sutherland (HIGH) 11th Apr Two Loch Leven (P&K) 19th Mar, influx noted there 9th-10th Apr; one Inchgarth NR (NES) 28th Mar; five Loch Clunie (P&K) 5th Apr; two Loch of Skene (NES) 6th Apr; three Balgavies Loch & one RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (both ANG) both on 6th Apr; five Loch Spynie one one Nairn (both M&N) both on 8th Apr Two Bavelaw (LOTH) 29th Mar; four Blairdrummond GPs (UF) 30th Mar; eight Nisbet, three Tweedbank & one St. Abb's Head (all BORD) all on 5th Apr; one Guardbridge (FIFE) 5th Apr; 10 Letham Pools (FIFE) 6th Apr; 55 Gartmorn Dam (UF) 7th Apr; first Isle of May 19th Apr One Baron's Haugh RSPB (CLYDE) 15th Mar, two on 16th, 25 on 1st Apr; four Carlingwark Loch (D&G) 20th Mar; 20+ Loch Quien, Bute (CLY ISL) 4th Apr; four Irvine (AYRS) 6th Apr
Swallow One Hellister (SHET) 7th Apr; one Barra (OH) 9th Apr; one Fair Isle 11th Apr; first North Ronaldsay (ORK) 15th Apr Two Clovullin, Ardgour (HIGH) 5th Apr; two singles in Cowal & two in Kintyre (both ARG) both on 7th Apr; one Strathdearn (HIGH) 8th Apr; four Lochindorb (HIGH) 10th Apr; one Duncansby (CAITH) 19th Apr One Loch Leven (P&K) 7th Apr, 2+ on 9th; one Girdle Ness (NES) 8th Apr; three Tugnet (M&N) 9th Apr; one Banchory (NES) 9th Apr; one Murton NR (ANG) 12th Apr One Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 5th Apr; two Kinneil, one Tullibody Inch, one Blackness & two Gartmorn Dam (all UF) all on 7th Apr; small influx noted Borders including two St. Abb's Head on 7th Apr; one Eden Estuary (FIFE) 7th Apr, three on 8th; first Isle of May 14th Apr One Waulkmill Glen Reservoir (CLYDE) 5th Apr; two reported Annbank & one Culzean CP (both AYRS) both on 5th Apr; one Craigmore, Bute (CLY ISL) 6th Apr; one Brodick Castle Gardens, Arran (CLY ISL) 6th Apr; singles Strathclyde Loch & Frankfield Loch (both CLYDE) both on 6th Apr; one Trabboch Loch & one Dunure (both AYRS) both on 8th Apr; 20 at Baron's Haugh RSPB (CLYDE) on 9th Apr; first WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 10th Apr
House Martin One St. Ninian's Isle (SHET) 12th Apr; one Barra (OH) 29th Apr; four Fair Isle on 5th May; first North Ronaldsay (ORK) 6th May; one Loch Hougharry, North Uist (OH) 7th May One Carnain, Islay (ARG) 30th Mar; one Broadford, Skye (HIGH) 7th Apr; two Foyers-Whitebridge (HIGH) 12th Apr; one Loch Flemington (HIGH) 13th Apr; one Lochgilphead (ARG) 13th Apr; one Whaligeo (CAITH) 19th Apr One RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 6th Apr; one Murton NR (ANG) 9th Apr; one Loch of Skene (NES) 10th Apr; four Burghead (M&N) 20th Apr; two Braco Castle, two Langside Muir & two Glen Artney (all P&K) all on 20th Apr Singles Musselburgh & Skateraw (both LOTH) both on 5th Apr; one Kemback-Cupar (FIFE) 9th Apr; three Musselburgh (LOTH) 11th Apr; 2+ Tweedbank (BORD) 14th Apr; one near Cupar (FIFE) 18th Apr; singles Walkerburn & Earlston (BORD) both on 19th Apr; two Isle of May 20th Apr; two Powfoulis (UF) 22nd Apr One River Clyde, Carbarns (CLYDE) 8th Apr; two Loch Kindar (D&G) 11th Apr; one Blackwaterfoot, Arran (CLY ISL) 15th Apr; one Morton Loch near Thornhill (D&G) 17th Apr; four Great Cumbrae (CLY ISL) 18th Apr; one WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 18th Apr; two Doonfoot (AYRS) 19th Apr
Tree Pipit Two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 14th Apr; one Fair Isle 14th Apr; two in north Unst (SHET) 15th Apr; one over Brevig, Barra (OH) 29th Apr One Gribun, Mull (ARG) 7th Apr; two Mount High, Black Isle (HIGH) 15th Apr; one Hill of Fortrose (HIGH) 19th Apr; one Glen Massan, Cowal (ARG) 20th Apr One Torlum Wood near Crieff (P&K) 18th Apr; one Gleneagles Estate (P&K) 19th Apr; one Glen Esk (ANG) 19th Apr; one Scootmore (M&N) 20th Apr; one Gairn, Ballater (NES) 20th Apr; one Glen Tanar (NES) 21st Apr One singing Tillycoultry-Dollar (UF) 7th Apr; singles over Musselburgh Lagoons & Tyninghame (both LOTH) both on 8th Apr; 3+ Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 15th Apr; two River Tweed near Birgham Haugh (BORD) 18th Apr; one Isle of May 20th Apr; one over Ferryhills, North Queensferry (FIFE) 28th Apr One reported near Muirkirk (AYRS) 8th Apr; one singing Loch Doon (AYRS) 11th Apr; five east Loch Lomondside (CLYDE) 19th Apr; one Barclye (D&G) 19th Apr; one North Sannox, Arran (CLY ISL) 24th Apr; one Balnakailly, Bute (CLY ISL) 29th Apr
Yellow Wagtail Blue-headed Wagtail North Ronaldsay (ORK) 15th Apr; one Fair Isle 22nd Apr, Blue-headed Wagtail there on 24th; Grey-headed Wagtail North Ronaldsay (ORK) 26th Apr; Black-headed or Grey-headed Wagtail Isle of Noss (SHET) 10th May; Blue-headed Wagtail Spiggie (SHET) 12th May; one Vatersay (OH) 12th May; Grey-headed Wagtail Fair Isle 14th May; male Grey-headed or Black-headed Wagtail on St. Kilda (OH) 1st June Male near Neist Point, Isle of Skye (HIGH) 2nd May; one Balnakeil, Sutherland (HIGH) 9th May, two on 10th One RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 17th Apr; Blue-headed Wagtail Spey Bay (M&N) 13th May; Grey-headed Wagtail Cuthlie harbour (ANG) 28th May One Skateraw (LOTH) 16th Apr; Blue-headed Wagtail Barns Ness (LOTH) 17th Apr; three Barns Ness (LOTH) 18th Apr; six River Tweed between Birgham Haugh-Redden Haugh (BORD) 18th Apr; one Crail (FIFE) 19th Apr; one Isle of May 20th Apr; male Grey-headed Wagtail Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 7th May One Fail (AYRS) 21st Apr; one West Freugh (D&G) 5th May; male Daer Reservoir (CLYDE) 25th May; male Grey-headed Wagtail Doonfoot (AYRS) 8th June
White Wagtail First Fair Isle 23rd Mar; one Norwick, Unst (SHET) 26th Mar; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 29th Mar; one Earsary, Barra (OH) 3rd Apr Male Machrihanish SBO (ARG) 22nd Mar; one Lower Milovaig, Skye (HIGH) 8th Apr; three Loch Eye & one Gruinard Bay (both HIGH) both on 9th Apr; one Thurso (CAITH) 15th Apr One near Tugnet (M&N) 6th Apr; one Montrose Basin (ANG) 16th Apr; one Cairnbulg (NES) 10th Apr; one RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 15th Apr; one Girdle Ness (NES) 19th Apr One Eyemouth (BORD) 17th Mar; one Barns Ness (LOTH) 6th Apr; four St. Abb's Head (BORD) 7th Apr; seven Torness-Dunbar (LOTH) 9th Apr; two Isle of May 11th Apr; one Kincraig Point (FIFE) 14th Apr; two Powfoulis (UF) 22nd Apr Two reported Bishopton (CLYDE) 9th Mar; four Tarbolton (AYRS) 7th Apr, 42 on 16th Apr; two Porta Buidhe, Arran (CLY ISL) 7th Apr; one Doonfoot (AYRS) 8th Apr; four Cardross (CLYDE) 9th Apr; 27 Wigtown Bay (D&G) 10th Apr; 58 at West Freugh (D&G) 11th Apr
Redstart One Fair Isle 9th May; singles Scatness & Spiggie (both SHET) both on 14th May; first North Ronaldsay (ORK) 30th May One RSPB Loch Garten & male near Nethybridge (both HIGH) both on 22nd Apr; singles Loch Ashie, Drumguish & Kinveachy Forest (all HIGH) all on 23rd Apr; one Feshiebridge (HIGH) 24th Apr; one Loch Ba, Mull (ARG) 7th May; two males Torrisdale Castle, Kintyre (ARG) 13th May One Gleneagles Estate (P&K) 19th Apr; one Glen Artney (P&K) 20th Apr; one Dinnet (NES) 21st Apr; one Dulsie (M&N) 22nd Apr; one Glen Prosen (ANG) 24th Apr Male Hirsel CP (BORD) 15th Apr; one Seafield Pond (LOTH) 15th Apr; present Auchlyne, Killin & Lochearnhead (all UF) all on 21st Apr; one Isle of May 22nd Apr; male near Gorebridge (LOTH) 28th Apr One Lanfine Estate (AYRS) 15th Apr; male near Balmaha (CLYDE) 16th Apr; one Loch Doon (AYRS) 20th Apr; one Carstramon Wood (D&G) 20th Apr; male Balnakailly, Bute (CLY ISL) 4th May
Whinchat Male Fair Isle 21st Apr; one Glen Noustapal, South Uist (OH) 29th Apr; singles Bakkasetter & on Unst (both SHET) both on 23rd May; first North Ronaldsay (ORK) 1st June One Inverlussa, Mull (ARG) 21st Apr; two reported on Isle of Skye (HIGH) 23rd Apr; male Inverbroom Lodge (HIGH) 24th Apr; male Moine Mhor NNR (ARG) 25th Apr, two on 28th One Girdle Ness (NES) 20th Apr; one Glen Cally (ANG) 24th Apr; one Carsebreck Lochs (P&K) 24th Apr A very early report on the Isle of May on 23rd Mar, male there on 5th May; two Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 4th May; two males near Borthwickshiels (BORD) 4th May; one Glen Vale (FIFE) 6th May; male Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 6th May Male Monkton & two Loans-Troon (both AYRS) both on 21st Apr; one near Gatehouse of Fleet (D&G) 25th Apr; one Sliddery, Arran (CLY ISL) 28th Apr; singles Balgray Reservoir & Cathkin Marsh SWT (both CLYDE) both on 5th May
Wheatear One Balranald, North Uist (OH) 12th Mar; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 15th Mar; one Fetlar (SHET) 25th Mar; first Fair Isle 31st Mar One Ardnave, Islay (ARG) 12th Mar; one Calgary, Mull (ARG) 14th Mar; singles near Lochgilphead & Isle of Luing (both ARG) both on 17th Mar; male Torrin, Skye (HIGH) 21st Mar; one Isle of Eigg (HIGH) 23rd Mar; one Holborn Head (CAITH) 7th Apr One Backwater Reservoir (ANG) 25th Mar; two males Barry Buddon (ANG) 1st Apr; three Burghead (M&N) 6th Apr; one Girdle Ness (NES) 8th Apr; one Invergeldie (P&K) 16th Apr One Holyrood Park, Edinburgh (LOTH) 17th Mar; one Megget Reservoir (BORD) 20th Mar; one Skateraw (LOTH) 20th Mar; one Powfoulis (UF) 24th Mar; two Isle of May 31st Mar; male Balcomie FIFE) 1st Apr One Maidens (AYRS) 15th Mar; male Seamill (AYRS) 18th Mar; male Kildonan, Arran (CLY ISL) 18th Mar; singles Lunderston Bay & Ardmore Point (both CLYDE) both on 19th Mar; two WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 21st Mar
Ring Ouzel Male South Ronaldsay (ORK) 31st Mar; first Fair Isle 8th Apr, 22 on 13th, two Saxa Vord, Unst (SHET) 12th Apr; three south Mainland & one Tresta, Fetlar (all SHET) all on 13th Apr; male Glen Noustapal, South Uist (OH) 29th Apr One Beinn Mheadhoin, Morvern (HIGH) 1st Apr; four Slochd & three Cairngorm (both HIGH) both on 7th Apr; one Holborn Head (CAITH) 19th Apr; one Port Wemyss, Islay (ARG) 25th Apr One Gairnsheil (NES) 11th Apr; one Cowie-Stonehaven GC (NES) 14th Apr; two Beinn a' Bhuird (M&N) 15th Apr; two Little Glenshee (P&K) 23rd Apr, eight there on 29th; 1+ Glen Esk (ANG) 25th Apr One Isle of May 31st Mar; male Torness Power Station & one Holyrood Park, Edinburgh (both LOTH) both on 5th Apr; male Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 7th Apr; 1+ Faseny, Lammermuir Hills (LOTH) 9th Apr One Coulter Dam (CLYDE) 10th Apr; male Loudoun Hill (AYRS) 12th Apr; one Beinn Bharrain, Arran (CLY ISL) 29th Apr
Grasshopper Warbler One Fair Isle 12th Apr; one Creachan, Barra (OH) 23rd Apr; one Fladdabister (SHET) 18th May One Cairnbaan (ARG) 19th Apr; one Shurrey (CAITH) 19th Apr; 8+ singing Moine Mhor NNR (ARG) 20th Apr; two singing birds reported on Isle of Skye (HIGH) on 21st Apr; one Heights of Dochcarty, Dingwall (HIGH) 23rd Apr One singing RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 18th Apr; one Inchgarth NR (NES) 27th Apr; two Red Moss of Netherley (NES) 28th Apr; one Port Allen (P&K) 28th Apr; one Blackhillock (M&N) 29th Apr One Holyrood Park, Edinburgh (LOTH) 9th Apr; one singing Mire Loch, St. Abb's Head (BORD) 17th Apr; singles Musselburgh Lagoons & Blindwells (both LOTH) both on 20th Apr; 2+ singing Skinflats Lagoons & two Kinneil (both UF) both on 21st Apr; one Kilrenny Mill (FIFE) 22nd Apr One singing Cathkin Marsh SWT (CLYDE) 15th Apr, three on 20th; one Pow Burn (AYRS) 18th Apr; one Barclye (D&G) 19th Apr, four on 22nd; one Whitefarland, Arran (CLY IS) 20th Apr
Sedge Warbler One Fair Isle 22nd Apr; 2+ on Barra (OH) 29th Apr; singles Sand, Sandgarth & on Isle of Noss (all SHET) all on 7th May; one Northton, Harris (OH) 8th May; first North Ronaldsay (ORK) 8th May; one The Loons RSPB (ORK) 9th May One near Lochgilphead & two on Islay (all ARG) all on 19th Apr; one Loch Flemington & one Ardnamurchan (both HIGH) both on 21st Apr; one Broadford, Skye (HIGH) 22nd Apr One Loch of Skene (NES) 20th Apr; one Levenmouth Pools, Loch Leven (P&K) 25th Apr; two Loch Spynie (M&N) 26th Apr; one Loch Leven RSPB (P&K) 29th Apr; two Elliot Burn (ANG) 29th Apr One Barns Ness (LOTH) 19th Apr; one Kinneil (UF) 21st Apr, three on 29th; one Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 21st Apr; five Lochore Meadows CP (FIFE) 29th Apr; one Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 29th Apr; first Isle of May 3rd May; influx noted Lothian 4th-5th May Singles Lochwinnoch RSPB & Dams to Darnley CP (both CLYDE) both on 19th Apr; one Garnock Lagoons (AYRS) 20th Apr; one Sliddery, Arran (CLY ISL) 20th Apr; one Kildavannan Point, Bute (CLY ISL) 21st Apr; two RSPB Crook of Baldoon (D&G) 21st Apr; two Sheriff's Port, Great Cumbrae (CLY ISL) 21st Apr
Lesser Whitethroat Two Fair Isle 13th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 16th Apr; one Eela Water (SHET) 18th Apr One Upper Killeyan, Islay (ARG) 23rd Apr One Girdle Ness (NES) 20th Apr; one Collieston (NES) 22nd Apr; one East Seton farm (ANG) 29th Apr One Kilminning (FIFE) 14th Apr; one Isle of May 14th Apr; one John Muir CP (LOTH) 15th Apr; one Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 20th Apr; one Kinneil (UF) 29th Apr; one near Whitsome (BORD) 13th May One Todhill near Stevenston (AYRS) 19th Apr; one Cardoness (D&G) 19th Apr; one Greenan (AYRS) 20th Apr, three singing birds there on 21st; one Merryton (CLYDE) 22nd Apr; one Cleats Shore, Arran (CLY ISL) 30th Apr
Whitethroat Three Fair Isle on 5th May; one Norwick, Unst (SHET) 6th May; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 8th May; two Barra & one on Eriskay (both OH) both on 13th May One reported Ardtalla, Islay (ARG) 22nd Apr; one Harrapool, Skye (HIGH) 24th Apr; one Moine Mhor NNR (ARG) 28th Apr; one Munlochy Bay (HIGH) 1st May; one Loch Watten (CAITH) 12th May One reported Fetternear (NES) 21st Apr; one Burghead-Cummingston (M&N) 25th Apr; one Girdle Ness (NES) 27th Apr; one Auchmithie (ANG) 3rd May; one Kirkstyle (P&K) 6th May One Barns Ness (LOTH) 19th Apr; one Kinneil (UF) 21st Apr, six on 29th; one Blindwells (LOTH) 21st Apr; one Kilmany (FIFE) 28th Apr; one Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 29th Apr; two Kilminning (FIFE) 29th Apr; three on Isle of May 4th May; influx noted Lothian on 4th-5th May Singing male Dams to Darnley CP (CLYDE) 19th Apr; one Greenan (AYRS) 21st Apr; one Gypsy Pool, Loans (AYRS) 22nd Apr; one Mainsriddle (D&G) 23rd Apr; small influx noted Clyde & Ayrshire on 27th Apr; three on west side of Great Cumbrae & one Sliddery, Arran (both CLY ISL) both on 27th Apr
Garden Warbler One Fair Isle 4th May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 9th May; one Isle of Noss (SHET) 9th May One Brenfield, Ardrishaig (ARG) 4th May; one near Fort William (HIGH) 12th May; one Thurso (CAITH) 18th May One Inchberry (M&N) 29th Apr; one near Levenmouth, Loch Leven (P&K) 4th May; one Crawton (NES) 6th May; two Murton NR & one Botanics, Dundee (both ANG) both on 6th May; one Kinross (P&K) 8th May One Isle of May 4th May; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 5th May; one Lindores Loch (FIFE) 5th May, 2+ on 7th; one Seafield Pond (LOTH) 6th May; one Eckford (BORD) 8th May One Dundonald Hill (AYRS) 19th Apr; one near Rowardennan (CLYDE) 20th Apr; two Wards Pond, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 25th Apr; one Greenan (AYRS) 29th Apr; one near Parton (D&G) 30th Apr; one Gortonallister, Arran (CLY ISL) 31st May
Blackcap One Kergord (SHET) 28th Mar; one Barra (OH) 8th Apr, 10 on the island on 15th; three on south Mainland (SHET) 9th Apr; male Fair Isle 11th Apr; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 12th Apr Male Carsaig, Mull (ARG) 5th Apr; male Kenovay, Tiree (ARG) 8th Apr; female Kinloch, Rum (HIGH) 8th Apr; female Kilmaluag, Skye (HIGH) 11th Apr; one St. John's Pool (CAITH) 20th Apr Singing male Balgavies Loch (ANG) 9th Apr, six males on 16th; one Craibstone (NES) 13th Apr; one Girdle Ness (NES) 14th Apr; one near Waterford (M&N) 15th Apr; one River Tay, North Muirtown (P&K) 16th Apr; singing male Kinross (P&K) 17th Apr One Aberlady (LOTH) 5th Apr; two males Tweedbank (BORD) 7th Apr; one Isle of May 11th Apr; male Kilminning (FIFE) 11th Apr; singing males Stirling & Larbert House woods (both UF) both on 16th Apr One Newton Stewart (D&G) 29th Mar; singles at Linn Park, Hurlethill & Strathclyde Loch (all CLYDE) all on 7th Apr; one RSPB Wood of Cree (D&G) 7th Apr; male Coylton (AYRS) 8th Apr; first WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 15th Apr
Wood Warbler One Symbister, Whalsay (SHET) 13th May; one Sanday (ORK) 28th May; one Creachan, Barra (OH) 30th May One near Glencripesdale (HIGH) 22nd Apr; two Dalavich (ARG) 22nd Apr; two near Contin (HIGH) 23rd Apr; one Dalvore Woods (ARG) 23rd Apr; one Carnan Mor, Tiree (ARG) 6th May One Torlum Wood near Crieff (P&K) 18th Apr; one Ferness (M&N) 28th May Two singing Larbert House woods (UF) 19th Apr; one Skateraw (LOTH) 5th May; one Plora Wood, Innerleithen (BORD) 30th May Five east Loch Lomondside (CLYDE) 19th Apr, 16 birds reported there mainly to the north of Rowardennan on 20th; one Killiegowan Wood (D&G) 20th Apr; two RSPB Wood of Cree & one Barclye (both D&G) both on 22nd Apr; one Dalzell Woods (CLYDE) 22nd Apr
Chiffchaff Singles Sandgarth, Quendale & on Yell (all SHET) all on 29th Mar; first Fair Isle 30th Mar, 45 on 13th Apr; first North Ronaldsay (ORK) 31st Mar; one Liniclate, Benbecula (OH) 2nd Apr One Rosemarkie (HIGH) 20th Mar; one singing Whiteness (HIGH) 25th Mar; one Kilmory (ARG) 30th Mar; one Innellan (ARG) 1st Apr; one Thurso (CAITH) 7th Apr Singles Inchgarth NR & Peterculter (both NES) both on 25th Mar; one Blacksboat-Tamdhu (M&N) 28th Mar; one Girdle Ness (NES) 30th Mar; two Barry Buddon & one Loch of Lintrathen (both ANG) both on 1st Apr; one near Dalchonzie Power Station (P&K) 1st Apr; one Balgavies Loch (ANG) 5th Apr One Wester Branxholme Loch (BORD) 13th Mar; one singing East Whitburn (LOTH) 19th Mar; one singing near Newstead (BORD) 22nd Mar; one Inverleith Pond (LOTH) 22nd Mar; first Isle of May 22nd Mar, 12 there on 31st; one Lochore Meadows CP (FIFE) 25th Mar; two River Tyne, Haddington (LOTH) 26th Mar; one Morton Lochs (FIFE) 26th Mar; two Cottyburn (LOTH) 28th Mar; 10+ St. Abb's Head (BORD) 5th Apr; singing birds at Kinneil, Gartmorn Dam & Skinflats Lagoons (all UF) all on 7th Apr One singing Brodick Country Park, Arran (CLY ISL) 11th Mar; one Baron's Haugh RSPB (CLYDE) 15th Mar; two singing West Bay, Great Cumbrae (CLY ISL) 24th Mar; one singing Fullarton Woods, Troon (AYRS) 24th Mar; one WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 25th Mar
Willow Warbler First Fair Isle 7th Apr; one Bornish, South Uist (OH) 7th Apr; first North Ronaldsay (ORK) 12th Apr; one Fetlar (SHET) 12th Apr One reported singing Minard (ARG) 19th Mar; one Whiteness (HIGH) 5th Apr; one singing Carsaig, Mull (ARG) 5th Apr; 1+ singing Taynish NNR (ARG) 7th Apr; first birds reported from Speyside, Wester Ross & on Isle of Skye (all HIGH) all on 9th Apr; one Castlehill (CAITH) 15th Apr One RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 7th Apr, 5+ singing males on 16th; one Loch Leven (P&K) 11th Apr; one Crathie (NES) 13th Apr; one Cloddach (M&N) 14th Apr; one near Errol (P&K) 14th Apr; two Ythan Estuary (NES) 18th Apr Singing birds at Skinflats Lagoons & Gartmorn Dam (both UF) both on 7th Apr; one Keith Marischal (LOTH) 7th Apr; one Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 8th Apr; one Cottyburn (LOTH) 9th Apr; one near Nisbet (BORD) 9th Apr; 15 on Isle of May 14th Apr One Shewalton Wood SWT (AYRS) 29th Mar, eight singing males there on 8th Apr; one singing Bishopton (CLYDE) 6th Apr; two singing Garnock Lagoons (AYRS) 7th Apr; small influx noted Clyde area 7th Apr; one Clauchlands, Arran (CLY ISL) 7th Apr; first RSPB Wood of Cree (D&G) 7th Apr; one Kilchattan Bay, Bute (CLY ISL) 8th Apr; first WWT Caerlaverock (D&G) 10th Apr; one Brigton, Cree Valley (D&G) 11th Apr
Spotted Flycatcher One Fair Isle 13th May; four North Ronaldsay (ORK) 14th May; two singles on Unst (SHET) on 14th May; one South Glendale, South Uist (OH) 24th May One St. Catherines, Cowal (ARG) 30th Apr; four Torrisdale Castle, Kintyre & one on Islay (both ARG) both on 13th May; one Strathconon Power Station (HIGH) 14th May; one Lochmore Side, Sutherland (HIGH) 15th May; one Contin (HIGH) 18th May One Girdle Ness (NES) 5th May; one Blacksboat (M&N) 10th May; one Prosen (ANG) 11th May; one Pitfour (NES) 12th May; one Kirkstyle (P&K) 18th May One reported Skateraw (LOTH) 22nd Apr; one Isle of May 5th May; one Scoughall (LOTH) 5th May; one Dumyat (UF) 15th May; singles Talla Reservoir & Plora Wood and two St. Mary's Loch (all BORD) all on 18th May; one Kilminning (FIFE) 20th May One High Kildonan, Arran (CLY ISL) 30th Apr; one Linn Park, Glasgow (CLYDE) 2nd May; one Castle Douglas (D&G) 5th May; one Loch Doon & one Glen App (both AYRS) both on 7th May
Pied Flycatcher Male Fair Isle 4th May, two on 5th; one Skaw, Unst (SHET) 6th May; singles Ocraquoy & Bressay (both SHET) both on 7th May; one Balemore, North Uist (OH) 20th May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 21st May One Scarinish, Tiree (ARG) 30th Apr; one Loch an Eilein (HIGH) 1st May; one Torrisdale Castle, Kintyre (ARG) 13th May One RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 7th May One Skateraw (LOTH) 23rd Apr; one Torness Power Station (LOTH) 26th Apr; one Isle of May 25th May One near Thornhill (D&G) 19th Apr; one Carstramon Wood (D&G) 20th Apr, three males on 23rd; two RSPB Ken-Dee Marshes (D&G) 21st Apr; single males at Glen Afton & Knockdolian (both AYRS) both on 26th Apr; male Ross Wood, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 29th Apr