Shetland, Fair Isle, Orkney and Outer Hebrides Highland, Caithness and Argyll North-East Scotland, Moray & Nairn, Angus and Perth & Kinross Fife, Isle of May, Upper Forth, Lothian and Borders Clyde, Clyde Islands, Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway
Manx Shearwater One off Brevig, Barra (OH) 31st Mar; three past North Ronaldsay (ORK) 26th Apr; 1+ off Bressay (SHET) 2nd May; two past Watsness (SHET) 16th May; one off Fair Isle 15th June One off Hynish, Tiree (ARG) 22nd Mar, 420 on 28th; one off Waternish Point, Skye (HIGH) 30th Mar; 20 off Arisaig (HIGH) 1st Apr; 180+ Mallaig-Rum (HIGH) 10th Apr; three off Embo (HIGH) 12th Apr; one off Nybster (CAITH) 12th Apr One Girdle Ness (NES) 5th Apr; one north past Arbroath (ANG) 6th Apr; one past Lossiemouth (M&N) 23rd Apr One past Fife Ness (FIFE) 18th Feb, three on 22nd Apr; two off Linkim Shore (BORD) 27th Feb; one past Anstruther (FIFE) 27th Mar; two off Scoughall (LOTH) 11th Apr; one past Isle of May 20th Apr One off Saltcoats harbour (AYRS) 22nd Mar; two past Dunure (AYRS) 26th Mar, nine on 30th, c.200 on 13th Apr; seven off Corsewall Point (D&G) 4th Apr, 36 on 6th; three past Maryport (D&G) 5th Apr; 79 off Whiting Bay, Arran (CLY ISL) 8th Apr; one off Ardroscadale, Bute (CLY ISL) 10th Apr; one off Inverkip (CLYDE) 2nd May
Garganey Two (drake & female) North Ronaldsay (ORK) 19th Apr; two Loch Sandary, North Uist (OH) 3rd May; drake Fair Isle 8th May; drake Loch Stiapavat, Lewis (OH) 8th May; one Loch of Hillwell (SHET) 9th May Drake RSPB Loch Gruinart, Islay (ARG) 8th May; drake Balnakeil (HIGH) 8th May; drake Thuster Mains farm pools (CAITH) 10th May Two (drake & female) River Don, Grandholm, Aberdeen (NES) 31st Mar; two (drake & female) RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 5th Apr, four on 11th May; two (drake & female) Balormie (M&N) 22nd Apr; drake Murton NR (ANG) 8th May One Dunbar (LOTH) 8th Apr; drake Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 6th May; drake Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 7th May; two (drake & female) Clatto Reservoir (FIFE) 21st May Drake Balgray Reservoir (CLYDE) 26th Mar; single drakes RSPB Lochwinnoch & RSPB Baron's Haugh (both CLYDE) both on 3rd Apr; three (two drakes & a female) Carbarns Pool (CLYDE) 10th Apr; female RSPB Crook of Baldoon (D&G) 11th Apr, drake on 24th; drake Garnock Floods SWT (AYRS) 13th Apr
Marsh Harrier One Skaw, Unst (SHET) 9th Apr; one Dalsetter (SHET) 30th Apr; one reported near Balranald RSPB, North Uist (OH) 6th May Female Loch Bhasapol, Tiree (ARG) 4th May; one Dunadd (ARG) 29th May One RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 12th Mar; one over north end of Arbroath (ANG) 29th Mar; female RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 29th Mar, male on 30th; one Loch Spynie (M&N) 8th Apr; one RSPB Loch Leven (P&K) 5th May Male & female Mugdrum Island (FIFE) 22nd Mar; female Longcarse (UF) 25th Mar; female Letham Pools (FIFE) 8th Apr; one Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 24th Apr One RSPB Mersehead (D&G) 30th Mar; male RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 2nd Apr; one South Medwin Pools (CLYDE) 19th Apr
Osprey One over Ardvule Point, South Uist (OH) 27th Apr; one Culsetter (SHET) 6th May; one Fair Isle 8th June; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 9th June Two reported South Kintyre (ARG) 8th Mar; one reported near Tarradale House, Beauly Firth (HIGH) 9th Mar; one Pennyghael, Mull (ARG) 16th Mar; one Add Estuary (ARG) 17th Mar; one The Mound, Loch Fleet and one over Cairngorm Plateau (both HIGH) both on 21st Mar; one Calder (CAITH) 21st Mar One back SWT Loch of the Lowes (P&K) 17th Mar, two on 18th; one Nairn (M&N) 21st Mar; singles at Fochabers & near Forres (both M&N) both on 23rd Mar; one RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 30th Mar; birds back on territory at two sites in North-East Scotland both on 4th Apr One north at Skateraw (LOTH) 15th Mar; one west at Cramond (LOTH) 17th Mar; one over Ruddons Point (FIFE) 21st Mar; one over Garvald (LOTH) 24th Mar; one near Peebles (BORD) 25th Mar; one over St. Abb's Head (BORD) 26th Mar; one over Bo'ness (UF) 30th Mar; one over Deanston (UF) 31st Mar One west over Kilmory, Arran (CLY ISL) 11th Mar; one back NTS Threave (D&G) 17th Mar, two on 19th; one over Gleniffer Braes (CLYDE) 25th Mar; 2+ back on Bute (CLY ISL) 25th Mar; one over RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 26th Mar; one over Linn Falls (AYRS) 26th Mar; one RSPB Crook of Baldoon (D&G) 30th Mar; two back at Loch Doon (AYRS) 31st Mar
Dotterel Two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 1st May, four on 7th; one Hermaness, Unst (SHET) 10th May; two Balranald RSPB, North Uist (OH) 14th May Two Aonoch Mor (HIGH) 15th Apr, one on 18th; two Caliach Point, Mull (ARG) 23rd Apr One Beinn a Buird (NES) 10th May Four Doune Hill (CLYDE) 7th Apr; one Cairnsmore of Fleet (D&G) 20th May
Whimbrel One Skigersta, Lewis (OH) 14th Apr; one Fair Isle 17th Apr; one Spiggie (SHET) 17th Apr; one Skaw, Unst (SHET) 18th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 18th Apr; 225 on North Uist (OH) on 3rd May One Ulva Ferry, Mull (ARG) 7th Apr; four Campbeltown Loch (ARG) 12th Apr; two Dornoch (HIGH) 17th Apr; one Ham (CAITH) 18th Apr; two on Skye (HIGH) 18th Apr, eight on Skye on 23rd; one Tiree (ARG) 18th Apr, 35 on 23rd Four Findhorn (M&N) 8th Apr; one Ythan Estuary (NES) 10th Apr, one on 26th; one Montrose Basin (ANG) 16th Apr; 2+ over Girdle Ness (NES) on 26th Apr; one Loch Leven (P&K) 8th May One past Eyemouth (BORD) 20th Mar; one Luthrie (FIFE) 21st Mar; one over Kennetpans (UF) 3rd Apr; 1+ North Berwick (LOTH) 17th Apr; three Caiplie (FIFE) 19th Apr; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 22nd Apr; one Isle of May 23rd Apr One Kilmichael, Bute (CLY ISL) 17th Mar; one Wigtown Bay (D&G) 24th Mar; one past Troon (AYRS) 27th Mar, one on 14th Apr; one RSPB Crook of Baldoon (D&G) 11th Apr; one RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 12th Apr, three on 19th, 67 on 1st May; one past Saltcoats harbour (AYRS) 17th Apr, eight on 18th; three Dunagoil Bay, Bute (CLY ISL) 18th Apr; three Porta Buidhe, Arran (CLY ISL) 19th Apr; 23 Kilbirnie Loch (AYRS) 24th Apr; 46 Skate Bay, Great Cumbrae (CLY ISL) 2nd May
Common Sandpiper One St. Kilda (OH) 20th Apr; one Clickimin Loch, Lerwick (SHET) 25th Apr; one Fair Isle 28th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 28th Apr One The Mound, Loch Fleet (HIGH) 10th Apr; one Croggan, Mull (ARG) 10th Apr; one Knock, Mull (ARG) 14th Apr; one Loch Feochan (ARG) 15th Apr; arrival noted Speyside (HIGH) 16th Apr; one Westerdale (CAITH) 17th Apr One St. Cyrus (NES) 5th Apr; one River Earn, near Aberuthven (P&K) 7th Apr; two upper Glen Almond (P&K) 8th Apr; one Powmouth (ANG) 17th Apr; one Inchgarth NR (NES) 18th Apr; one Tugnet (M&N) 21st Apr One River Tweed near Sprouston (BORD) 7th Apr; one Faseny, Lammermuir Hills (LOTH) 8th Apr; one Whiteadder Reservoir (LOTH) 9th Apr; two River Devon, Dollar (UF) 12th Apr; one Tweedbank (BORD) 15th Apr; two Loch Fitty (FIFE) 21st Apr; one Isle of May 28th Apr One Walkinshaw, by Glasgow Airport (CLYDE) 8th Apr; one River Nith, Kirkton (D&G) 8th Apr, two nearby on 11th; one west Loch Lomond & one Victoria Park pond, Glasgow (both CLYDE) both on 12th Apr; one Lugar Water, Ochiltree (AYRS) 13th Apr; one Ardbeg, Bute (CLY ISL) 13th Apr; one Auchincruive (AYRS) 14th Apr; one Catacol Bay, Arran (CLY ISL) 17th Apr
Sandwich Tern One Eoligarry, Barra (OH) 18th Mar; 1+ Papa Westray (ORK) 30th Mar; one Melby (SHET) 4th Apr; one Fair Isle 12th Apr One Loch Fleet (HIGH) 19th Mar, 12+ on 23rd; one Tayinloan (ARG) 21st Mar; two West Loch Tarbert (ARG) 26th Mar; one Dunnet Bay (CAITH) 28th Mar One Girdle Ness (NES) 18th Mar; four Kingsteps (M&N) 20th Mar; 10+ Nairn (M&N) 27th Mar; two Lunan Bay (ANG) 5th Apr Three Coldingham Bay (BORD) 22nd Mar; 3+ off Fife Ness (FIFE) 25th Mar; one Port Seton (LOTH) 29th Mar; three Isle of May 1st May; one River Forth, Dunmore (UF) 31st May One Prestwick (AYRS) 16th Mar; two Hunterston Sands (AYRS) 23rd Mar; two White Bay, Great Cumbrae (CLY ISL) 27th Mar; two Ardmore Point & one Helensburgh (both CLYDE) both on 2nd Apr; two Corsewall Point (D&G) 2nd Apr
Common Tern Three off Carinish, North Uist (OH) 14th Apr; one Hoswick (SHET) 26th Apr; two Weisdale (SHET) 28th Apr Two near Westport, Kintyre (ARG) 8th Apr; four Coul Links (HIGH) 12th Apr; one Chanonry Point (HIGH) 16th Apr, 52 on 29th; one Loch of Wester (CAITH) 20th Apr; four Loch Scridain, Mull (ARG) 28th Apr; one Isle of Eigg (HIGH) 29th Apr One Nairn (M&N) 1st Apr; first Sands of Forvie NR (NES) 19th Apr; eight Montrose Basin (ANG) 29th Apr One Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 27th Apr; three Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 30th Apr; four over Isle of May on 7th May; 1+ Seafield, Kirkcaldy (FIFE) 8th May 2+ off Longhaugh Point (CLYDE) 28th Apr; one Martnaham Loch (AYRS) 29th Apr; one Strathclyde Loch (CLYDE) on 30th Apr; 1+ off Corsewall Point (D&G) 16th May
Arctic Tern Four in Sound of Harris (OH) 13th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 19th Apr, 60 on 8th May; 74 Baleshare, North Uist (OH) 2nd May; one Virkie (SHET) 2nd May; 22 Fair Isle 9th May One Kennacraig-Islay (ARG) 14th Apr; four Kildalton, Islay (ARG) 23rd Apr; first back St. John's Pool (CAITH) 26th Apr; two Broadford, Skye (HIGH) 28th Apr; five Chanonry Point (HIGH) 1st May First Sands of Forvie NR (NES) 27th Apr; three Tugnet, Spey Bay (M&N) 30th Apr One Skateraw (LOTH) 22nd Apr; two Isle of May 26th Apr; 1+ Largo Bay (FIFE) 30th Apr One past Saltcoats harbour (AYRS) 18th Apr, 22 on 19th; one off Gourock (CLYDE) 1st June
Little Tern One Callernish, North Uist (OH) 17th Apr; one Sumburgh (SHET) 22nd Apr; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 17th May One Reef, Tiree (ARG) 21st Apr; two Dornoch (HIGH) 8th May First Sands of Forvie NR (NES) 1st May; two off Burghead (M&N) 15th May One off Barns Ness (LOTH) 22nd May
Cuckoo Singing male Portvoller, Lewis (OH) 1st Apr; one Lerwick (SHET) 29th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 3rd May; one Fair Isle 14th May One Glencruiten, Oban (ARG) 5th Apr; one Portree, Skye (HIGH) 12th Apr; small arrival noted in Argyll on 14th & 15th Apr; male Isleornsay, Skye (HIGH) 15th Apr; one Gruids, Lairg (HIGH) 18th Apr; one Broubster Forest (CAITH) 21st Apr One Newton of Dalvey (M&N) 26th Apr; one Glen Clova (ANG) 28th Apr; one An Sgarsoch (NES) 29th Apr; one Sands of Forvie NR (NES) 2nd May; at least 1 at Loch Leven (P&K) 6th May One Mayshiel, Lammermuir Hills (LOTH) 15th Apr; one reported near Buchany (UF) 17th Apr; singing male Sheriffmuir (UF) 18th Apr; one Bankhead Moss (FIFE) 23rd Apr; one Threipmuir Reservoir (LOTH) 23rd Apr; one Blebo Craigs (FIFE) 24th Apr; one Ashiestiel (BORD) 25th Apr; one singing Ferny Ness wood (LOTH) 30th Apr; two Isle of May 30th Apr Singing male Kilmacolm Meadow (CLYDE) 9th Apr; one Knockman Wood (D&G) 11th Apr; one Muirshiel CP (CLYDE) 11th Apr; one Isle of Bute (CLY ISL) 13th Apr; one by Loch Finlas (AYRS) 14th Apr; one Cambret Hill (D&G) 15th Apr; one Glenburn Reservoir (AYRS) 17th Apr; one singing near Glenmore, Bute (CLY ISL) 17th Apr; at least one singing male near Barrhill (AYRS) 18th Apr; one Glen Rosa, Arran (CLY ISL) 19th Apr
Swift Two Fjara, Lerwick (SHET) 11th May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 14th May; one Fair Isle 30th May; one Port of Ness, Lewis (OH) 20th June One Fort William (HIGH) 29th Apr; two Slockavullin (ARG) 1st May; two Kingussie (HIGH) 2nd May; three Oban (ARG) 2nd May; one Inverness (HIGH) 4th May One Kinross (P&K) 4th May, four at Loch Leven on 5th; one Banchory (NES) 7th May; 1+ RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 8th May; two Rothes, two near Forres & one Spey Bay (all M&N) all on 8th May; 2+ Aberdeen (NES) 9th May One Lower Largo (FIFE) 29th Apr; 3+ near Pitlessie (FIFE) 30th Apr; 10 Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 30th Apr; one Clerkington, Haddington (LOTH) 30th Apr; one Musselburgh (LOTH) 30th Apr; one Dryburgh, one Birgham, two Tweedbank & one Holydean (all BORD) all on 1st May; one Redcoll with also reports at Barns Ness, Tyninghame, Scoughall & Haddington (all LOTH) all on 1st May; three Dunblane (UF) 4th May; four Isle of May 23rd May Three reported Mull of Galloway (D&G) 8th Apr; one Garnock East (AYRS) 29th Apr; two Newton Stewart (D&G) 29th Apr, four on 5th May; two Balmore Pool, five RSPB Lochwinnoch, five Balgray Reservoir & one Lanark (all CLYDE) all on 1st May; two Auchincross (AYRS) 1st May; two Shiskine Valley, Arran (CLY ISL) 1st May; one Rothesay, Bute (CLY ISL) 2nd May; 30 Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 4th May; four Wigtown (D&G) 6th May
Sand Martin One Balranald NR, North Uist (OH) 2nd Apr; five North Ronaldsay (ORK) 2nd Apr; two Fair Isle 10th Apr; one Virkie (SHET) 13th Apr Two Loch Insh (HIGH) 18th Mar, 22+ on 22nd, 600+ on 12th Apr, 800+ on 23rd; one Inveraray Castle (ARG) 19th Mar; two Ardrishaig (ARG) 20th Mar; one St. John's Pool (CAITH) 25th Mar; one Isle of Eigg & 6+ Armadale, Skye (both HIGH) both on 3rd Apr 10 Rescobie Loch (ANG) 19th Mar; 1+ Loch of Skene (NES) 19th Mar; two Loch Leven (P&K) 20th Mar, c.60 on 22nd, 300+ on 25th; eight Dallachy Pool (M&N) 25th Mar One Isle of May 17th Mar; two near Doune & c.12 Bridge of Allan (both UF) both on 18th Mar; one River Tweed near Sprouston (BORD) 18th Mar; four Musselburgh Lagoons & 13 Gladhouse Reservoir (both LOTH) both on 19th Mar; 10+ Blairdrummond GPs & two Deanston (both UF) both on 19th Mar; four Birgham & three Pot Loch, Selkirk (both BORD) both on 19th Mar; two Leven (FIFE) 19th Mar; four Loch Fitty (FIFE) 20th Mar One Galston, three Ardeer Ponds & two Troon (all AYRS) all on 18th Mar; 2+ Threave, 8+ River Nith, Dumfries & four Wigtown harbour LNR (all D&G) all on 18th Mar; 100+ Strathclyde Loch (CLYDE) 18th Mar; 20+ Castle Semple Loch (CLYDE) 18th Mar, 40+ on 20th; 14+ RSPB Baron's Haugh, two Hogganfield Loch & one RSPB Loch Lomond (all CLYDE) all on 18th Mar; 20+ Martnaham Loch (AYRS) 20th Mar; 1+ NTS Threave (D&G) 21st Mar; one RSPB Crook of Baldoon (D&G) 24th Mar; two Mossend Pond, Arran (CLY ISL) 28th Mar
Swallow One Hoy & one Stromness (both ORK) both on 16th Mar; one Tiumpan Head, Lewis (OH) 26th Mar; one Lemreway, Harris (OH) 1st Apr; singles Scatsta & Spiggie (both SHET) both on 4th Apr; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 10th Apr; three Fair Isle 12th Apr One Kinlochbervie (HIGH) 30th Mar; one Balnakeil, Sutherland (HIGH) 31st Mar; one Lochgilphead (ARG) 31st Mar, one on 2nd Apr; one Avielochan (HIGH) 1st Apr; one Dunnet Bay (CAITH) 2nd Apr; three on Mull (ARG) on 2nd Apr; one Broadford, Skye (HIGH) 6th Apr; arrival noted Highland 10th-12th Apr One Rescobie Loch (ANG) 19th Mar; one Banchory (NES) 30th Mar; two Loch Spynie (M&N) 1st Apr; 10+ at Loch Leven (P&K) 9th Apr One on wires Otterston Loch-Crossgates (FIFE) 18th Mar; one Gart GPs (UF) 19th Mar; one Gladhouse Reservoir (LOTH) 19th Mar; one near Dunbar (LOTH) 23rd Mar; one Port of Menteith (UF) 27th Mar; one Springkerse, Stirling (UF) 29th Mar; one Angle Park GP (FIFE) 30th Mar; one Birgham Haugh, two Hollybush Pond & one Bemersyde Moss (all BORD) all on 1st Apr; influx/large arrival noted Borders 8th Apr; first Isle of May 8th Apr One Castle Semple Loch (CLYDE) 18th Mar; one East Kilbride (CLYDE) 31st Mar; five north at Kilkerran, one Loch Doon & one Dunure (all AYRS) all on 1st Apr; two Balgray Reservoir (CLYDE) 1st Apr; one Penpont (D&G) 2nd Apr; two RSPB Crook of Baldoon (D&G) 4th Apr; one Sliddery, Arran (CLY ISL) 6th Apr
House Martin One Voe (SHET) 4th Apr; one Adabroc, Lewis (OH) 8th Apr; one Grutness (SHET) 9th Apr; two Fair Isle 19th Apr One Port Wemyss, Islay (ARG) 25th Mar; two Kilnaughton, Islay (ARG) 28th Mar; one Freswick (CAITH) 11th Apr; three Conon Bridge (HIGH) 12th Apr; two Campbeltown (ARG) 12th Apr; one back at nest site near Kingussie (HIGH) 15th Apr; one Inverpolly (HIGH) 24th Apr One Banchory (NES) 5th Apr; two Loch na Bo (M&N) 8th Apr; two Loch Leven (P&K) 9th Apr; one Aberfeldy (P&K) 11th Apr; one Lossie Estuary (M&N) 12th Apr; one Inchgarth NR (NES) 12th Apr; two Loch Spynie (M&N) 14th Apr; one Crossans near Glamis (ANG) 16th Apr Two Samuelston (LOTH) 28th Mar; one River Tweed near Sprouston (BORD) 7th Apr; one Dunfermline (FIFE) 9th Apr; one Dunshalt (FIFE) 10th Apr; one Bridge of Allan (UF) 11th Apr; 2+ Carse of Stirling (UF) 12th Apr; one Manderston (BORD) 15th Apr; 12 Isle of May 1st May One Clarkston (CLYDE) 8th Apr; 1+ RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 10th Apr; one Brodick, Arran (CLY ISL) 11th Apr; one RSPB Crook of Baldoon (D&G) 12th Apr; one near Tongland (D&G) 12th Apr; one Ochiltree (AYRS) 17th Apr
Tree Pipit Two Millfield, Unst (SHET) 9th Apr; one Fair Isle 19th Apr, nine on 5th May, 16 on 8th, 34 on 11th May; one Grogarry Lodge, South Uist (OH) 29th Apr; four North Ronaldsay (ORK) 4th May 2+ Taynish NNR (ARG) 11th Apr; one Ardtur (ARG) 13th Apr; one Loch Pityoulish (HIGH) 14th Apr; two Bridge of Orchy (ARG) 17th Apr; one Lussa Glen (ARG) 19th Apr; one near Gairloch & 1+ Rhiddoroch Estate (both HIGH) both on 22nd Apr One Glen Lee (ANG) 3rd Apr; one Loch of Skene (NES) 14th Apr; three Whiteash Hill Wood (M&N) 17th Apr; one Bieldside (NES) 17th Apr; several back on territory around Comrie & Crieff (P&K) on 22nd Apr One Scoughall (LOTH) 11th Apr; one Wood Hill (UF) 17th Apr; one Cromlix (UF) 18th Apr; one Dunbar (LOTH) 18th Apr; one Venlaw Hill (BORD) 27th Apr; one Blairadam (FIFE) 28th Apr; singles Elibank & Ladyurd (both BORD) both on 28th Apr; one Isle of May 29th Apr, two on 1st May; one Boarhills & one Kilminning (both FIFE) both on 6th May; five on East Lothian coast (LOTH) on 6th May One Knockman Wood (D&G) 8th Apr; two RSPB Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 12th Apr; two Sallochy Wood & one Dumbrock Muir (both CLYDE) both on 18th Apr; one Balnakailly Wood, Bute (CLY ISL) 21st Apr; one Shewalton Wood SWT (AYRS) 28th Apr
Yellow Wagtail Blue-headed Wagtail Fair Isle 14th Apr; Blue-headed Wagtail Cullivoe, Yell (SHET) 30th Apr; one Fair Isle 4th May; one Haroldswick, Unst (SHET) 5th May; Grey-headed Wagtail Uyeasound, Unst (SHET) 7th May; Blue-headed Wagtail North Ronaldsay (ORK) 8th May; Grey-headed Wagtail Grutness (SHET) 8th May; Grey-headed Wagtail Fair Isle 10th May; male Balranald RSPB, North Uist & one St. Kilda (both OH) both on 16th May; one Mingulay (OH) 10th June; probable Grey-headed Wagtail Port of Ness, Lewis (OH) 10th June One Moss, Loch Shiel (HIGH) 10th Apr; one Balnakeil (HIGH) 6th May, Blue-headed Wagtail there on 19th May; pair Blue-headed Wagtails near Lephenstrath farm, Kintyre (ARG) 7th July One Hatton (ANG) 25th Apr; Grey-headed Wagtail Spey Bay (M&N) 15th May; one RSPB Loch of Strathbeg (NES) 18th May; probable male Spanish Wagtail (form iberiae) Balormie Pig Farm (M&N) 24th May One back on territory on River Tweed (BORD) 9th Apr; two Birgham (BORD) 10th Apr; one Seafield Pond (LOTH) 19th Apr; one near Torness Power Station (LOTH) 21st Apr; one Isle of May 28th Apr, one on 8th May; one near Crail (FIFE) 28th Apr; Blue-headed type Wagtail Bilsdean (LOTH) 6th May
White Wagtail One Fair Isle 31st Mar, two on 7th Apr; three Loch Ordais, Lewis (OH) 15th Apr; one Carinish, North Uist (OH) 20th Apr; one Clickimin Loch, Lerwick (SHET) 25th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 2nd May One Sorobaidh Bay, Tiree (ARG) 18th Mar; one Carradale (ARG) 8th Apr; one Thurso (CAITH) 6th Apr; 14 Dornoch & at least 8 Moss, Loch Shiel (both HIGH) both on 10th Apr One reported Stonehaven (NES) 20th Mar; one Girdle Ness (NES) 1st Apr; one Mains of Gollachy (M&N) 18th Apr Two Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 6th Apr, c.10 on 7th; at least one Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 8th Apr; one Kingsbarns (FIFE) 8th Apr; one Whitesands Bay (LOTH) 9th Apr; seven Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 13th Apr One reported New Cumnock (AYRS) 21st Mar; male Hunterston Sands (AYRS) 23rd Mar; three Port Buidhe, Arran (CLY ISL) 3rd Apr; male Doonfoot (AYRS) 4th Apr; one RSPB Lochwinnoch & six Ardmore Point (both CLYDE) both on 5th Apr; one Maryport (D&G) 8th Apr; 2+ RSPB Crook of Baldoon (D&G) 11th Apr
Redstart One Fair Isle 28th Apr, 11 on 8th May; one Scousburgh (SHET) 1st May; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 4th May; widespread records, amongst large numbers of common migrants, throughout Shetland on 7th May One Achnaba (ARG) 10th Apr; male Aros Woods, Mull (ARG) 11th Apr; singing male Loch Vaa (HIGH) 17th Apr; male Lussa Glen (ARG) 19th Apr; at least 4 males Taynish NNR (ARG) 20th Apr; singing male Glen Affric (HIGH) 30th Apr; 10+ Blackfold near Inverness (HIGH) 7th May One Muir of Dinnet NNR (NES) 11th Apr; one Braco Castle (P&K) 22nd Apr; singing male Dunearn/Burnside (M&N) 22nd Apr; one Collieston (NES) 30th Apr; one Glen Esk (ANG) 1st May One Isle of May 9th Apr, male on 22nd; one Borthwick Castle (LOTH) 13th Apr; arrival noted Borders on 16th Apr with males at Ashiestiel (2), near Leitholm & near Chirnside; male The Braids, Edinburgh (LOTH) 16th Apr; male Rossie Bog (FIFE) 16th Apr; one Tyninghame (LOTH) 17th Apr; one Doune Lodge Estate (UF) 18th Apr; one Little Druim Wood (UF) 23rd Apr Male RSPB Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 8th Apr, two males on 11th, 10 Sallochy Wood on 26th; male Cathkin Marsh SWT (CLYDE) 13th Apr; female RSPB Ken-Dee Marshes (D&G) 14th Apr; one Loch Doon (AYRS) 15th Apr; one near Glecknabae, Bute (CLY ISL) 25th Apr; male North Kiscadale, Arran (CLY ISL) 11th May
Whinchat One Fair Isle 30th Apr, seven on 8th May; male North Ronaldsay (ORK) 30th Apr; one Whalsay (SHET) 5th May; one Cuidir, Barra (OH) 7th May; eight reported on Shetland on 7th May Male Moine Mhor NNR & single males on Islay at Kinnabus & Glen Astle (all ARG) all on 25th Apr; two on Skye & one Drumguish (all HIGH) all on 28th Apr One Glen Shee (NES) 1st May; two Girdle Ness (NES) 7th May; male Rattray Head & up to six Collieston (both NES) both on 8th May; one Backwater Reservoir (ANG) 9th May; three males near Glendevon (P&K) 9th May One near Newcastleton (BORD) 25th Apr; two Sheriffmuir (UF) 26th Apr; male Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 26th Apr; one Isle of May 27th Apr; two Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 27th Apr; male outer Eden Estuary (FIFE) 28th Apr; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 30th Apr; 6+ singing males south of Hownam (BORD) 3rd May One Machrie Moor, Arran (CLY ISL) 26th Apr; one RSPB Crook of Baldoon (D&G) 27th Apr; four near Campsie Glen (CLYDE) 28th Apr; one Shewalton Wood SWT (AYRS) 28th Apr; four Longhaugh Point (CLYDE) 28th Apr; one near Newton Mearns (CLYDE) 29th Apr
Wheatear Small arrival noted Barra & Vatersay (OH) 25th Mar; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 26th Mar, 37 on 4th Apr; one Fair Isle 28th Mar; one Grutness (SHET) 2nd Apr, small arrival noted Shetland on 3rd Apr One Forsinard & one Achiltibuie (both HIGH) both on 21st Mar; one Islay, two Kintyre, one on Mull & one on Tiree (all ARG) all on 21st Mar; one Dorrery (CAITH) 21st Mar; male Inverlochy (HIGH) 22nd Mar; arrival noted in several areas of Highland on 25th Mar; 10+ on Islay (ARG) on 26th Mar One Glen Lethnot (ANG) 19th Mar; five Glendevon (P&K) 25th Mar; one Cullen (M&N) 27th Mar; one Bogendriep (NES) 30th Mar; three Balintore (ANG) 30th Mar One Isle of May 17th Mar; one St. Abb's Head (BORD) 18th Mar; two Ferny Ness (LOTH) 18th Mar; male Letham Pools (FIFE) 18th Mar; two Muchra & one Eyemouth (both BORD) both on 20th Mar; one Kilrenny Mill (FIFE) 23rd Mar; one Myreton Hill (UF) 30th Mar One Point of Lag (D&G) 18th Mar, two on 20th; one near Loch Thom (CLYDE) 18th Mar; one Burrow Head & male RSPB Crook of Baldoon (both D&G) both on 20th Mar; singles Troon & Prestwick (both AYRS) both on 20th Mar; first on Bute (CLY ISL) 20th Mar; two Dundonald Camp (AYRS) 21st Mar; one Drumadoon Point, Arran (CLY ISL) 21st Mar; two Balgray Reservoir (CLYDE) 25th Mar
Ring Ouzel Two Fair Isle 10th Apr; singles Leawart, Unst & Loch of Spiggie (both SHET) both on 13th Apr; one South Glendale, South Uist (OH) 21st Apr; male North Ronadsay (ORK) 23rd Apr One reported Badenoch (HIGH) 27th Mar; singing male Quiraing, Skye (HIGH) 30th Mar; singles Cairngorm & near Cromdale (both HIGH) both on 4th Apr; one Ben Cruachan (ARG) 13th Apr One Barry Buddon (ANG) 2nd Apr; one Glen Shee (NES) 3rd Apr; six singing males Glen Builg (M&N) 11th Apr; 1+ Glean Beag (P&K) 19th Apr One Kilminning (FIFE) 29th Mar; male Auldhame (LOTH) 2nd Apr; pair Green Cleuch, Pentland Hills (LOTH) 7th Apr; two near Dun Rig Horseshoe (BORD) 7th Apr; two Faseny, Lammermuir Hills (LOTH) 8th Apr; one Isle of May 21st Apr; three Kirkton (UF) 26th Apr; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 7th May Male Nick of the Balloch (AYRS) 3rd Apr; two Culter Waterhead (CLYDE) 5th Apr, pair on 8th; male Gogo Glen (AYRS) 10th Apr; two Mennock Pass (D&G) 25th Apr
Grasshopper Warbler One Brevig, Barra (OH) 18th Apr; two Fair Isle 1st May; one Skaw, Whalsay (SHET) 5th May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 7th May One Ardfern, three Moine Mhor area & five singing birds reported on Cowal Peninsula (all ARG) all on 17th Apr; one Seil (ARG) 18th Apr; singing male near Dingwall (HIGH) 19th Apr; three singing males Broadford, Skye (HIGH) 22nd Apr; one Forsinard (HIGH) 24th Apr One Nigg Bay (NES) 18th Apr; one RSPB Loch Leven (P&K) 21st Apr; one Barry Buddon (ANG) 30th Apr; six Knockando (M&N) 30th Apr; one Sands of Forvie NR (NES) 3rd May; one Buckpool GC (M&N) 3rd May Singing male Muirfield dunes (LOTH) 10th Apr; one Doorpool (BORD) 15th Apr; one RSPB Black Devon Wetlands (UF) 16th Apr, four on 20th; singing male Coates (LOTH) 16th Apr; one Loch Fitty (FIFE) 21st Apr; one Isle of May 3rd May Singing male Garnock Floods SWT (AYRS) 14th Apr; singing male Millersneuk Marsh (CLYDE) 16th Apr; one Mull of Galloway (D&G) 16th Apr; three singing males near New Galloway (D&G) 17th Apr; one Cathkin Marsh SWT (CLYDE) 17th Apr; one Loch Doon (AYRS) 17th Apr; one Glen Fruin (CLYDE) 18th Apr; five Gartloch Pools (CLYDE) 20th Apr; singing male near Sliddery, Arran (CLY ISL) 22nd Apr
Sedge Warbler One Balivanich, Benbecula (OH) 20th Apr; one Nask, Barra (OH) 29th Apr, increase in numbers noted Barra on 3rd May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 29th Apr; one Fair Isle 30th Apr; one Quendale (SHET) 7th May One RSPB Gruinart, Islay (ARG) 21st Apr; one Kinnabus, Islay & 1+ on Colonsay (both ARG) both on 27th Apr; one Moine Mhor NNR (ARG) 28th Apr; one Loch Flemington & one Hilton of Cadboll (both HIGH) both on 30th Apr; arrival noted on Skye (HIGH) on 3rd May One Tay Reedbeds (P&K) 17th Apr; one Carsehall, Loch Leven (P&K) 20th Apr; one Ythan Estuary (NES) 20th Apr; 2+ RSPB Loch of Kinnordy (ANG) 27th Apr; one Gollachy (M&N) 29th Apr; three Loch Spynie (M&N) 30th Apr; 2+ St. Fittick's marsh, Girdle Ness & one Inchgarth NR (both NES) both on 30th Apr One Blairdrummond GPs (UF) 14th Apr; singing male RSPB Black Devon Wetlands (UF) 18th Apr; one Scoughall (LOTH) 20th Apr; at least five at Skinflats Lagoons (UF) on 23rd Apr; singing male Hirsel CP & one Upsettlington (both BORD) both on 23rd Apr; one Birgham (BORD) 25th Apr; one Musselburgh Lagoons (LOTH) 27th Apr; four Loch Fitty, three Letham Pools & one Kilminning (all FIFE) all on 28th Apr; two Isle of May 30th Apr One RSPB Crook of Baldoon (D&G) 11th Apr; one Garnock Lagoons (AYRS) 16th Apr; one RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 20th Apr; 1+ singing male Martnaham Loch (AYRS) 20th Apr; three Balgray Reservoir (CLYDE) 23rd Apr; one Kildonan, Arran (CLY ISL) 28th Apr; two Great Cumbrae (CLY ISL) 28th Apr
Lesser Whitethroat One Sumburgh (SHET) 28th Apr; three Fair Isle 28th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 28th Apr, five on 1st May; male Glen, Barra (OH) 29th May One Craig David Croft, Inverbervie (NES) 28th Apr; one Kirkton, Collieston (NES) 30th Apr, three Collieston on 6th May; one Castlesea Bay (ANG) 7th May One St. Abb's (BORD) 23rd Apr; one Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 26th Apr; singing male near Longniddry (LOTH) 27th Apr; two Isle of May 28th Apr, four on 5th May; one Haddington GC (LOTH) 28th Apr; one Lower Kilminning (FIFE) 30th Apr, three on 5th May; singing male The Binn, Burntisland (FIFE) 1st May; five St. Abb's Head & two Dowlaw (both BORD) both on 5th May Two singing males Ardeer (AYRS) 22nd Apr; one Dunure (AYRS) 23rd Apr; two Croy Shore (AYRS) 25th Apr; singing male Isle of Whithorn (D&G) 1st May; singing male Merryton (CLYDE) 7th May
Whitethroat One Fair Isle 28th Apr; three North Ronaldsay (ORK) 2nd May; one Barra (OH) 3rd May; one Noness, Sandwick (SHET) 3rd May One Stewarton, Kintyre (ARG) 11th Apr; one Loch Torr, Mull (ARG) 24th Apr; one Kinnabus, Islay (ARG) 27th Apr; one Balinoe (ARG) 28th Apr; one near Avoch, one Easter Dalziel & one Chanonry Point (all HIGH) all on 3rd May; two on Skye (HIGH) 6th May One Elliot (ANG) 28th Apr; one Kirkton, Collieston & one Arnhall Moss (both NES) both on 28th Apr; one Buckpool (M&N) 29th Apr; two Scotlandwell (P&K) 1st May; one Girdle Ness (NES) 2nd May One RSPB Black Devon Wetlands (UF) 14th Apr, two on 20th; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 16th Apr; one Gullane (LOTH) 26th Apr; one Holyrood Park, Edinburgh (LOTH) 26th Apr; one Isle of May 27th Apr, six on 5th May; singing male Cramond (LOTH) 27th Apr; one Kilminning, one The Binn, Burntisland & one Birnie Loch (all FIFE) all on 28th Apr; singing male Coldingham (BORD) 1st May; four singing males Newmains farm, Reston (BORD) 3rd May One Merryton (CLYDE) 13th Apr; one near Bardowie (CLYDE) 16th Apr; one Carsluith (D&G) 22nd Apr; one Dunure (AYRS) 23rd Apr; singles Bishop Loch & Hogganfield Loch (both CLYDE) 26th Apr; one Pow Burn (AYRS) 26th Apr; two Balmore Pool (CLYDE) 27th Apr; one Sliddery, Arran (CLY ISL) 28th Apr; one Great Cumbrae (CLY ISL) 28th Apr
Garden Warbler One Fair Isle 5th May; two Sumburgh (SHET) 6th May, six on Shetland on 7th; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 7th May; one Back, Lewis (OH) 23rd May; one St. Kilda (OH) 1st June One reported Ardentinny (ARG) on 17th Apr; one Lussa Glen (ARG) 19th Apr; one Kilmartin (ARG) 2nd May; one Merkinch LNR, Inverness (HIGH) 4th May One Clatto CP (ANG) 2nd May; one Mains of Usan (ANG) 5th May; one RSPB Loch Leven (P&K) 6th May; one Banchory (NES) 7th May; three Girdle Ness (NES) 7th May; one Maryculter (NES) 7th May; one Collieston & one Old Portlethen (both NES) both on 8th May; one Blacksboat station (M&N) 21st May Singing male reported Alva Glen (UF) 14th Apr; one Upsettlington (BORD) 23rd Apr; one Birnie Loch (FIFE) 28th Apr; one Isle of May 30th Apr; singles Barns Ness, Keith Water & Roslin (all LOTH) all on 1st May; two Kippenrait Glen (UF) 6th May One reported Fominoch near Loch Ken (D&G) 15th Apr; singing male Carstramon Wood SWT (D&G) 24th Apr; one Ochiltree (AYRS) 26th Apr; one Shewalton Wood SWT (AYRS) 28th Apr; one Easter Braes, RSPB Baron's Haugh (CLYDE) 29th Apr; arrival noted Clyde on 1st May; one Ballochmartin Bay, Great Cumbrae (CLY ISL) 2nd May; 4+ around Lochwinnoch & five RSPB Baron's Haugh/Merryton (both CLYDE) both on 3rd May
Blackcap One Setter, Sandwick (SHET) 30th Mar; one South Nesting (SHET) 31st Mar; one Port of Nis, Lewis (OH) 5th Apr; three Fair Isle 6th Apr; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 7th Apr; two on Barra (OH) 16th Apr One Ardrishaig & one Oban (both ARG) both on 30th Mar; male Cairnbaan (ARG) 31st Mar; female Hilton of Cadboll (HIGH) 2nd Apr; singing male Portnalong, Skye (HIGH) 8th Apr; one Balmacara woodland gardens (HIGH) 9th Apr; one Castletown (CAITH) 16th Apr Singing male Balgavies Loch (ANG) 3rd Apr; singing male Inchgarth NR (NES) 9th Apr, three on 18th; singing male Kinross (P&K) 10th Apr; four singing males River Findhorn near Forres (M&N) 11th Apr Female Anstruther (FIFE) 26th Mar; two singing males Alva Glen (UF) 4th Apr; one Skinflats Lagoons (UF) 7th Apr; singing male Coltbridge Gardens, Edinburgh (LOTH) 7th Apr; singing male Eckford (BORD) 8th Apr; single singing males Samuelston & River Tyne at Amisfield (both LOTH) both on 8th Apr; one Boarhills (FIFE) 8th Apr; two males Birnie Loch (FIFE) 12th Apr; first two on Isle of May on 27th Apr Singing male Barclye (D&G) 29th Mar; one Auchincruive (AYRS) 3rd Apr; singing males Erskine & Rosshall Park, Glasgow (both CLYDE) both on 3rd Apr; two singing males Threave Gardens (D&G) 4th Apr; one Cairnpark, Thornhill (D&G) 5th Apr; three singing males Colmonell-Ballantrae (AYRS) 7th Apr; arrival noted D&G 8th Apr; singing male Kirkton (D&G) 11th Apr; 2+ Isle of Bute (CLY ISL) 12th Apr
Wood Warbler One North Ronaldsay (ORK) 5th May; one West Burrafirth (SHET) 8th May; one Cullivoe, Yell (SHET) 9th May; one Hirta, St. Kilda (OH) 18th May Singing male near Inverewe Gardens (HIGH) 24th Apr; singing male in Cowal & one Cruachan visitor centre (both ARG) both on 28th Apr; one Strathglass (HIGH) 29th Apr; first Taynish NNR (ARG) 2nd May One Loch Leven RSPB (P&K) 3rd May 2+ singing males Little Druim Wood near Brig O' Turk (UF) 23rd Apr; singing male Cottyburn (LOTH) 2nd May; one Traprain Law (LOTH) 4th May; singing male Datie Mill Plantation, Kirkcaldy (FIFE) 5th May; one Kippenrait Glen (UF) 6th May; one St. Abb's Head (BORD) 7th May; one Caddonfoot (BORD) 11th May One Carstramon Wood SWT (D&G) 19th Apr; one RSPB Wood of Cree (D&G) 21st Apr; one Sallochy, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 24th Apr, two on 26th; two Smuggler's Trail, Dundonald (AYRS) 26th Apr; one Glen Afton (AYRS) 3rd May; one Brodick Country Park, Arran (CLY ISL) 7th May
Chiffchaff One Fair Isle 17th Mar; one Halligarth, Unst (SHET) 17th Mar; one Norwick, Unst (SHET) 17th Mar, three on 19th; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 26th Mar; one Northbay, Barra (OH) 27th Mar; one Askernish, South Uist (OH) 31st Mar; 14 Baltasound, Unst (SHET) 1st Apr One Balephuil, Tiree (ARG) 6th Mar, one on 25th; one Kingussie (HIGH) 18th Mar; arrival noted Highland on 23rd-24th Mar; male Kames, Cowal (ARG) 24th Mar; influx noted Argyll 25th-26th Mar; one St. John's Pool (CAITH) 28th Mar One Girdle Ness (NES) 18th Mar; one Loch of Lintrathen (ANG) 19th Mar; one Torrieston woods (M&N) 20th Mar; four Loch Leven (P&K) 23rd Mar; one near Aberfeldy (P&K) 23rd Mar; arrival noted M&N 26th-27th Mar Two St Abb's Head (BORD) 17th Mar, three males on 18th; male Gartmorn Dam & one Blairdrummond GPs (both UF) both on 18th Mar; one Upper Kilminning & male The Binn, Burntisland (both FIFE) both on 18th Mar; two Selkirk & two near Sprouston (both BORD) both on 18th Mar; 2+ males Musselburgh Lagoons, one Colinton Dell, Edinburgh & one Gladhouse Reservoir (all LOTH) all on 19th Mar; three East Wemyss, one Kinghorn Loch & one Kilmany (all FIFE) all on 19th Mar; male Doune & male Stirling (both UF) both on 19th Mar; one Isle of May 21st Mar, five on 1st Apr One Barassie (AYRS) 18th Mar; male Hogganfield Loch (CLYDE) 18th Mar; one near Kirkconnell (D&G) 18th Mar; one Erskine (CLYDE) 19th Mar; singing male Shewalton Woods (AYRS) 20th Mar; singles RSPB Lochwinnoch, Gartloch Pools & RSPB Loch Lomond (all CLYDE) all on 21st Mar; singing male Chapelton wood, Bute (CLY ISL) 22nd Mar; singing male Whiting Bay, Arran (CLY ISL) 23rd Mar; one SWT Southwick (D&G) 23rd Mar; one Mainsriddle (D&G) 24th Mar; one Whauphill (D&G) 25th Mar; influx noted D&G 26th-27th Mar
Willow Warbler One Morghan, Barra (OH) 3rd Apr; one Balivanich, Benbecula (OH) 5th Apr; one Hoswick (SHET) 7th Apr; one Boddam (SHET) 8th Apr; first North Ronaldsay (ORK) 11th Apr; one Fair Isle 13th Apr Singing male Kilmartin (ARG) 26th Mar; one Balephuil, Tiree (ARG) 31st Mar; one Laphroaig, Islay (ARG) 2nd Apr, 4+ birds on Islay on 5th; one Gobbagrennan, Kintyre (ARG) 2nd Apr; one Lochaline & one Broadford, Skye (both HIGH) both on 6th Apr; singing males near Nethybridge & Kincraig Bridge (both HIGH) both on 7th Apr; widespread arrival noted Argyll 9th-11th Apr; one Castletown (CAITH) 15th Apr One Auchenblae (NES) 30th Mar; one Girdle Ness (NES) 2nd Apr; single singing males upper Glen Almond & Glen Artney (both P&K) both on 8th Apr; singing male Seaton caravan park, Arbroath (ANG) 9th Apr; four singing males Loch Leven (P&K) 9th Apr; singing males Buckpool & Loch Spynie (both M&N) both on 14th Apr One Hirsel CP (BORD) 31st Mar; 3+ singing males reported around Edinburgh (LOTH) 3rd Apr; singing male Alva (UF) 5th Apr; one Bo'ness (UF) 6th Apr; four Loch Fitty (FIFE) 7th Apr; one Gullane Point (LOTH) 8th Apr; singing male Cottyburn railway walk (LOTH) 8th Apr; singing male Aberlady Bay (LOTH) 9th Apr; first Isle of May 16th Apr Singing male Linn Park (CLYDE) 29th Mar; one Kirk Dam, Bute (CLY ISL) 30th Mar; singing male RSPB Wood of Cree (D&G) 30th Mar; singing male Merryton (CLYDE) 1st Apr; male RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 2nd Apr, arrival noted there on 3rd; two Loch Mackie (D&G) 2nd Apr; two singing males Shewalton Wood (AYRS) 3rd Apr; singing males Newbie & near Portpatrick (both D&G) both on 3rd Apr; two singing males near Glenluce & three Threave Gardens (both D&G) both on 4th Apr; arrival noted in Ayrshire & Clyde on 5th Apr
Spotted Flycatcher One Cuithir, Barra & one North Locheynort, South Uist (both OH) both on 4th May; one Isle of Noss (SHET) 7th May; one Otterswick, Yell (SHET) 8th May; one North Ronaldsay (ORK) 9th May; one Fair Isle 10th May One Crinan Wood & one The Oa, Islay (both ARG) both on 3rd May; one Portree, Skye (HIGH) 5th May; one Battery Hill, Oban (ARG) 5th May; one Aviemore (HIGH) 12th May One Batchart Steadings, Blairs (NES) 2nd May; one Glenprosen village (ANG) 9th May; two Rothes (M&N) 6th June One Lower Kilminning (FIFE) 5th May, two Fife Ness/Kilminning on 7th; one Plora Woods (BORD) 6th May; one Kippenrait Glen, Dunblane (UF) 6th May; one Isle of May 6th May; one Scoughall (LOTH) 6th May; one Keith Marischal (LOTH) 13th May One reported Kirkgunzeon (D&G) 1st May; one Glen Afton (AYRS) 3rd May; one RSPB Lochwinnoch (CLYDE) 3rd May; one Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow (CLYDE) 4th May; one RSPB Mersehead (D&G) 6th May; one Physgill Glen (D&G) 7th May; one Lagg Water, Arran & one Isle of Bute (both CLY ISL) both on 20th May
Pied Flycatcher One Uyeasound, Unst (SHET) 29th Apr; one Sandwick (SHET) 1st May; two North Ronaldsay (ORK) 4th May; one Fair Isle 5th May, four on 8th; male Westray (ORK) 7th May; two Sanday & one Eday (both ORK) both on 8th May; one Glen, Barra (OH) 9th June Two Old Portlethen (NES) 7th May; three Rattray Head, three Girdle Ness & one Collieston (all NES) all on 8th May; one Glen Esk (ANG) 29th May Two Old Portlethen (NES) 7th May; three Rattray Head, three Girdle Ness & one Collieston (all NES) all on 8th May; one Glen Esk (ANG) 29th May Male Plora Woods, Innerleithen (BORD) 21st Apr; male near Abbotsford (BORD) 30th Apr; one Triangle Wood, Dunbar (LOTH) 7th May; male Lower Kilminning (FIFE) 7th May; one Isle of May on 7th May; one Glen Lochay (UF) 15th May Male RSPB Wood of Cree (D&G) 10th Apr; singles Hills Wood & Carstramon Wood SWT (both D&G) both on 13th Apr; three Sallochy Wood, Loch Lomond (CLYDE) 26th Apr; male RSPB Inversnaid (CLYDE) 26th Apr