Argyll Bird Report


Jim Dickson

Published by:

Argyll Bird Club

Latest issue:

2023 (digital only)

The latest PDF version of the Argyll report is available as a download for Argyll Bird Club members. The report is 153 pages, covering sighting highlights over the year and the systematic species list for 240 species, along with a large selection of excellent photographs throughout. To obtain a report please contact the membership secretary Dorothy Hogbin (cost of £10 includes club membership plus quarterly copies of the club Eider magazine. However, membership is free to under 25s - Dororthy can provide full details.) Previous years reports are available to download for free as a PDF from the Argyll Bird Club website at  Argyll Bird Report – Argyll Bird Club.

First published:

The first report, covering the years 1980-83, was published in 1984