Species Focus 2021

Highland branch are asking for your help with its Species Focus this year – a citizen science project for a ‘stay at home’ summer.  For further details, please click here.

Talks reminders:

Members who've consented to Local Branch news and events e-communications from SOC, are sent a reminder about forthcoming talks (with more information on the speaker and subject where possible), usually a week or so in advance of the meeting. If you don’t already receive these alerts and would like to, please make sure you've completed a Mailing List Consent Form to allow the Club to contact you. If you've already completed a form, check your junk/spam/clutter folders to make sure our emails aren't landing there. Still nothing? Contact Headquarters as we may not have a correct or up to date email address on file for you.

Minutes from the 2024 Highland Branch AGM

Click here to download a copy of the minutes from the 2024 Highland Branch AGM.

Branch grapevine:

An email sightings service, contact Al McNee to be added to the mailing list.

Branch website:

Highland Birds http://www.highlandbirds.scot/ is a website run by and for members of Highland branch, as well as visitors to the region. The site provides information on where to go birding in the region. There is a recording page showing how to submit your records, as well as a gallery of previous rarities and information on how to to download the latest Highland Bird Report and purchase back issues.

Birdwatching in the area

The Highland Branch website, Highland Birds, should be your first port of call for information on where to birdwatch across the Highland region. Likewise, if you're planning a trip to Skye and surrounding areas on the mainland, Skye Birds website is also a one stop shop for everything to do with birds and birding in the area!  

Bird recording in this area

Visit the Highland recording area page for details of the latest bird report, back issues, species considered locally and for Local Recorder contact information.

Highland Bird News- Archive

Click here to view archive issues of the branch's local newsletter, Highland Bird News. 

Highland Bird Report Gazetteer

SOC Highland branch has produced a gazetteer, listing almost 2600 site names referred to in the Highland Bird Report and their grid references. This can be downloaded from the Highland recording area page.