Norman Elkins, Jim Reid and Allan W. Brown

Published by the Fife Ornithological Atlas Group and the SOC.

Published Aug 2016

This large format, hardback book brings up to date an earlier publication published in 2003, the Fife Bird Atlas. The current breeding and wintering status of birds in Fife is illustrated by 400 fine-scale maps. In addition to maps of breeding status, the abundance of species in both seasons and distribution in winter are mapped for the first time. Copiously illustrated with 240 photographs, mostly by John Anderson, Fife’s celebrated bird photographer, the volume runs to approximately 380 pages. Following an introductory section presenting methodology, habitat and population details, 213 species accounts, written by expert local ornithologists, describe the current status of birds in Fife.  Covering the years 2007-2013, the maps are based on fieldwork undertaken for the acclaimed national Bird Atlas 2007-11. They show new information that highlights the changes in distribution and abundance of birds in the region since the 1990s, an essential conservation tool and a valuable resource for birdwatchers. 

The Fife Ornithological Atlas Group (FOAG) is being wound up and the atlas is no longer available to purchase. There are some copies remaining; if anyone is interested in a free copy, please contact one of the undermentioned FOAG members:

Norman Elkins

Jim Reid

Allan Brown