Clyde Bird Records Panel


Val Wilson (Secretary)

List of species that the committee considers:


Records of the following species will be accepted only if a satisfactory written description or photograph is submitted. Descriptions of species in bold type will be referred to the Scottish Birds Records Committee (SBRC List 2017 update). All others will be considered by the Clyde Bird Records Panel (CBRP). Under some circumstances a written description may be required for a species not on this list.

Bewick’s Swan Little Ringed Plover Yellow-browed Warbler
Taiga Bean Goose (out of range) Kentish Plover Radde’s Warbler
Tundra Bean Goose American Golden Plover Dusky Warbler
European White-fronted Goose Temminck’s Stint Chiffchaff (except P c collybita)
Egyptian Goose White-rumped Sandpiper Barred Warbler
American Wigeon Pectoral Sandpiper Dartford Warbler
Green-winged Teal Buff-breasted Sandpiper Subalpine Warbler (cantillans)
Ring-necked Duck Red-necked Phalarope Icterine Warbler
Ferruginous Duck Grey Phalarope Melodious Warbler
Surf Scoter (female only) Pomarine Skua Blyth’s Reed Warbler
Black-throated Diver (winter) Long-tailed Skua Marsh Warbler
White-billed Diver Mediterranean Gull (immatures) Reed Warbler
Cory’s Shearwater Sabine’s Gull Nuthatch (outside known range)
Great Shearwater Ring-billed Gull Rose-coloured Starling
Sooty Shearwater Yellow-legged Gull Nightingale
Balearic Shearwater Caspian Gull Bluethroat
Wilson’s Petrel Iceland Gull – L g kumlieni known as ‘Kumlien’s Gull’ Red-flanked Bluetail
Storm Petrel White-winged Black Tern Red-breasted Flycatcher
Leach’s Petrel Roseate Tern Yellow Wagtail (all forms except subspecies flavissima)
Night-heron Turtle Dove Citrine Wagtail
Cattle Egret Little Owl Richard’s Pipit
Little Egret Nightjar Olive-backed Pipit
Great White Egret Alpine Swift Rock Pipit (Scandinavian)
Purple Heron Bee-eater Water Pipit
White Stork Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Serin
Glossy Ibis Golden Oriole Mealy Redpoll
Spoonbill Woodchat Shrike Arctic Redpoll (C h exilipes)
Black-necked Grebe (winter) Chough Scottish Crossbill
Honey Buzzard Firecrest Parrot Crossbill
Black Kite Willow Tit (out of known range) Common Rosefinch
Red Kite Marsh Tit Bullfinch (Northern race)
White-tailed Eagle Bearded Tit Hawfinch
Montagu’s Harrier Short-toed Lark Lapland Bunting
Rough-legged Buzzard Woodlark Cirl Bunting
Goshawk Red-rumped Swallow Ortolan Bunting
Red-footed Falcon Cetti’s Warbler Little Bunting
Hobby Greenish Warbler Corn Bunting
Crane Pallas’s Warbler  
Black-winged Stilt  

Descriptions of the above species (or subspecies) should be submitted to the Assistant Recorder. In addition a number of subspecies recorded in Scotland on fewer than twenty occasions require submission (see Records of species and subspecies recorded in Scotland on up to 20 occasions). National rarity descriptions for the British Birds Rarities Committee should also be sent to the Assistant Recorder, who can supply the appropriate form, as soon as possible after the date of observation.