Many people have been of help in this enterprise:

The late Ray Murray was the leader of the Digital Scottish Bird Report Project. Ian Andrews and Stephen Hunter have been instrumental in developing and maintaining this website and the database which serves it; without them it would not have been possible to establish this archive.

Others have granted permission to freely use their material. Some have helped in getting permission to use the reports from the branch, club and organisation committees that publish the local bird reports for the various organisations concerned. Others have managed to find old computer files and forward old bird reports. Our apologies for anyone that has been left out.

Angus & Dundee: Jon Cook and Bob McCurley.

Argyll: Paul Daw, the Argyll Bird Club Management Committee and David Jardine.

Ayrshire: Fraser Simpson.

Borders: The late Ray Murray and Tom Brewis.

Clyde: Val Wilson, the late Jim Wilson, Iain Gibson and David Clugston.

Clyde Islands: Bernie Zonfrillo and David Clugston. Isle of Arran: Jim Cassels and the Arran Natural History Society. Isle of Bute: Ron Forrester, Ian Hopkins, Dougie Menzies and the Buteshire Natural History Society.

Dumfries & Galloway: Paul Collin and Duncan Irving.

Fair Isle: Fair Isle Bird Observatory Trust.

Fife: Malcolm Ware and the Fife Bird Club.

Highland: Al McNee, David Jardine, Alex Joss and Peter Stronach.

Isle of May: Margaret Thorne, The Isle of May Observatory Trust, Mark Oksien and Stuart Rivers.

Lothian: Ian Andrews.

Moray & Nairn: Martin Cook.

North-east Scotland: David Gill, Hugh Addlesee, Nick Littlewood and Mark Sullivan.

Orkney: Jim Williams.

Outer Hebrides: Alan Stevenson, Brian Rabbitts and Yvonne Benting.

Perth & Kinross: Ron Youngman and Scott Paterson.

Upper Forth: Neil Beilby, Chris Pendlebury, Murray Dickie, Andre Theil and Marilyn Scott for the board of The Forth Naturalist.

Rarities: Keith Naylor is thanked for allowing his definitive database of rarity records to be included on this website.

General: Jean Torrance, Allan Finlayson, James Boyle and Andrew Barker.