Talks reminders:

Members who've consented to Local Branch news and events e-communications from SOC, are sent a reminder about forthcoming talks (with more information on the speaker and subject where possible), usually a week or so in advance of the meeting. If you don’t already receive these alerts and would like to, please make sure you've completed a Mailing List Consent Form to allow the Club to contact you. If you've already completed a form, check your junk/spam/clutter folders to make sure our emails aren't landing there. Still nothing? Contact Headquarters as we may not have a correct or up to date email address on file for you.

AGM minutes:

Please click here for the 2022-23 AGM minutes.

Branch minutes:

All minutes and reports from both committee and AGM meetings are available on request from the Branch Secretary Rachael Wilbourn.

Forum/News group:

Angus Birding News Forum This internet forum is open to all to use and is run by Angus and Dundee Bird Club, however it is necessary to register prior to use, but this just requires an email to the webmaster (details are on the website).

Birdwatching in Tayside

Click here for our guide to Birding the Angus coast and here for a list of recommended sites to visit in Perth & Kinross

All abilities guide to birdwatching in Angus 

Click here for a guide to all abilities bird watching locations in Angus 

Bird recording in this area

Visit the Angus and Dundee and Perth and Kinross recording area pages for details of the latest bird reports, back issues, species considered locally and for Local Recorder contact information.

Kinross Bird Atlas

During fieldwork for BirdAtlas 2007-11, data for the old county of Kinross was gathered from all of its 71 tetrads. It was originally intended to publish the data as a separate atlas, but a problem with the mapping meant that the project had to be re-considered. It is now hoped that the Kinross data might be combined with the Fife atlas data and the resulting combined maps made available on a CD. This is still in hand and no end date is currently available. Any queries should be directed to Norman Elkins.