Areas covered:

Isle of Arran, Isle of Bute and the Cumbraes.

Local recorder for the area:

Dr Bernard Zonfrillo

28 Brodie Road
G21 3SB

Record submission:

The Recorder will be happy to receive bird records at any time during the course of the year. The preferred option would be to use the Clyde Bird Recording Database, which can be downloaded from this website.

Clyde Islands Bird Report (incorporated within Clyde Birds)

See the Clyde recording area page for more information. *Please note that 2006 Clyde Bird Report has now sold out, however the report (by species) is available free online via the Scottish Bird Report facility.*



B Zonfrillo

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SOC Clyde branch

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Arran Bird Report:Arran Bird Report 2023


Jim Cassels, Bird Recorder for the Arran Natural History Society

Published by:

Arran Natural History Society

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The Arran Bird Report 2023 is a "must" for anyone interested in the birds of Arran.  It includes information on all species seen on Arran, a month-by-month summary of what was around in 2023, information on ringed birds, reports on some of Arran's bird projects. It is in full colour and is beautifully illustrated with photographs from over twenty photographers. The uniqueness of Arran is reflected throughout the report, including the number of UK protected birds that share our island with us, as well as the differences between here and the adjacent mainland. More info is available here Arran Bird Reports 


£9.99, plus £1.70 p&p

Available from:

The report is available from various outlets on Arran; please see the Arran Birding website for further details. It is also available directly from the distribution organisers for the Arran Natural History Society, priced £9.99 plus £1.70 p&p; please email them to purchase a copy.

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Please see the Arran Birding website for more information.

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